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An early start to the week

Today is the day Hong Kong ‘elects’ an enhanced and supposedly more representative – but also all-patriotic – Election Committee. Some weird stats: 99.92% of adults can’t vote; in other words, there are fewer than 4,900 voters – a larger … Continue reading

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By ‘mess’, we mean ‘pointless and vile crap’

Still enough of the week left to squeeze in a few more NatSec horrors… The HK Alliance deletes its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram material on orders from the police.  The government rejects seven pan-dem district council members for making … Continue reading

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Standing up

Albert Ho, Figo Chan, Cyd Ho, Long Hair, and Yeung Sum and others are sentenced for illegal assembly and, in some cases, ‘incitement’ (attracting sentences of 8-10 months) over the Tiananmen vigil assembly last year. Judge Amanda Woodcock… said the … Continue reading

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Regina sees ‘beautiful sight to behold’

Great news for anyone who badly wants to vomit right now but for some reason just can’t: Regina Ip says… Last weekend, Hong Kong’s billionaires stood on the street in the sweltering heat and visited low-income families to help publicize … Continue reading

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Problems with political prisoners

A juxtaposition of SCMP headlines shows how, in just 11 short months, Hong Kong’s prison service has changed. What had been a confident and manly institution embracing rapid-fire guns and expanding shields has become a panic-stricken wreck, petrified of chocolate … Continue reading

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Judges’ unpatriotic pasts exposed

A minor amusement – or at least a curiosity – as Hong Kong’s NatSec regime prepares to prosecute HK Alliance and other activists for their past calls for an end to China’s one-party state. Several current judges, including one at … Continue reading

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NatSec regime comes for the museums

Another ‘no clampdown on civil society’ day. NatSec police raid the Tiananmen Massacre Museum, because obviously they’re going to do that straight after rounding up members of museum organizers HK Alliance. Then they charge Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho and Chow … Continue reading

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HK Alliance gets NatSec treatment

Mightily miffed at the point-blank rejection of their demand to rummage through all the group’s files, the NatSec police rather predictably round up HK Alliance members, including Chow Hang-tung.  The latter was due to represent Gwyneth Ho (in jail on … Continue reading

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HK prisons fight chocolate-and-hair-clips menace

Is the NatSec regime big and tough, or pitiful and petty? Security Secretary PK Tang freaks out over prisoners ‘building up forces’ and making inmates hate China, thus threatening national security, by (cue scary organ crescendo) sharing chocolate and hair … Continue reading

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Digital Media brutes ‘maliciously smear’ innocent vulnerable NatSec Law

After getting stroppy over the HK Alliance’s refusal to hand over information on donors etc, the NatSec regime finds two more things to get hypersensitive and whiny about. First, Digital Media board members resign and call for liquidation of the … Continue reading

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