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Have they let Joshua Wong out of solitary confinement yet?

Other idiocies to end the week… A district council member has been arrested for wasteful use of the police (who should surely arrest themselves for the same thing). A guy gets 21 months for throwing eggs at the police HQ … Continue reading

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Snoozing with Carrie

In theory, it could have been an opportunity to dangle a shred of hope that Hong Kong might yet offer its people a home with a future. Instead, to no great surprise, yesterday’s policy address focused on Mainland, Greater Bay … Continue reading

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HK enters the ‘jail-for-shouting-slogans’ phase

Hong Kong’s new regime gets that little bit more creepy as a man appears in court charged with shouting slogans – aka inciting secession – and is denied bail. The NatSec Law makes bail very difficult, and the police need … Continue reading

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CCP determined as ever to make people hate them

Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam are in custody pending sentencing next week after pleading guilty – on their lawyers’ advice – to lame incitement and illegal-assembly charges. Presumably, this could attract a lighter sentence from the judge. But, … Continue reading

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The day Jan Morris came to Quarry Bay

Some of the weekend horrors were on the banal side – but I guess we’re supposed to become numbed to these things over time. Others were worrying. One tweet on Saturday covered four: a pensioner arrested; reporters with balloons harassed … Continue reading

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Hey – maybe next week won’t be quite so bad

Beijing’s officials have made it clear that, after a few months of NatSec Law, they are still not happy with Hong Kong’s legal system and must ‘reform’ the courts. On cue, a judge rules that the HK Police complaints system … Continue reading

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More of the same incessant police-state stuff…

Today’s CCP horrors come in no particular order. Police arrest lawmakers Chu Hoi-dick, Ted Hui and Ray Chan under the LegCo Ordinance for ‘showing contempt and disturbing order’ during the National Anthem (Compulsory Adoration) Bill debate. How many times have … Continue reading

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A day of ‘tremble and obey’

It was hard to keep up with yesterday’s series of horrors from creepy CCP provocateurs Zhang Xiaoming, CY Leung, Tian Feilong, Qiao Xiaoyang and Wen Wei Po/Ta Kung Pao. A convenient summary. Another came from the government trying to get … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of ‘normal’ to get back to

SCMP marks the 30th anniversary of the Asia Society Hong Kong, otherwise known as Ronnie Chan’s club house. The piece emphasizes the generosity of plutocrat-socialite backers and the bright side of never hosting anything ‘political’. But it hints at the … Continue reading

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How to work outside the system

Teaching someone to make kimchi, so just a couple of things to start the week… Kevin Carrico in Apple Daily: ‘there is no longer any use working inside Hong Kong’s system: people’s energies are best directed outside and indeed against … Continue reading

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