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Emphasis on ‘fingers crossed’

If Chief Executive Carrie Lam had an ounce of political sense, or just basic people skills, she would now start drafting a speech to deliver in maybe a month or so. In it, she would praise the Hong Kong people … Continue reading

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Think of it as a premature obituary

From Vox, an in-depth mauling of Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s hapless Chief Executive/Beijing puppet. This is like shooting fish in a barrel – though the author tries hard to be fair, considering the subject is the haughty, disaster-wreaking bureaucrat ‘who … Continue reading

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HKPF PR bombs

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam pleads with citizens to sympathize with the police when they pepper-spray reporters and knock people to the ground. The cops are, she suggests, extra-frazzled right now as they believe someone is about to launch … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Message Management, cont’d

About a month ago, China’s Emperor-for-Life Xi Jinping handed out promotions to some of his trusted allies. The media focused on the appointment of Ying Yong and Wang Zhonglin as new party chiefs in Hubei and Wuhan – to replace … Continue reading

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More bridges to nowhere discovered

We are so distracted by the Hong Kong government’s frequent one-off blunders that we overlook the many permanent ongoing screw-ups these clowns inflict on the city. One of the most infuriating never-ending disasters is the entrenched default policy of giving … Continue reading

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Working from home is still a thing?

Even after Hong Kong’s somnolent civil servants have plodded back to their desks, it seems there are still some companies (of the delicate- and precious-Westerner orientation) paying employees to sit at home in their pajamas on the sofa all day, … Continue reading

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Politics or economics?

Is Hong Kong’s unrest driven by ‘economic’ or ‘political’ discontent in the city? Here’s a good discussion of the arguments. To the CCP, of course, everything is political. Beijing’s preferred analysis is that the unrest is due to evil foreign … Continue reading

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Nodes? We don’t need no stinking nodes

As a favour to an old colleague, I agreed to proofread a start-up proposal to be aimed at venture-capital types. I knew it had something to do with blockchain. I thought it was just a couple of pages and would … Continue reading

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The Greater BS Area

From HK Free Press, a look at the Greater Bay Area. It quotes promoters of GBA who aren’t sure what it is they’re backing, and skeptics who don’t really know what it is that won’t work. The reader is none … Continue reading

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OK, so it’s only US$44 for a day

We interrupt this coronavirus epidemic for a few hours’ tear-gas, pepper-spray and arbitrary-arrests mayhem, starring a cop apparently on some sort of acid-dexedrine cocktail waving a Glock around. Agonized official hand-wringing follows about the harm this terrible violence will cause … Continue reading

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