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HK to feel the Drooling Panda Wrath of Xi

This week’s Out of the Mouths of Babes and Innocents Award goes to Hong Kong’s deputy leader Matthew Cheung, who blurts out that he has no idea why people in Hong Kong are so angry at the government. This contradicts … Continue reading

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HK Police perform ‘Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy’

HK Chinese University looks more like Hamburger Hill as the police are apparently consumed by some sort of obsessive-compulsive need to assert their authority over the campus at any cost (and last time I checked, still hadn’t). Open any history … Continue reading

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Carrie Lam shock announcement: ‘I have nothing to announce’

It was 100% predictable that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam would have nothing new or constructive to say at her press conference after yesterday’s Mayhem Monday. If we want to examine her words carefully, we might detect an extra … Continue reading

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Martial-Law Monday

Since Friday, when the big story was the death of student Alex Chow, we have had yet another weekend of impossible-to-keep-up-with mayhem. An accusation that police gang-raped a teenager in a police station – her lawyers say they have DNA … Continue reading

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Another week in the death-spiral

While I was appeasing the wrathful Gods of Toil, Hong Kong suffered too much outrage, idiocy and mystery to keep up with. A young protester badly injured dead after falling from a car park. Slimeball Junius ex-‘Dr’ Ho apparently semi-stabbed. … Continue reading

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In a rush today, but…

In its communique following the recent Plenum, the CCP said it would (among other things) strengthen and enhance Hong Kong’s legal system and enforcement to protect ‘national security’. In the meantime, Beijing and its local proxies must make do… A … Continue reading

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Police go even more nuts, Beijing to follow

This was the weekend of cops invading multiple shopping malls, marching dozens of young arrestees onto buses, stepping up obnoxiousness towards the media and still finding time for some average-scale rampaging around unwelcoming neighbourhoods, though managing to be absent during … Continue reading

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HK Police go nuts, again

After last Sunday in Salisbury Road, the Hong Kong Police now bring you the Tuen Mun neighbourhood-revolt suppression and the Lan Kwai Fong Halloween anti-mask freak-out. The best explanation I’ve heard is that Beijing is demanding that protests be crushed … Continue reading

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Rest of the week sadly devoted to (shudder) work

Just time to note… Former Director of Prosecutions, now curiously hyper-pro-Beijing, Grenville Cross calls for Internet censorship, curfews, more prosecutions of kids and additional equipment for the cops to counteract spreading hatred of the police (don’t ask how that works). … Continue reading

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HK Police reorganization – it’s already happened

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor insists she has not met any law-breaking demonstrators during dialogue sessions and underscores her support of the police. Beijing has also directly urged unwavering support for the HKPF. So much for Carrie’s earlier slightly … Continue reading

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