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Conservation (or lack of) update

Of all the terrible things happening in Hong Kong today, the impending demolition of the General Post Office ranks pretty low. By 1970s standards, the architecture isn’t too horrible. Obviously it’s a familiar landmark and widely used public facility. Who … Continue reading

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National security now threatened by documentary films

Some new interpretations of the ‘Last G7’ art are in yesterday’s comments. In particular, ‘the wolf seems to represent Italy, while the eagle on the left represents Germany.’ That makes sense: Italy (she-wolf of Romulus and Remus fame) tempted by … Continue reading

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Cheery start to week guaranteed not to last

Artwork of the Week is – for a change – some pro-China propaganda from Weibo (see large version). The G7 meeting (with Australia and India as special guests) rendered as the Last Supper, attendees being animals representing nations. Rather than … Continue reading

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A selection of weekend reading…

The Diplomat on Beijing’s ‘improvement’ of Hong Kong’s election system. It’s not a reform or even regression – it’s an old CCP practice of…  …sociopolitical surgeries, which swap out the essence of established concepts or institutions but keep their names… … Continue reading

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A quick tour of the pro-Beijing camp today

The Hong Kong government is perplexed about whether and how to support the 2022 Gay Games. Some pro-Beijing lawmakers, including the rabid Junius Ho and the embarrassingly dim Holden Chow, are against the whole thing on some sort of Neanderthal … Continue reading

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Rolling up the ‘International Hub’ mat

More stories in the FT and Wall Street Journal about international businesses and expatriates moving away from Hong Kong because of the National Security Law. The NatSec ‘Law’ is in practice a new regime: the imposition of direct rule by … Continue reading

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A smattering of good news

Just heard that a new season of Kodoku no Gurume/the Solitary Gourmet – classic Japanese food porn featuring unlikely hero Goro – is on the way. And the long-awaited, desperately overdue second series of Kobayashi-san’s Maid Dragon is apparently in … Continue reading

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Beijing officials order big 6-4 commemoration for HK

Friday’s massive June 4 performance showed all the signs of petrified Security Bureau bosses scrambling to be seen to comply with a table-thumping command from the CCP/NatSec HQ: make sure there are zero visible vigil-type activities.  Hence roadblocks at cross-harbour … Continue reading

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June 4 – nothing happened or will happen

It seems the CCP has sent out the word that absolutely no June 4 vigils are to take place in Hong Kong. The event that cannot be named must not happen or even be publicized, as we will remind you … Continue reading

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Do we sense more ‘improvements’ coming?

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam raises the possibility of reviewing Legal Aid, following complaints from pro-Beijing shoe-shiners that the system is used by pro-dem defendants, even to hire pro-dem lawyers. Carrie also sees moving the elderly to the Mainland … Continue reading

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