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Don’t Panic!

Trying to think of historical parallels for dictatorships crushing developed free societies. The qualifiers mean the fall of Cuba or South Vietnam to Communists don’t come close. Czechoslovakia in the late 1940s? Though it was in ruins. Here’s an interesting … Continue reading

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One last spin for the old faithful ‘We Are Right, You Are Wrong’

For two decades, the Hong Kong government has relied on a default template to promote and explain its latest steaming pile of garbage: the oh-so persuasive We Are Right and You Are Too Stupid to Understand argument. After deploying it … Continue reading

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‘One Country Two Systems’ over – in case you hadn’t noticed

There is at least a morbid fascination in watching – in real time – a dictatorship destroy a free society. In just seven days since ‘Freak-Out Friday’, we’ve seen the LegCo coup, a ban on the June 4 vigil and … Continue reading

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Tycoon’s kid carries own luggage for motherland

Spare a thought for those Hong Kong tycoons who have to attend the National People’s Congress and CPPCC sessions in Beijing during this time of plague. As there are no flights from Hong Kong to the capital, they must fly … Continue reading

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How dare you find the police funny?

Yesterday’s step on the road to serfdom: the banning of satire on RTHK. The broadcaster’s sin was to hurt the feelings of our hypersensitive police. To get the point across, the government is forcing the station to kneel on broken … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s total: two

During SARS, Hong Kong’s radio newsreaders would announce the previous day’s death toll – it might be three, or seven, or even double-digit numbers of people. During Covid-19, we have a daily count of rights, freedoms and independent institutions that … Continue reading

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Freak-out Friday

On Freak-out Friday the CCP orchestrated a Mainlandizing shock-and-awe assault on Hong Kong. Antony Dapiran gives a good summary. The sentencing of a young man to four years in prison for riot was perhaps coincidental (if we charitably assume that … Continue reading

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HK govt adds ‘hurt feelings’ panty-wetting to PR toolkit

I remember when then-Chief Secretary Anson Chan referred to the Diaoyutai islands as ‘the Senkakus’. There was about 10 seconds of patriotic mouth-frothing – much of it from the anti-CCP/-Japan variety of nationalists – then it was forgotten (by most … Continue reading

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A lazy Thursday

Owing to a severe attack of lethargy, Thursday this week is brought to you by a selection of read-worthy links… An angry rant following the HK Police’s ridiculous Mothers’ Day antics from a member of HKU philosophy faculty. A new … Continue reading

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Restoring post-Covid harmony to HK

There is a theory that the CCP is deliberately trying to provoke major unrest in Hong Kong to justify sending in mainland security forces or ordering the local cops to mow people down with automatic weapons. Today’s evidence is the … Continue reading

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