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HK’s latest ‘common sense by stealth’ step

Let’s pretend we’re not moving away from China’s Zero-Covid policy while pretending we are! Hong Kong reduces hotel quarantine for arrivals from seven days to three (by three we mean more like four), followed by four days’ isolation at home … Continue reading

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Democracy as the new foot-binding

Still a few weeks away, but I am arranging a trip overseas – my first since December 2019. Now I read this about the airport procedures when you return to Hong Kong. And this. The amazing thing is that anyone … Continue reading

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How about ‘never “technically” a colony’?

Hong Kong’s Education Bureau tries to explain why they want school kids to learn that the city was never a British colony. This follows controversy and mockery that moved one normally-dull legislator to something approaching wit… Lawmaker Priscilla Leung said … Continue reading

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Choreographed Pelosi-trip mouth-frothing in summary

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee holds… …a meeting with his top ministers to condemn US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, and pledge his administration’s full support for all necessary measures by the Central Government to safeguard national … Continue reading

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HK launches new weight-loss trade fair

Hong Kong reveals its latest bizarre Covid rule: no eating allowed in the city’s Food Expo. According to the Standard… …the expo will employ staff to go around the area and see if anyone tries to taste food in the … Continue reading

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Preparing for mega-freak-out rant-meltdown

Painting itself into yet another corner, Beijing goes ape-shit threatening to go ape-shit about being provoked into being forced to go utterly ape-shit if a woman visits an island. Child psychologists tell us that the best thing to do when … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi-free links

Atlantic on Hongkongers in the UK, and the nostalgia for a colonial era many of them never knew. The crowd gathered in a wood-paneled London hall struggled to contain their enthusiasm: Like music fans catching a glimpse of their favorite … Continue reading

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More on the UNHRC report

Mirror concert disasters – first this, then this – as metaphor for collapse of Hong Kong. The (hurriedly copy-edited) Standard quotes an expert in misfortune causing misfortune… “Estimating the monitor weights 90 kilograms, and at 10-meter high, and if it … Continue reading

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The importance of being Xi Jinping’s speech

More on the ‘important speech’ study sessions… HKFP counts no fewer than 60 such events in the month since Xi Jinping’s historic oratory. Organizers include local and central government departments, pro-Beijing groups and schools. Participants range from senior civil servants … Continue reading

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Just some assorted links…

Hong Kong’s last remaining radical group gets the Wen Wei Po treatment. Where to get a copy of Chris Patten’s Hong Kong Diaries (hint: not Bookazine). But if you want to read whiny defensive letters from Hong Kong officials complaining … Continue reading

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