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Guilty of waving a flag

To no-one’s surprise, Hong Kong’s first ‘national security’ trial, with hand-picked judges and no jury, ends with a guilty verdict for Tong Ying-kit. Some discussion on the judgement, on what it means, and (in case you didn’t catch that) what … Continue reading

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NatSec regime finds new charge for Benny Tai

Let the fencing memes begin. In the NatSec horror du jour, the graft-buster-turned-CCP-enforcer ICAC concocts an election-related charge against jailed law professor and pro-dem activist Benny Tai and two others. Do citizens have a basic free-speech right to publicly endorse … Continue reading

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Can LegCo have full zappy NPC-style credibility?

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council now attracts little media or public attention, has no debate, asks no awkward questions, and rubber-stamps the administration’s decisions. Even some loyalist lawmakers feel redundant. One result of Legco ‘working efficiently’ is that the government has … Continue reading

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Cops save nation from dastardly speech therapists’ sheep

The Hong Kong Police National Security Department’s valiant Anti-Sheep Squad launch a heroic raid on speech therapists, arresting five of the sociopathic maniacs ‘on suspicion of conspiracy to publish and distribute seditious children’s books with the intent of inciting hatred … Continue reading

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Your NatSec Thursday

Police charge four ex-Apple Daily staff – three of whom had already been arrested – with ‘conspiracy to collude with foreign forces’. Their alleged sin seems to have been writing or publishing articles calling for foreign sanctions against Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Another anniversary

To mark the second anniversary of the nearest thing to terrorism Hong Kong has witnessed in recent years – a Stand News investigative video on the Yuen Long attack.  It mentions disinformation about a protest planned in Yuen Long spread … Continue reading

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By ‘improved’, we mean ‘why bother?’

It’s unlikely that right-thinking Hong Kong people plan to turn out for December’s Legislative Council ‘improved’-style election. The only candidates you will be able to vote for will be shoe-shiners approved as sufficiently ‘patriotic’ by Beijing’s elaborate new vetting system. … Continue reading

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Attempt to feel sorry for shoe-shiners fails

HKFP op-ed from Steve Vines on the hypocrisy of Hong Kong officials whose spouses and kids hold foreign passports. It is possible to have a more sympathetic view of the predicament that at least some civil servants and others are … Continue reading

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Just some weekend links (but good ones)

Hong Kong anti-doxxing law to be pretext for censorship and protection of officials caught in massage/hotpot situations. Who’d have thought it? Because leaving press freedom in tatters isn’t enough. On the subject of Hotpot-gate – word is that Beijing’s officials … Continue reading

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Security chiefs need to learn art of lying

One of the sad/strange/amusing things about senior Hong Kong cops making public statements (even after they graduate into ministerial positions) is the clunkily delusional nature of their fibs. Presumably, in the police force, if a top officer shouts ‘one and … Continue reading

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