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Customs shows claws in crustacean crackdown

Fearsome new Customs Commissioner Louise Ho (seems Hermes has gone) is on a mission to protect the glorious motherland from subversive lobsters. She explains… “On the face of it, it’s just a normal smuggling case, smuggling lobsters. But actually these … Continue reading

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External forces get beastly about NatSec Law

Carrie Lam is shocked to find that the NatSec Law has harmed Hong Kong’s image. External forces and media, she says, refuse to believe our version of the story and insist that the Law reduces human rights and freedoms. The … Continue reading

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And the Whistle of Honour goes to…

It’s barely Wednesday, but it looks like we already have a winner for this week’s Pass The Sick Bag Prize: Hong Kong Customs Commissioner Hermes Tang, who declares…  It is an honour and yet a grave responsibility to be a … Continue reading

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Will she pull through? City waits with bated breath

Too sick with worry to do anything today. Just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the latest news from Queen Mary’s. She should have asked someone to help her pull those suitcases full of cash up the … Continue reading

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What the shoe-shiners did this weekend

Tam Yiu-chung, a ‘delegate’ due to attend a meeting of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, is told to stay at home. The reason is Beijing’s fear of (or need to appear hyper-alarmed about) a single untraceable Covid case in … Continue reading

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HK’s Covid bind

Epidemiologist Ben Cowling is undergoing quarantine in Hong Kong and commenting on the procedures – here, then here. An interesting and worrying summary (not sure if it’s by Prof Cowling – link here) of the bind Hong Kong is in… … Continue reading

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Weather better than Friday’s

Number 8 Signal, which went up over 12 hours before the bad weather hit. It is dangerous to go swimming or sailing off the coast, therefore all offices downtown must close. Can Hong Kong think of a better system than … Continue reading

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DP has uncharacteristic fit of sense

The Democratic Party says that none of its members will run in the Legislative Council quasi-elections in December. One or two dinosaurs complain that the party is using its internal nomination process to keep would-be candidates off the ballot – … Continue reading

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Missing links

An HKFP analysis of what wasn’t in the CE’s Policy Address. Prime example (apart from obvious stuff like representative government) is the barely mentioned Lantau Tomorrow Mega-Vision Reclamation Extravaganza.  In terms of housing supply, this plan is superfluous if officials … Continue reading

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Metropolis vision has sort-of rushed look

I didn’t intend to look through the government’s Northern Metropolis Development Strategy, but after an astute observer of such things assured me it ‘looks like it was pulled out of someone’s ass at the last minute’, I obviously couldn’t resist. … Continue reading

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