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Taking a break from my piece for HK Free Press…

…to highlight a report on how conservative media outlets accepted op-ed pieces by fake writers with Twitter accounts. (Middle East connection – not PR firm Consulum’s work by any chance?) Complete with an interesting Hong Kong angle that doesn’t reflect … Continue reading

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Correction – it’s Mainlandization of the minute…

Today’s supply of Mainlandizations de l’heure are mostly in the Implementation Rules for Article 43 of the NatSec ‘Enabling’ Law. Searches without a warrant, freezing/seizure of assets, intercepts/surveillance, removal of online materials and compulsory disclosure of information.  One thing it … Continue reading

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New! Mainlandizations de l’heure

The management have announced that Mainlandizations du jour are being phased out in favour of Mainlandizations de l’heure. And pre-emptive kowtows will henceforth be pre-emptive repressions.  Hong Kong’s public libraries suspend loans of books by Joshua Wong and Tanya Chan … Continue reading

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A quick set of NatSec law links for reference…

The NatSec law in English. From HKFP, a basic explainer covering all the main points. NPC Observer goes through the legal horrors, not least of which is the lack of definitions for phrases in a large number of proscribed acts, … Continue reading

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HK govt, PR company finally snare each other

Best news since the Hindenburg Airship Corporation announced its supplier of fire extinguishers – the Hong Kong government has found a PR agency. PRovokeMedia reports that the lucky winner is Consulum, a Bell Pottinger offshoot specializing in Middle East governments … Continue reading

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Countdown to July 1

Will Hong Kong’s National Security law be retroactive? Will Anson Chan, Joshua Wong, Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai be arrested on Day 1? Will you be jailed for waving a foreign flag? Will the maximum sentence be life? Not even … Continue reading

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No, you don’t want the books

Just a few days before I officially retire. Given his existing low workload, the Company Gwailo will have no more time in the day to be idle – so whatever I do, I am likely to be busier. This website … Continue reading

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What to do with 40 dozen laisee envelopes?

As his last day approaches, the Company Gwailo continues to clean out the orifice. I’ve filled up a huge (now immovable) box of books for disposal before the Illicit Publications Police come snooping. And there’s the inevitable stack of old … Continue reading

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You can set your minds at ease

Hong Kong officials and supporters take the initiative to reassure everyone that the new National Security law will be wonderful and benign. Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng says that she believes (and that’s good enough for me!) that the CCP-appointed Chief … Continue reading

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Nothing to analyse

Beijing releases some more hazy semi-details of the draft Hong Kong National Security law in the form of a Xinhua report outlining some of the explanatory introduction and framework. It omits any definitions of criminal offenses, like ‘colluding with external … Continue reading

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