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Some weekend reading, before loopholes are plugged

More censorship on the way. Enjoy what’s left while it lasts. More good commentary on the Peng Shuai affair, from World Politics Review. And Asia Sentinel offers a conspiracy theory – that Peng’s accusations were part of a pre-emptive Xi-ist … Continue reading

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Shock survey result: one in three takes ‘election’ seriously

Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao accuses opinion pollsters PORI of inciting misleading incitement or something, for reporting that only 34% of citizens definitely plan to vote at next month’s quasi-election, and 52% think they probably sort of might (as the slide … Continue reading

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Out of the Loup

A letter in the FT several days ago, and one of the replies… On Peng Shuai: Beijing demands that foreign forces stop ‘deliberately and maliciously hyping up’ the affair. China Media Project didn’t get the memo. Nor did ‘mixes creepiness … Continue reading

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Anti-Pedestrian Dept delivers another horror

From Transit Jam – Hong Kong’s psychopath transport planners strike again. Although only 10% of households have them, private cars account for 47% of visits to the West Kowloon Cultural Hub-Zone District, and taxis another 31%. There is no legal … Continue reading

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Who needs the public’s trust when you can jail them?

An HKFP op-ed asks how the Hong Kong government can regain public trust if it doesn’t admit its own role in provoking and escalating the 2019 protests (let alone 20 years of incompetence beforehand). The key issue is accountability…  …for … Continue reading

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On the way to the vaccination centre

Just a few days ago, I briefly wondered for some reason how long it would be before Chickeeduck closes in Hong Kong if landlords won’t rent them space. And voila! I would like to say how prescient I am, but … Continue reading

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Today’s non-fake news

Lee Cheuk-yan’s mitigation before sentencing for ‘incitement’ and other charges relating to last year’s Tiananmen vigil… Your Honour, the people of Hong Kong who took part needed no person or organisation to incite them. If there was a provocateur, it … Continue reading

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Under the NatSec regime, even chambers are suspect

Not that 99.9% of Hongkongers will notice, but AmCham chair Tara Joseph decides to quit. The RTHK item says… …she is resigning as she cannot appeal to the city’s government to ease Covid-19 restrictions at the same time as having … Continue reading

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Open season

Officials are considering letting people shoot wild boars again, after one bit a cop. In the old days, the authorities gave a group of guys permits to hunt the pigs for a few days each year. The most prominent participant … Continue reading

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HK hit by post-Plenum shoe-shining outbreak

Hong Kong’s top officials give prompt and fulsome praise to the outcome of the Sixth Plenum, with Chief Executive Carrie Lam telling us… …the consideration and adoption of the Resolution on the Major Achievements & Historical Experience of the Party … Continue reading

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