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SRTIACR Award winner announced

For many years, I was proud to be one of the judges of the Worst Restaurant in Soho Award. The annual event was cancelled a few years ago when the organizers felt that it had drifted from its original aim … Continue reading

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RTHK one step closer to rectification

The Hong Kong Police don’t react well to allegations that they are hoarding protective clothing. An Apple Daily report hit a raw nerve, and a pointed satirical sketch on RTHK’s Headliner rubbed salt in. (It has had 560,000 viewings on … Continue reading

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Hong Kong gets another knuckle-dragger

Xia Baolong. Sounds like some sort of dumpling. Looks a bit like one. But will be decidedly less pleasant. The media (eg, here, here) quote endless experts sharing profound insights into how the Liaison Office/HK and Macau Affairs Office reshuffle … Continue reading

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Unspoken threat from the north

Everyone in Hong Kong can see that our valiant and visionary local leaders are floundering and dithering. But what are they floundering and dithering about exactly? A chance encounter with one of our city’s Great and Good reveals that officials … Continue reading

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Carrie tries to do diplomacy

As if she hasn’t done enough to make Hong Kong squirm with embarrassment, Chief Executive Carrie Lam pleads with consuls-general to help the city procure surgical masks and other protective equipment, and not to impose travel restrictions on local residents. … Continue reading

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Regina’s latest yet-another last-chance frantic bid for glory

What’s the last thing Hong Kong needs right now? Yes – Regina Ip getting in everyone’s face. So here she is, offering to help sue hospital staff for striking, and getting slapped down by the government after claiming officials will … Continue reading

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Asia’s Somalia

I dropped by the local Wellcome supermarket five minutes after its 8.00am opening yesterday. People were already struggling to carry away multiple 12-packs of toilet paper. There were none left inside, and the shelves were also empty of rice and … Continue reading

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A WuFlu update for every taste

Here’s a claim that Chinese authorities are rigging the WuFlu data to fit a predetermined mortality rate. Patriots, on the other hand, may prefer the charts showing a ‘very rosy picture’ of declining new infections. If you like your news … Continue reading

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You mean this quarantine thing applies to us as well?

Hong Kong’s government has lost so much credibility by now that the public automatically perceives any announcement as garbage. Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s decision to impose quarantine on everyone coming in from the Mainland has predictably met with derision (and … Continue reading

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‘If goodwill still exists’

Antony Cheung, mild-moderate pro-democrat and former government official, asks where Hong Kong goes from here. After the 2003 SARS/Article 23 trauma, Beijing appointed a mediocre but arrogant bureaucrat as Chief Executive, and pushed cross-border integration. As Cheung notes, these are … Continue reading

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