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A Coalition of the Shoe-shining

The Hong Kong Coalition – fronted by former Chief Executives Tung Chee-hwa and CY Leung – is apparently supposed to lure the middle ground to vote for the pro-government bloc in September’s Legislative Council elections. Instead, it is a vivid … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Corner

Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong, when not increasing its ‘supervision’ over the local administration, has been amassing property in the city. The pro-dem Demosisto group’s research into this is not new, but the update is timely enough to annoy … Continue reading

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Purge of the mediocrities

In a Night of the Long Knives for charisma-free nonentities, Mainland Affairs Minister Patrick Nip is shoved sideways in favour of the Xi fanboy from Immigration, and several other top posts are reshuffled. This entails a fond farewell to the … Continue reading

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HK govt clarifies misunderstanding following confusion about screw-up

Having been hung out to dry by its CCP masters, the Hong Kong government issues a squirming late-night press release on why it needs to keep on redrafting late-night press releases. Essentially: Beijing’s local Liaison Office was founded as the … Continue reading

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Cyd Ho – national security threat

So where were we? Oh yes – during the National Security Day publicity campaign, Beijing’s HK Affairs and Liaison Offices were criticizing Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers, even accusing them of possible criminal offenses, for holding up legislative business, including the … Continue reading

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Crisis over, nearly, please?

Hong Kong’s new detected virus cases are now in the low single digits per day, and those mostly from overseas. While it would be crazy to reopen the borders to visitors from Planet Plague, it should be OK to start … Continue reading

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Have a creepy National Security Day

No sooner does Beijing denounce pan-dem lawmakers (prompting a response from the Progressive Lawyers Group) than we get National Security Education Day. Obviously planned well ahead of time, the celebration entails videos of CY Leung, Carrie Lam, the ever-charismatic Maria … Continue reading

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Naughty judges spill the beans again

Reuters gets another exclusive scoop as our normally tight-lipped judiciary open up… Some in the city’s legal establishment are now bracing for the possibility that China will begin to meddle in the appointment of new judges… Any intervention in the … Continue reading

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China’s weekend of soft-power fails

Asia-wide lockdown-boredom combined with anti-CCP sentiment over the weekend to create the Great #nnevvy War. Long story short for those self-disciplined enough to spend less than five hours a day on Twitter… Following a perceived slight by a Thai showbiz … Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s Chief Executive was going to take a pay hike, then, following criticism from even her supporters, backtracked. After dithering over wage subsidies, she now commits to them, ‘taking reference’ from Singapore, the UK, Australia, etc. Most hilariously, the … Continue reading

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