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Don’t mention the foot-licking thing

A late-week flurry of legal news, much of which does not boost confidence in the Hong Kong judiciary or law enforcement. Tam Tak-chi is denied bail – thus stuck in jail for a couple of months – for allegedly ‘uttering … Continue reading

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HK govt ‘does something right’ shock

In an uncharacteristic fit of common sense and/or responsiveness to public opinion, our leaders have announced the reopening of kids’ playgrounds in a few weeks.  But wait!!! There’s more!!! The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is to keep its Bruce Lee … Continue reading

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Clarification: normal stupidity continues

When I said yesterday that the Hong Kong government seems to have momentarily exhausted its stupidity, I meant Mainlandization-type stupidity – not the regular pre-2019 sort. Like cosmic background radiation left over from the big bang, standard traditional old-style Hong … Continue reading

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No HK govt stupidity for three days shock

Hong Kong’s real and puppet governments seem to have exhausted their reserves of stupidity. While they’re recuperating before the next onslaught of Mainlandizing, we have more Mulan amusement. Cruel-But-Accurate (probably) Attack on Mulan of the Day Award goes to New … Continue reading

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Doomed dozen

The 12 Hongkongers caught fleeing to Taiwan clearly broke Mainland law when they (reportedly) exited Hong Kong and/or Chinese territorial waters without going through immigration checks. Can’t blame them for trying. But unlike the abducted book-sellers and some other previous … Continue reading

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A little DAB’ll do ya

The CCP’s Hong Kong vote-fodder and all-purpose running dogs sense that – even safely protected from elections – they are on the wrong side of public opinion… The pro-Beijing DAB party has urged the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, to mend … Continue reading

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‘Mulan’ provides genuine entertainment

Grab some popcorn and take a seat. A badly needed little ray of sunshine in our lives comes courtesy of Disney’s Mulan mess. Rarely has Hollywood provided the public with so much amusement for a production budget of just US$200 million.  … Continue reading

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Jail for saying the government is crap

Not only is Tam Tak-chi facing sedition charges for ‘inciting hatred, contempt against the government and causing discontent and dissatisfaction among the Hong Kong people’, he has been denied bail. He is not accused of any act of violence, theft, … Continue reading

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Separation of powers claims now challenge CCP supremacy

Beijing now equates the belief that Hong Kong has separation of powers with the promotion of  independence. The line is that it was never even there in the first place, and people saying otherwise are attempting to change the constitutional … Continue reading

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Let’s all utter seditious words!

Last week, it was cops attacking a pregnant object, this week it’s the 12-year-old school-object and frame her – classy! The police also found time over the weekend to make an arrest on suspicion of uttering seditious words. Tam Tak-chi’s … Continue reading

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