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China’s top disease guy admits the domestically produced anti-Covid vaccines are a bit crappy. State media then rush out an exclusive about how he was misquoted.  In Hong Kong, the government has been loyally pushing Sinovac, regardless of whether this … Continue reading

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Glimpses into the future

We know Beijing won’t allow representative government in Hong Kong, and it will continue to tighten its control of schools, the media, courts and civil society in order to eradicate opposition and criticism. But what then?  An HKFP op-ed on … Continue reading

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In fairness, ‘riding a horse to battle’ sounds more credible than ‘terrorism’

Hong Kong’s first NatSec trial, for ‘terrorism’ and ‘secession’, starts, with the defendant to find out whether he can have a jury. Let’s stick our necks out and predict ‘no’. The prosecution get a Lingnan U history professor as a … Continue reading

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Sliding into stupidocracy

Hong Kong is headed for a state of unprecedented establishment stupidity. The day is soon coming when Holden Chow gets put onto committees because he brings some brains to the proceedings.  An observer at the recent judgement in which Martin … Continue reading

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Go hiking on election day!

The government is reportedly looking into making protest votes illegal and/or making it an offense to call for protest votes or an election boycott. Minds are struggling to work out how such laws could be enforced. My prediction… The government … Continue reading

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Some links for a time of grave-sweeping

From NPC Observer, in case you need it, an exhaustive run-down of Beijing’s ‘improvements’ to Hong Kong’s electoral system. Some worthwhile analysis and commentary on the past and future of the NatSec era… Matthew Brooker at Bloomberg on the origins … Continue reading

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Long-weekend links, for anyone with the energy

A bunch of banana-republic/show-trial stories…  An optimistic defendant appeals against not having a jury in Hong Kong’s first NatSec trial. Andy Li (maybe – no-one knows – being held incommunicado in a mental hospital) gets a government-appointed lawyer his family … Continue reading

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HK election ‘improvements’ – the devil is not in the detail

In 2014, Hong Kong rejected a proposed ‘universal suffrage’ system because the CCP would have chosen who goes on the ballot for Chief Executive. In 2021, Beijing officially passes its ‘improvements’ to Hong Kong’s election system and assumes control of … Continue reading

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HK develops its creative and culture hub plans

Hong Kong’s NatSec Regime takes a break from putting dissidents in jails and mental hospitals to exercise its censorship muscles. With the Broadcasting Authority bending over backwards to entertain ‘complaints’ about the station committing such heinous acts as suggesting Taiwan … Continue reading

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HK reaches ‘dissidents in mental hospitals’ stage (allegedly)

Among the weekend’s horrors… Not to be outdone by Regina Ip looking forlornly at her Burberry scarves, the usual bunch of sad-looking losers assemble outside H&M in Tsimshatsui to demand an apology for blah blah.  (In an interesting side-effect of … Continue reading

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