Church won’t inform on NatSec sinners 

HKFP reports that Hong Kong’s Catholic authorities say the confidentiality of confession will not be affected by the Article 23 NatSec law, following…

Concerns over the impact of the legislation on religious practice [that] were raised during the four-week consultation period for the controversial legislation. According to a summary of public views compiled by the government, an unnamed person from the religious sector said many believers would seek spiritual counsel from clergy in private, during which they may express discontent towards the authorities.

The disclosure requirement under the proposed law would contradict the tradition and rules of religious secrecy, they said.

“The clergy may not have enough legal knowledge to judge whether what the believers express commits treason,” the government summary read.

Meanwhile, in a dark and dingy confessional at St Joseph’s Patriotic Roman Catholic Hub-Zone…

Me   Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been five days weeks months years decades since my last confession, and these are my sins. Um… I read an old copy of Apple Daily

Priest   [Sharp intake of breath. Shocked silence.] I see. Go on, my son. Did you have any thoughts that might endanger national security?

Me    I’m afraid believe I might have incited myself.

Priest   [sighs heavily]

Me   You won’t tell anyone, right?

Priest   Well, this isn’t your normal theft, rape or murder. [Starts dialing number on phone.] Hello? Is that the National Security police? I’ve got another Apple Daily reader for you.

NatSec Police   [Inaudible]

Priest   Let me ask him. Were you sitting on the toilet at the time? [Slides camphor wood lattice partition open, glares accusingly.]

Me   Uh, oh yes, father. Absolutely.

Priest   Hmm. Yes it seems he was, Inspector. 

NatSec Police   [Inaudible but apparently disappointed]

Priest   Bless you. [Puts phone down.] You must destroy all treasonous reading materials, and say 900 Hail Marys.

Me   I was an altar boy back in the day.

Priest   Alright – 800 Hail Marys.

The July 1 storming of LegCo was a landmark event in terms of its brazenness and symbolism. Also for the fact that not many moderate pan-dem voices denounced it – as the graffiti said: ‘It is you who taught us that peaceful protest does not work’. And echoes of Taiwan’s Sunflower movement..

Now, four years and eight months later, 12 protesters are sentenced to 54-82 months in prison. A comment on Twitter…

Seven cops caught on camera beating a zip-tied protestor got 15–18 months; man who stabbed activist politician “Long Hair” with a metal chisel got 3 months; attacker of three at a Lennon Wall, incl a reporter who lost some lung and could’ve died if not hospitalized, got 45 months

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  1. I am a NatSec sinner says:

    During the attack on the LegCo building, the popo were actually inside the building. Then they left out of the backdoor. A large police force was waiting elsewhere, ready to pounce (according to English scab PTU commander) but never received the order.


    Nobody has ever answered that question.

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