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Agnes Chow ‘jumps bail’

Or is ‘living in Canada’, according to taste. From the BBC… Ms Chow was jailed in 2020 for taking part in the anti-government protests of 2019, and was released in 2021. She is still under investigation for “collusion with foreign … Continue reading

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Candidate-selection shocks judge

I forgot that candidate-nomination in the District Council elections had been the subject of a judicial review. But voila. The judge… …expressed surprise that most direct election contenders in the upcoming race also sit on the committees which decide who … Continue reading

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Cops speed to seditious t-shirt scene

First, burner phones; now this… Hong Kong NatSec police arrest a man at the airport for having an allegedly seditious t-shirt. He is denied bail and will be in jail until a hearing in early January. The government’s press release … Continue reading

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Security Bureau-themed photography exhibition to attract millions

The Hong Kong government will hold a range of activities to encourage interest in the patriots-only District Council elections next month. The events include a ‘drone show’ (lemme guess – candidates giving speeches?), free museum visits and outdoor music, which … Continue reading

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HK gets an audit

A (paywalled) FT report says some major consulting firms are telling staff to use burner phones when visiting Hong Kong… Deloitte and KPMG have advised some US-based executives not to use their usual work phones in the territory, according to … Continue reading

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DC elections not to be confused with so-called democracy

The Hong Kong government sets up a team to counter ‘smears and disinformation’ over the forthcoming patriots-only District Council elections… Constitutional Affairs Secretary Erick Tsang said such teams have existed in the past, but the current one has been made … Continue reading

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‘Systematic cultivation’ for kids

As part of a revamp of the humanities curriculum, Hong Kong primary school students will have their national sentiments and sense of national identity ‘systematically cultivated’ from the age of eight or nine… The new subject, which will replace the … Continue reading

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Un-writing history

The latest official Hong Kong Yearbook omits the longstanding chapter on the city’s history… The chapter dedicated to the city’s history in the Hong Kong 2021 yearbook recounted the city’s archaeological background, the colonial era, and socio-political changes preceding and … Continue reading

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Off to have my ‘seasonal’ flu shot…

…so just a few mid-week links… Safeguard Defenders on China’s ‘consular protection volunteers’ overseas… …the consolidation of overseas United Front networks as the legitimate providers of consular community assistance not only gives them potential broad access to individuals’ private data, … Continue reading

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Back to normal, but with paranoia

RTHK reports… …more than 3,800 civil servants resigned in the past year, the highest figure in almost 30 years. That represented a resignation rate of 2.2 percent, similar to that of 2021-2022 [compared with 0.5% in late 2010s]. [CS Secretary … Continue reading

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