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All the votes for John Lee go in this pile, and, er…

Today’s obscure charges and other lawfare… Labour rights activist Lee Cheuk-yan is convicted of breaking (wait for it) aviation regulations. For flying a balloon. Pro-dem media tycoon Jimmy Lai pleads not guilty to a desperate-sounding office lease transgression. And pan-dem … Continue reading

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Everyone self-censors

Atlantic on the Foreign Correspondents Club’s dropping of the Human Rights Press Awards… The FCC’s moves are emblematic of the broader tension that now exists across Hong Kong, where Beijing has imposed a new political order. Red lines are deliberately … Continue reading

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Even a judge raises eyebrow at detention without trial

Former lawmaker Gary Fan – one of dozens of pro-democrats jailed in February 2021 without bail to await trial for participating in the mid-2020 primary election. Later in 2021, he tried to get bail, but… High Court judge Esther Toh … Continue reading

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What’s the point of Hong Kong civil society existing?

What’s happening while Hong Kong awaits new CE John Lee and his priority of passing Article 23 local National Security laws? Activist Benny Tai pleads guilty to ‘illegal election spending’ – placing ads advising the public on tactical voting to … Continue reading

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HK awaits manifesto with bated breath

Hong Kong’s incoming Chief Executive John Lee’s ‘election’ platform will be ready within a  week. Odd that no-one had already bothered to cut and paste something from his predecessors’ pseudo-manifestos – but it’s always very much an afterthought, for show.  … Continue reading

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Remember – every accusation is a confession

Major rants beckon. Beijing and supporters get exceptionally worked up over Google’s closure of John Lee’s YouTube channel, with the Foreign Affairs Ministry saying the US is undermining… …freedom of expression, freedom of information dissemination and the fairness and impartiality … Continue reading

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What to call an election that’s not an election?

Do you really want to go there, Erick? Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Secretary Tsang says last December’s 30% turnout in the patriots-only legislative elections was not low, compared with New York state and French regional polls. As for the more … Continue reading

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Political prisoners subjected to ‘Enjoy Yourself Tonight’ torture

Incoming Chief Executive John Lee’s ‘election’ ‘campaign’ announces an ‘advisory committee’ of mainly male, mainly elderly, wealthy pro-establishment stalwarts including tycoons Li Ka-shing, Lee Shau-kee and Henry Cheng.  To the naive, it looks like the new CE will be in … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

John Lee wins Hong Kong’s Chief Executive ‘election’ before it even takes place. Being the sole ‘candidate’ makes life easier for him, and for ‘voters’ and ‘polling station’ staff, not to mention forecasters. (And yes, there will still be a … Continue reading

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Tuesday comes early

Former Chief Executive CY Leung claims that people leaving Hong Kong because of the NatSec regime are ‘relocating’ rather than ‘migrating’…  Leung said the authorities could help to clear up misunderstandings such people may have about political developments in Hong … Continue reading

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