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Virus victims

The Wuhan virus claims an unexpected victim: the UN’s ICAO civil aviation agency. As with the similarly afflicted WHO, China’s government has pushed its own people for appointments to the body and worked to freeze Taiwan out. Now comes the … Continue reading

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The big night!!!

Yes! Tonight’s the Spring Festival Gala! It will be livestreamed on YouTube if you don’t have access to CCTV. (The content is cringe-makingly dire, but the camera scans of the carefully selected, creepily enthusiastic audience is gripping.) Alternatively, you can … Continue reading

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As if we don’t have enough going on…

A mysterious killer-plague virus spread from wombat-to-human is on the loose out of Wuhan. Hong Kong undergoes a sudden outbreak of face-masks. It will be interesting to see how much Chinese officialdom has learned since SARS. (When they tried to … Continue reading

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2020 ‘to be the year it festers’

Just as you thought Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam couldn’t get any more out of touch, she goes off to Davos. Her arrival at the stale annual self-parody bore-fest coincides with a Moody’s kick in the teeth. It says… … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by the dashing looks and charisma

Will Luo Huining, Beijing’s new Party Secretary in Hong Kong, be nice or nasty? No sooner is the question asked than we get the answer. Writing in People’s Daily – the party organ that makes China Daily look edgy, zippy … Continue reading

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Cops battle to keep Hong Kong from sliding into calm

Yesterday’s gathering in Central was – by the standards of ‘approved anti-communist rallies’ these days – neither especially huge in size, nor threatening to civilization. But the Hong Kong Police managed to contrive 10 times more mayhem than would have … Continue reading

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No credibility, no worries

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam does not have a lot of credibility to lose, so blankly denying police brutality in the Legislative Council probably doesn’t make much difference to her as a political liability. Her claim that out-of-control cops … Continue reading

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How to piss everyone off with HK$10 billion

So it seems the concessionary fares for the over-65s – soon to be over-60s – apply on ferry routes. Nice. Also, expensive. (And it seems the perk encourages laziness.) The government denies that its sudden announcement of tons of cash … Continue reading

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Off today!

Checking bus schedules to plan ultra-long HK$2 trips when I hit 60…

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We mean ‘On Valium’

Brand Hong Kong (taxpayer-funded exponent of etiquette to visiting barbarians) declares that ‘Hong Kong is On’ and launches its new hit video, explaining that… After a difficult time last year, #HongKong is fully switched-on to the opportunities ahead as a … Continue reading

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