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DP can’t take a hint

In a bold display of masochism, the Democratic Party hopes to field eight candidates in the forthcoming District Council election. In order to run these days, you need nominations from members of Area, Fire and Fight Crime committees, which are … Continue reading

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The mid-week NatSec round-up…

That’s enough illegal structures and strange church land deals. High school ‘flag teams’ receive police training in goose-stepping. A young woman is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for rioting in the 2019 protests, when she was 16. An office … Continue reading

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Some refreshing old-style grubbiness

The Rosaryhill School saga, and a government response. An esteemed Catholic ‘elite’ institution is to close owing to falling student numbers, while a newish private school called Dalton (‘co-founded by Everbright Charitable Foundation, Sun Hung Kai & Co Foundation, CITIC … Continue reading

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HK ‘back to normal’ but with ‘hostile foreign forces’

From the SCMP… Beijing’s top envoy in Hong Kong on Saturday called on local police to strictly enforce the national security law, warning that “hostile foreign forces” were still attempting to undermine the city’s stability while anti-China elements were plotting … Continue reading

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Late-night Wild Carnage Freak-out Committee swings into action

The ‘Night Vibes’ rejuvenation extravaganza initiative-cum-scheme is launched to modest and perhaps rushed fanfare. The video clip shows a small stage occupied by rather unenthusiastic (let’s say insufficiently rehearsed) nocturnal skateboarding dancers. Attended by Financial Secretary Paul Chan, Allen Zeman, … Continue reading

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Democratic Party avoids mentioning democracy

Most ‘moderate’ pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong are either in jail or in exile, and most broadly pan-dem organizations, like unions, have disbanded. Then there’s the Democratic Party, which has members still at liberty who think they can and should … Continue reading

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Museums want to sell luxury housing, again

Wow – the West Kowloon Cultural Hub-Zone really really wants to get into the luxury housing business. They went through all this just a few weeks ago, also loudly insisting that they don’t want to take public money. Two questions. … Continue reading

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Illegal basements are back

That wasn’t flooding in Sai Kung yesterday – that was ‘water accumulation’. If I read this government expert correctly, it’s flooding if the drainage system is overloaded. But if the drains are merely blocked with debris (from previous actual flooding), … Continue reading

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Blink, and you would’ve missed Yellow signal

A Macau Business op-ed mentions shortcomings in Hong Kong’s bad-weather warning system following the recent downpour. Raises some interesting questions. How come the Observatory raised the Yellow, Red and Black Rainstorm signals within just one and a half hours? Should … Continue reading

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Everyone staying dry out there?

Yikes. In Chai Wan, snorkels are the new face masks. An interesting observation about last night’s discharge of water from Shenzhen reservoir. Could watch this all morning. From China File, a comprehensive update of the evolving use of Hong Kong’s … Continue reading

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