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HK media undergoes rectification

Widespread international attention, plus a 500%+ boost to Apple Daily’s sales – and Jimmy Lai and other NatSec arrestees are out on bail the next day anyway, feted as local heroes. Whatever the CCP’s henchmen are trying to do, it … Continue reading

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Latest national-security threats: free press and a 23-year-old

Yesterday was a Hong Kong banana-republic day: NatSec arrests of Jimmy Lai and family and colleagues, plus separately of 23-year-old Agnes Chow and of Wilson Li; hundreds of cops searching Apple Daily’s offices; and (among various tightening press restrictions) a … Continue reading

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You wreck other people’s kids’ lives, so…

The sanctions saga continues, with targeted Hong Kong officials alternately shrugging off the measures as meaningless, and angrily denouncing them as a crime against humanity. Beijing issues a hysterical outburst describing the moves as… guess what.  Here’s the poster for … Continue reading

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As ye sow…

Christmas comes early to the people of Hong Kong this year as the US slaps sanctions on Carrie Lam and the gang.  Here’s the actual Official Treasury Dept Naughty List Update. Amusingly, the Feds drop some African torture squad leader … Continue reading

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Government on alert for creation of issues

A UK parliamentary group criticizes the Hong Kong Police for breaking international conventions in their treatment of volunteer medics at protests. The government denies it and goes into predictable whiny petulant foot-stamping mode.  (If you like that official statement, you’ll … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, just across the street…

Despite the rain and the gloomy skies, the neighbourhood suddenly looks brighter…  This six-floor walk-up probably dates back to the 1960s-70s. Normally, if a developer acquires a whole building like this, they knock it down and build a 40-floor block … Continue reading

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An attack of obsessive-compulsive dem-elimination disorder

HK01 report that Beijing is trying to disenfranchise or disqualify pan-dems from joining and voting in the Chief Executive Election Committee. This is apparently because the dems’ landslide victory in the district council elections boosts their numbers on the 1,200-strong … Continue reading

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Beijing aggression reaching new heights

First Beijing aimed threats at exotic mist-shrouded and harmless Bhutan; now it’s targeting the sturdily neutral yodelling chocolatiers of Switzerland. China extends its Everyone’s Making Us Really Angry foreign policy into the most inaccessible and inoffensive landlocked mountainous nations. Plucky … Continue reading

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Farewell to July 2020

Make a quick list of all the horrors from the first 31 days of Hong Kong’s National Security Regime. Chances are you’ll miss at least a few. HKFP count 11 – one every 2.8 days. ‘Like obituaries one after the … Continue reading

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Well, at least they take an interest in local affairs

I don’t nose around Reddit much, but here’s something for aficionados of Hong Kong gwailos who are staunchly pro-blue ribbon/CCP. A guy called ‘Dan’, originally from Melbourne, who goes around painting over Lennon walls. Best jump straight to the vid … Continue reading

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