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No mythical democracy for HK

In case you hadn’t noticed, Beijing is planning changes to Hong Kong’s ‘electoral’ system. This might seem superfluous. The CE is hand-picked by the CCP, with a small-circle rubber-stamp ‘election’ following. The Legislative Council has always been rigged, and is … Continue reading

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Govt introduces quick and painless mini-lockdowns

Chief Executive Carrie Lam describes the anti-Covid lockdown in Jordan – which 98% of armchair experts agree was chaotic and pointless – as a success. She says her officials might do it again, though on a smaller scale – limited … Continue reading

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Asking for several friends…

Meet Dan, who’s moving his savings out of the reach of the NatSec Regime. Like a lot of people, he was spooked by the cops’ freezing of Ted Hui’s family members’ local savings.  I know people who have transferred much … Continue reading

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OK – now try it in the Mid-Levels

The Hong Kong government’s Mainland-style lockdown/mass-testing in Jordan was – let’s be generous – no more clumsily executed than we would expect. (Full photo-journal here.) The operation was leaked (maybe one in eight residents fled) and involved chained-up buildings. Not … Continue reading

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In this week’s weirdness…

The HK Police bring in Howard the Not Very Convincing Kim Jong-un Lookalike for possession of a gun that isn’t a gun and which he says he doesn’t have anyway – but since when did something have to exist to … Continue reading

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Dave QC drops out

Not much of a surprise given the criticism: David Perry QC has dropped out of the prosecution of Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, Margaret Ng for the CCP’s Hong Kong regime. Funny how the government can write a relatively short whiny … Continue reading

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Weekend things we haven’t heard the last of

Following the New Year Purge, the US puts sanctions on pro-Beijing stalwart Tam Yiu-chung, three members of the NatSec Police, and a couple of Mainland officials overseeing Hong Kong. Reuters report here. Tam has presumably been included because he is … Continue reading

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Weekly round-up of weekly round-ups

Can’t have a whole week go by without a round-up – 11 people arrested in connection with the HK12’s attempt to escape to Taiwan. Or an interesting court case: RTHK’s Bao Choy pleads not guilty to ‘making false statements’ when … Continue reading

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After deciding to drop several US-sanctioned Mainland stocks, the HK Tracker Fund (managed by a US institution) is going to include them again. Maybe. But wait! There’s more! Maybe they will reverse the reverse.  Judge Ernie strikes back. The Chief … Continue reading

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The unimportance of being Ernest

Judge Ernie gets slapped down by the new Chief Justice – you may wear yellow underpants in court, after all. Otherwise, it’s the usual grimness. Activist Frances Hui in The Diplomat looks at how Beijing is pretty much criminalizing pro-democracy … Continue reading

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