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Yesterday’s total: two

During SARS, Hong Kong’s radio newsreaders would announce the previous day’s death toll – it might be three, or seven, or even double-digit numbers of people. During Covid-19, we have a daily count of rights, freedoms and independent institutions that … Continue reading

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Freak-out Friday

On Freak-out Friday the CCP orchestrated a Mainlandizing shock-and-awe assault on Hong Kong. Antony Dapiran gives a good summary. The sentencing of a young man to four years in prison for riot was perhaps coincidental (if we charitably assume that … Continue reading

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HK govt adds ‘hurt feelings’ panty-wetting to PR toolkit

I remember when then-Chief Secretary Anson Chan referred to the Diaoyutai islands as ‘the Senkakus’. There was about 10 seconds of patriotic mouth-frothing – much of it from the anti-CCP/-Japan variety of nationalists – then it was forgotten (by most … Continue reading

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A lazy Thursday

Owing to a severe attack of lethargy, Thursday this week is brought to you by a selection of read-worthy links… An angry rant following the HK Police’s ridiculous Mothers’ Day antics from a member of HKU philosophy faculty. A new … Continue reading

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Restoring post-Covid harmony to HK

There is a theory that the CCP is deliberately trying to provoke major unrest in Hong Kong to justify sending in mainland security forces or ordering the local cops to mow people down with automatic weapons. Today’s evidence is the … Continue reading

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A busy summer ahead

Beijing’s shopping list for this summer in Hong Kong: the National Anthem (Compulsory Adoration) Bill; perhaps moves towards licensing of news reporters; some sort of disqualifications/ballot-rigging/plain cancellation for Legislative Council elections; extra-stern no-nonsense huffing and puffing about Article 23 National … Continue reading

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Oh, how’s the search for a PR agency going?

Hong Kong’s top civilian officials and whoever runs its police force are obviously reading from different scripts. The Financial Secretary agonizes about renewed protests harming post-pandemic economic recovery as… …fewer people patronise shops and restaurants because of gatherings and conflicts, … Continue reading

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Lessons in controlling the narrative

I now definitely declare the weekend open with the rest of this week’s attention-worthy stuff… This seems to have been the week that China lost the battle to control the narrative on how it tries to control the narrative: Politico … Continue reading

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Government joins HK Coalition in mask-inundation

Busy lining up for one of the Hong Kong government’s ultra-sexy free crony-manufactured ‘underwear masks’ (with a view to keeping in original packing for sale as historic artefact on eBay in 30 years’ time). So an early plunge into a … Continue reading

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Depressingly hackneyed alliance of shoe-shiners unveiled

The Hong Kong government decides its number-one harmony-promoting priority following the virus pandemic is… pushing through the National Anthem (Compulsory Adoration) Bill. And former Chief Executives Tung Chee-hwa and CY Leung launch a ‘Hong Kong Coalition’ to counter the city’s … Continue reading

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