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Worth seeing again while it’s there 

I recently went to the Museum of Coastal Defence for a last look before it gets ‘rectified’ later this year, after which it will be renamed the Hong Kong Museum of the War of Resistance and Coastal Defence. A before-and-after … Continue reading

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Mostly mid-week reading…

The trial begins of a group accused of planning a terrorist bombing and shooting attack in 2019. Interesting because: while authorities have announced the discovery of bomb-making and similar activities, the cases rarely seem to come to court; and this … Continue reading

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More threats in our midst

Remember Hong Kong John Lee’s recent warning… “Foreign intelligence officers and their proxies would use different industries as disguise … Spies may marry and raise a family just like an ordinary citizen, and only commit acts of terrorism or theft … Continue reading

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Can disclaimer serve as Magic Shield of Confidence?

Lawmaker Paul Tse adds a disclaimer to his Facebook page, saying criticism of the government is intended to be constructive, not to ‘incite hatred’ or anything. He is presumably pre-empting the new breed of all-patriot types out there who will … Continue reading

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The hunt for negative energy in movies

A pro-Beijing lawmaker (guess that’s a tautology) asks a question in the Legislative Council… ”There are views suggesting that the projects funded by the Film Development Fund (FDF) are suspected of containing ‘soft resistance’ and negative energy, and lacking elements … Continue reading

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What are they doing all day?

Your tax dollars at work… Carrie Lam’s private concierge/secretariat expenditure last year came to… …HK$5.67 million on “rent and related expenses” … while remuneration for staff cost HK$2.86 million and daily operations cost HK$640,000. Lawmaker Michael Tien suggests buying her … Continue reading

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Anyone got a spare mindset?

Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Xia Baolong’s comments on Monday included this on Hong Kong’s economic future… “We cannot use the old perspective from yesterday to look at today’s new situation. We cannot use the old … Continue reading

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Invasion of the consistent and unpredictable mantises and flies

Yesterday was National Security Education Day. Among the lessons… “For an extremely small number of people who endanger national security, this law is an overhanging sharp sword,” said Xia Baolong, Beijing’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office chief. “Hong Kong’s … Continue reading

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Shortage of civil servants, not departments

A new online magazine – the Hongkonger. Proclaims itself ‘inspired by the New Yorker’. A couple of items by a former local film studies academic (and occasional hiking companion of mine) looks at how older movies are affected by the … Continue reading

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Nation secure for another week

Transit Jam investigates the Nathan Road fire, which left five dead… Buildings Department (BD) says it issued a Fire Safety Direction to the New Lucky House Owners Committee (OC) in 2008, “requiring the upgrading of certain fire safety provisions of … Continue reading

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