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This weekend’s horrors…

The authorities freeze the personal assets of Jimmy Lai – who has not been found guilty of anything. – with no recognizable due process or anything. At some point, local officials will surely get tired of insisting that Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Good news: 58% aren’t planning to leave HK

Paul Tse – one of the sadder pro-Beijing lawmakers – opines that visiting unlicensed massage parlours is not as bad as jaywalking. One exploits trafficked women, but the other might leave messy blood stains all over someone’s nice Mercedes.  Not … Continue reading

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NatSec cop supports Covid-hit hospitality industry

Number-two NatSec Police chief Frederic Choi is sent on leave pending an investigation for misconduct. It seems he was caught in a raid on an ‘unlicensed massage’ place. Now, several weeks later, it is leaked to the press. Tongues are … Continue reading

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‘…wait at home for us to arrest you’

Not just authoritarian so much as disturbing, Police Commissioner Chris Tang rants again about ‘fake news’… “Whether a piece is considered fake news has to do with moral judgement and credibility issues, and has nothing to do with me. But … Continue reading

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Democratic Party upholds fine old traditions

An interview with the Democratic Party chair Lo Kin-hei, who wonders whether his group should continue taking part in elections – assuming the CCP’s ‘improved’ election system actually allows them on the ballot. He cites Taiwan and Czechoslovakia as examples … Continue reading

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Emergency packages needed at Penny’s Bay

With all the misery in Hong Kong right now, we need a sign that God exists and wishes us to be happy. For a brief moment we had it: a gwailo pilot in quarantine publicly freaking out on Twitter because … Continue reading

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CCP wishes HK a pleasant weekend

The CCP’s NatSec Regime ends the week with a burst of hearts-and-minds initiatives to convince the people of Hong Kong of its loving generosity.  Joshua Wong (already in prison) and three others get prison terms for sitting in a park … Continue reading

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Court sends clear warning: think twice before not taking part in a riot

When the CCP was a toddler, did it pull legs off spiders for fun? A little glimpse of the Party’s irresistible charm and humanity comes with the news that Hong Kong’s prison officials have barred former Democratic Party chair Wu … Continue reading

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History next to be rectified

What do a broadcasting organization, patriotic (and desperate-to-seem-patriotic) uniformed youth groups, CY Leung’s wife, and a banner saying ‘cultural revolution launch’ have in common? The answer: RTHK’s flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the May 4th anniversary.  The scene looks to have … Continue reading

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Happy Press Freedom Day from RTHK’s new management

Hong Kong’s public-turned-CCP-service broadcaster celebrates World Press Freedom Day by firing a reporter who asked Carrie Lam to speak like a human and removing its on-line archives. (If everyone who wanted Carrie to speak like a human got fired, Hong … Continue reading

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