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And the good news keeps coming

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, Atlantic spells out what Hong Kong’s incoming Chief Executive means… Lee’s elevation is reflective of the distrust and paranoia that has flourished in Beijing and among Hong Kong’s political elites since the 2019 … Continue reading

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A dismal Tuesday

The ‘citizen journalists’ hunt is underway: CPI on Eric Wu Ka-fai, sentenced to one month in prison… …the judge said Wu’s recounting of alleged police misconduct in a public place constituted a disorderly conduct offense because it could have incited … Continue reading

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In rehab today…

…to cure addiction to online Scrabble. A couple of quick links for the exceptionally bored… CMP on the return of Mao-era propaganda-blaring village loudspeakers. One project… …involves three daily broadcasts morning, noon and night [and] employs “internet + loudspeaker” cloud … Continue reading

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The pre-Cost Overrun Cost Overrun

HKFP on the rising cost estimate for the expansion of the Legislative Council’s facilities – from HK$1.17 billion to HK$1.56 billion. Under the ‘improved’ patriots-only election system, the body has expanded from 70 to 90 seats, and the project involves … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading…

David Webb on the futility of Hong Kong’s Covid strategy… If HK lacks the “high degree of autonomy” to do the right thing for its residents and businesses on this occasion, then we must assume that HK will follow mainland … Continue reading

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The message is the medium

Regina Ip reminds us (in case we’d forgotten) that the Hong Kong government’s PR and messaging is crap. She dwells mainly on the fact that the civil servants put in charge of the Information Services Dept lack the skills for … Continue reading

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Exciting government revamp

China Daily reports a Bauhinia Institute (who?) survey showing that 80% of Hong Kong people find the CE ‘election’ satisfactory, 69.4% think the housing shortage will be relieved in five years, and 73.9% believe John Lee ‘can help the city … Continue reading

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A message from CY

Let’s start the day with a dose of vindictiveness and spite, laced with generous helpings of ethno-nationalism! CY Leung’s open (not to say unsolicited) response to remarks made by Jimmy Lai’s son Sebastian when receiving his father’s honorary doctorate from … Continue reading

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I sat on Imelda’s bed!

The weekend links, better late than never… The prolific Benedict Rogers in the Catholic Herald and The Tablet… It seems rather odd to call yourself a Catholic and then arrest your Cardinal.  And Catholic Culture on the Vatican’s lame response … Continue reading

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Miserable week goes out with a whimper 

Looks like the NatSec Police might also be coming for lawyers who were paid by the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund to help protesters. Will the cops also start hunting down people – of whom there must be thousands – who … Continue reading

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