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‘Glory to Hong Kong’ not going away

While some government officials expressed satisfaction when Glory to Hong Kong disappeared from certain online platforms, there wasn’t much overt gloating. Which was just as well, since the subversive song is back. The news last week was that the UK-based … Continue reading

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Basically – keep away from June 4

Chow Hang-tung – already in jail – and five others, including her mother, become the first people to be arrested under the Article 23 NatSec Law passed in March… …police said five men and one woman had been detained on … Continue reading

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We’ve found a place that still isn’t overrun with millions of tourists!

After abandoning the ill-fated waste-charging plan, the government moves on to propose development of South Lantau as an ‘Eco-Recreation Corridor’… …establishing a landmark visitor center with dining, retail, and viewing facilities. The center will also host a variety of year-round … Continue reading

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Bin it

The Hong Kong government inches towards admitting that the ‘green bags’ waste disposal plan is pretty much dead… The Hong Kong government said its waste-charging scheme had become a “public disturbance” over the course of a two-month trial run. In … Continue reading

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Slight dash of original thinking detected

(By ‘slight’, we mean ‘sub-atomic particle-like’.) Michael Tien – a pro-establishment tycoon-scion with a slight dash of original-thinking maverick – comes up with an idea on how to control the costs of former Chief Executives’ secretariats. He suggests that only … Continue reading

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Despicable behviour despised

The SCMP reports on an AI system that creates text based on Xi Jinping’s political philosophy. By coincidence (presumably), the Hong Kong government issues one of its outraged and indignant press releases on negative comments from an overseas organization… The … Continue reading

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Hey – let’s put a hub there!

Covid isolation facilities that could provide housing for thousands of people are sitting idle, and the government seems at a loss about what to do with them. The DAB suggests that the one at Kai Tak, with 3,000 units, should … Continue reading

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Stoned cat gatecrashes anti-cannabis drive

Today’s quiz… The HK Education Bureau has urged two schools for intellectually disabled children to: a) upgrade outdated classroom facilities b) ensure all teachers have adequate specialized training c) step up their National Security curriculum Answer (if you need it) … Continue reading

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Consuming, rather than producing, end-of-week stuff

HKFP op-ed asks why (or how) we are supposed to maintain that press freedom is intact in Hong Kong… When the News of the World was caught in criminal mischief its owner, Rupert Murdoch, was summoned to a hearing in … Continue reading

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‘Glory to Hong Kong’ slightly harder to find online

Google is blocking 32 Glory to Hong Kong YouTube vids listed in the recent injunction, in Hong Kong only… Speaking on Commercial Radio on Sunday, justice chief [Paul] Lam said that even though the court had issued a ban on … Continue reading

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