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Exciting new China-watching phrase coined

Just a bunch of mid-week (mostly Glorious Motherland) links… China’s thought police go after a Korean boy-band. Never thought I’d like the prancing girly-looking singers, but they have gone up in my esteem. Beijing doesn’t do ‘soft power’, it does … Continue reading

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One of our policy addresses is missing

At the last minute, Hong Kong’s annual policy address is delayed until well into November at the earliest. The address is a colonial ritual, based on the Queen’s speech that opens the UK Parliament. The Chief Executive recites cliches about … Continue reading

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How about ‘Pink Panthers’?

Hong Kong’s Correctional Services Dept shows off its hitherto unheard-of* Big Tough Riot Squad, which has the desperately unoriginal – yet even more ill-suited – name ‘The Black Panthers’.  In an ‘exclusive’, the Sycophantic Cliched Morning Predictable describes the group … Continue reading

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Amazing surprise!

Seven million people faint with shock on hearing that the Lantau reclamation will benefit developers rather than people.  The Hong Kong government can’t/won’t extricate itself from the trap of seeing land as a source of revenue for itself rather than … Continue reading

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Thursday update

The teacher deregistered for corrupting young minds with non-CCP ideas is barred from all school campuses. It looks as if Beijing’s officials are demanding maximum punitive melodrama in handling this case, and the Education Bureau dreamed up this sex-offender-type sanction … Continue reading

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Schools’ bad apples purge begins

The Government Flying Service monitored 12 protesters as they left Hong Kong waters on a speedboat (see flight-tracker maps showing aircraft circling at low altitude). Rather than intercept the craft, the Hong Kong authorities left it to be picked up … Continue reading

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More on museums

Having a root canal done today. A very special root canal: they go in through a crown next to the tooth with the troublesome nerve, thus keeping the otherwise healthy tooth intact. Or something. Sounds like a lot of exciting … Continue reading

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HK Story to be rewritten?

The US State Dept denounces the HK Police’s arbitrary arrests on October 1. Another pro-Beijing figure calls for Hong Kong’s judiciary to be corrected. Anything else I missed? You have just two weeks to go to see The Hong Kong … Continue reading

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A few National Mid-Autumn Day holiday links

Starting with that ever-popular subject – real-estate schadenfreude. It was three years ago when the world was aghast at Li Ka-shing’s generosity or stupidity in selling his remaining floors at The Center skyscraper for HK$33,000 a square foot, when the … Continue reading

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Holiday time

Away til next week, probably. Packing my bags for another staycation in sunny Mongkok – the best we can do while Taiwan is off-limits. With two public holidays coming, please do not take part in unauthorized assemblies or burn wax, … Continue reading

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