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Old whine

The latest opinion poll shows Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s confidence rating has fallen to an unprecedentedly dismal 9%. If you’re wondering how she manages even that – who are these 9%? – bear in mind that this is … Continue reading

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More on the new old guys

With the WHO’s blessing, China’s leadership magics the coronavirus away and – while we’re distracted – puts Gui Minhai in prison for 10 years. This is the same leadership that has placed new (as in plucked-from-pre-retirement) bosses into its more-streamlined … Continue reading

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Carrie’s long wait for the chop

Offending the absolute ruler can lead to a grisly fate. And for months, it has looked as if Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is being set up for the same treatment – when the CCP eventually works out what … Continue reading

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Comrade Charisma addresses the natives

Typical, isn’t it? Someone who is literally an iconoclast gets put in charge, and they turn out to be humungously clunky and uncool. Luo Huining, Beijing’s church-dismantling new Liaison Office plenipotentiary in Hong Kong, tries to Reach Out to the … Continue reading

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Affairs of state beckon…

Just time to announce that Perfectly Crafted and Nuanced Rant of the Week Award goes to Ray Kwong giving the Hong Kong government the benefit of his opinion in the Legislative Council yesterday. (Tragically, masks prevent us from seeing looks … Continue reading

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Hero unmasked

Just as FedEx are delivering precious expats’ US$200 shipments of toilet paper, more and more Hongkongers are finding the stuff in their local supermarkets, while those who have hoarded six months’ worth of it in their tiny apartments are offering … Continue reading

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SRTIACR Award winner announced

For many years, I was proud to be one of the judges of the Worst Restaurant in Soho Award. The annual event was cancelled a few years ago when the organizers felt that it had drifted from its original aim … Continue reading

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RTHK one step closer to rectification

The Hong Kong Police don’t react well to allegations that they are hoarding protective clothing. An Apple Daily report hit a raw nerve, and a pointed satirical sketch on RTHK’s Headliner rubbed salt in. (It has had 560,000 viewings on … Continue reading

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Hong Kong gets another knuckle-dragger

Xia Baolong. Sounds like some sort of dumpling. Looks a bit like one. But will be decidedly less pleasant. The media (eg, here, here) quote endless experts sharing profound insights into how the Liaison Office/HK and Macau Affairs Office reshuffle … Continue reading

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Unspoken threat from the north

Everyone in Hong Kong can see that our valiant and visionary local leaders are floundering and dithering. But what are they floundering and dithering about exactly? A chance encounter with one of our city’s Great and Good reveals that officials … Continue reading

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