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The message is the medium

Regina Ip reminds us (in case we’d forgotten) that the Hong Kong government’s PR and messaging is crap. She dwells mainly on the fact that the civil servants put in charge of the Information Services Dept lack the skills for … Continue reading

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Exciting government revamp

China Daily reports a Bauhinia Institute (who?) survey showing that 80% of Hong Kong people find the CE ‘election’ satisfactory, 69.4% think the housing shortage will be relieved in five years, and 73.9% believe John Lee ‘can help the city … Continue reading

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A message from CY

Let’s start the day with a dose of vindictiveness and spite, laced with generous helpings of ethno-nationalism! CY Leung’s open (not to say unsolicited) response to remarks made by Jimmy Lai’s son Sebastian when receiving his father’s honorary doctorate from … Continue reading

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I sat on Imelda’s bed!

The weekend links, better late than never… The prolific Benedict Rogers in the Catholic Herald and The Tablet… It seems rather odd to call yourself a Catholic and then arrest your Cardinal.  And Catholic Culture on the Vatican’s lame response … Continue reading

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Miserable week goes out with a whimper 

Looks like the NatSec Police might also be coming for lawyers who were paid by the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund to help protesters. Will the cops also start hunting down people – of whom there must be thousands – who … Continue reading

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90-year-old priest caught threatening national security

A few days after academic Hui Po-keung’s arrest at the airport, NatSec police come for lawyer Margaret Ng (age 74), singer Denise Ho (happy birthday) and Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zen (age 90) on suspicion of ‘collusion with foreign forces’. (Apparently … Continue reading

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Puppet show roundup

Perusing international press to see how they describe Sunday’s Chief Executive ‘election’. More than in the past, they tend to acknowledge that there is something shady about the process. Probably something to do with a poll where the sole candidate … Continue reading

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We and Us – All of Me Together for a New Chap

Christmas comes once every 365 days – but Hong Kong Chief Executive ‘elections’ happen just every four years. Hapless tools are today pretending to vote for someone pretending to run as the sole ‘candidate’. Along with the 7,000 police racking … Continue reading

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HK on tenterhooks over knife-edge election on Sunday

Hong Kong experts say the city can further relax Covid travel and social-distancing rules. David Webb pens a letter from a quarantine hotel asking the government to let Hong Kong be part of the world again. From Bloomberg via the … Continue reading

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Foreign customs

What have Hong Kong Customs been doing over the last couple of years of zero inbound travel, with hardly any arriving passengers with bags to check? Seems they’ve been training to switch completely to ‘Chinese-style’ (ie Prussian) marching at parades… … Continue reading

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