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Happy so-called Friday

The US government’s US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) has published its latest report… The report said Beijing had installed loyal judges and leaders in key positions, leading to “the strictest interpretation” of the security law and its enforcement … Continue reading

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Eric doesn’t agree

Chief Secretary Eric Chan shrugs off concerns about a low turnout at Hong Kong’s forthcoming District Council elections… Although he appealed to people to vote as it is their civil right and responsibility, Chan argued that a turnout rate depends … Continue reading

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This week’s barrings

HK University law faculty and the China Club suddenly cancel scheduled lectures by UK lawyer Timothy Owen. The faculty had been ‘under pressure’ and now cites ‘unforeseen circumstances’ for the decision. The government barred Owen last year from representing Jimmy … Continue reading

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Some early mid-week links…

(Slightly sleepless night, after the street outside was occupied by fire trucks and cops in the early hours. Should’ve taken photos but didn’t. Apparently someone in an apartment in a nearby side-street managed to set their mattress alight with a … Continue reading

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We never forget you have a choice

From HKFP – an op-ed on the failure of even ‘moderate patriots’ to get nominated as candidates for the District Council elections… …it appears that 75 per cent of the candidates in the geographical race already sit on the committees … Continue reading

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Innocent until proven guilty?

Hong Kong’s Security Secretary says Jimmy Lai’s forthcoming trial will show how bad he is and predicts ‘smearing’ of Hong Kong when the trial takes place… He said fresh attacks by foreign politicians were also likely to target the local … Continue reading

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Just a pic…

…from last week, putting the PLA threat into perspective. A volcano (magma dome, to be precise) up a hill from a northern suburb of Taipei. Steam, water geysers and a very weird smell. The CBD is 10 miles away.

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Turnout is not the priority

After barring most non- (or insufficiently) ‘patriotic’ candidates from running, the Hong Kong government looks for ways to boost voter turnout at the District Council elections. (Both ideas seem clunky. Polling stations at the border is an obvious idea, but … Continue reading

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Columnist takes things at face value

A commenter notes some recent mildly skeptical pieces in the SCMP, including one asking – after few non-DAB or DAB-type candidates got on the District Council ballots – why Hong Kong’s Chief Executive doesn’t trust voters… …the problem is that … Continue reading

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Catching up…

US legislators introduce a bill to impose sanctions on 49 Hong Kong officials, prosecutors and judges for human rights violations. In its response, the Hong Kong government… …strongly condemned those United States (US) lawmakers requesting a review, through a so-called … Continue reading

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