Hemlock's Junk
(some bad links from the old Geocities days, missing pictures and funny formatting - but it's 99 percant intact)
Hemlock's Diary, Feb 2002-Sep 2009 - The whole scathing, damning, hurtful, conceited, judgemental, hypocritical, hastily conceived and badly thought-out ramblings purporting to evidence the ineptness of mankind as it exists, or existed, in Hong Kong
Hemlock's other stuff - recipes and book reviews, also essays, including the classic Why Singapore Is Pathetic and some rude things about veganism
We Deserve Better: Hong Kong Since 1997 - the book
Not The South China Morning Post, circa 1996-98 - remnants of Hong Kong's first and foremost satirical website, dedicated to press freedom, incisive comment and bad taste