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Slight dash of original thinking detected

(By ‘slight’, we mean ‘sub-atomic particle-like’.) Michael Tien – a pro-establishment tycoon-scion with a slight dash of original-thinking maverick – comes up with an idea on how to control the costs of former Chief Executives’ secretariats. He suggests that only … Continue reading

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Despicable behviour despised

The SCMP reports on an AI system that creates text based on Xi Jinping’s political philosophy. By coincidence (presumably), the Hong Kong government issues one of its outraged and indignant press releases on negative comments from an overseas organization… The … Continue reading

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Hey – let’s put a hub there!

Covid isolation facilities that could provide housing for thousands of people are sitting idle, and the government seems at a loss about what to do with them. The DAB suggests that the one at Kai Tak, with 3,000 units, should … Continue reading

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Stoned cat gatecrashes anti-cannabis drive

Today’s quiz… The HK Education Bureau has urged two schools for intellectually disabled children to: a) upgrade outdated classroom facilities b) ensure all teachers have adequate specialized training c) step up their National Security curriculum Answer (if you need it) … Continue reading

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Consuming, rather than producing, end-of-week stuff

HKFP op-ed asks why (or how) we are supposed to maintain that press freedom is intact in Hong Kong… When the News of the World was caught in criminal mischief its owner, Rupert Murdoch, was summoned to a hearing in … Continue reading

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‘Glory to Hong Kong’ slightly harder to find online

Google is blocking 32 Glory to Hong Kong YouTube vids listed in the recent injunction, in Hong Kong only… Speaking on Commercial Radio on Sunday, justice chief [Paul] Lam said that even though the court had issued a ban on … Continue reading

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More NatSec arrests – this time in the UK

An Amnesty International report accuses Beijing of intimidating Chinese citizens, such as students and activists – overseas. And police in the UK arrest three people suspected of working for ‘Hong Kong intelligence’. Two are ex-military security consultants, while the third … Continue reading

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Will no-one think of the cartel?

Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club will expand its Mainland business into Hong Kong, with free delivery for orders above 599 yuan. Leaving aside the possibility of more delivery trucks on the streets, most people will surely welcome the prospect of more … Continue reading

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In Japan for the coming week…

Will probably Tweet a few things. Some reading from the last few days… One month after the Article 23 NatSec Law came into effect, there have been no arrests. The SCMP gets an explanation… Ronny Tong Ka-wah, a top government … Continue reading

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Things to manage expectations about

Hong Kong should manage expectations of sub-par fireworks displays. This follows a ‘scaled down’ damp-squib event amid bad weather on May 1, which disappointed Mainland tourists, who… …mockingly called the display a “smoke show” after it fogged up the skyline. … Continue reading

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