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No longer ‘Doctor’, still ‘The Honorable’

Anglia Ruskin University rescinds pro-Beijing legislator Junius Ho’s honorary degree, following a bout of ‘increasing concern’. While the pro-Beijing camp does not have a monopoly of obnoxiousness, it seems to account for the vast majority of racist, homophobic, triad-linked, hate-spewing, … Continue reading

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Maybe it’ll work *next* weekend!

For the 20th week in a row, a group of top-level Hong Kong government officials sit in a conference room. The Ad Hoc Rampaging Protesters Unleashing Chaos and Violence Committee comes to order. As in 19 previous meetings, attendees are … Continue reading

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The Returning Officer has not returned

After the 2014 Umbrella Movement, Beijing (via the Hong Kong administration, via district-based civil-servant ‘Returning Officers’) barred many younger localism-tinged hopefuls from the ballot using a concocted political test. Oddly, many activists you would expect to be disqualified, like Eddie … Continue reading

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A whole 40 cars! Yippee!

In an effort to make the mostly empty Zhuhai bridge look useful, the authorities are going to allow private cars to drive across the zillion-dollar infrastructure boondoggle. At least that’s how the SCMP reports it. In fact, this will only … Continue reading

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Hey – it could’ve been Regina Ip!

It seems Hong Kong officials use Reuters as their preferred conduit for leaks (or ‘scoops’ as media folk call them), while their Mainland counterparts prefer the Financial Times. The latter today reveals (paywall, etc, possibly) that Beijing will eject Chief … Continue reading

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Blues for Allah

As part of Operation Clueless Mayhem on Sunday, the Hong Kong Police sprayed Kowloon Mosque a fetching blue. It was a fairly typical deployment of the water cannon: truck prowls along street looking for a target; driver steers up to … Continue reading

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A ‘reds-versus-wets’ split?

The Hong Kong government’s mask-banning, blue-water-spraying, MTR-suspending, tear gas-firing, panty-wetting and freaking-out over protest mayhem celebrates a 20th straight week of continued dazzling success. Observers scratch their heads and ask whether or when the administration will notice that its current … Continue reading

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And for Carrie’s next neat trick…

You are Hong Kong’s leader. After four months of greatest-political-turmoil-ever and a string of incompetent decisions, you have just announced measures to push housing prices up and benefit the property tycoons. How do you follow that? You might think it … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam in small further step to oblivion

Time after time over the last six months, the Hong Kong government has had a choice between making things better or worse – and consistently chosen the latter course. We all know the administration is incompetent and cut-off. It is … Continue reading

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Snooze-Fest transcript to have blue cover!

Hong Kong’s annual Chief Executive’s Policy Address has long since degenerated into an insipid substance-free ritual, befitting the city’s largely ceremonial formal political system. Carrie Lam, for her part, has even less imagination about policy than her benighted predecessors. But … Continue reading

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