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Carrie’s booze-ban backtrack

Not for the first time, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam abandons a dumb idea after everyone points out it’s stupid. But instead of waiting months while everything blows out of control, she has made her U-turn within days. The … Continue reading

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Knock at the door

The dead-of–night arrest of pro-dem District Councillor Cheng Lai-king for resending a Facebook post looks like vindictiveness on the part of Asia’s Bitterest. But the possibility that the cops will try to charge her with ‘seditious intent’ suggests a more … Continue reading

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Taxpayers’ money joins HK’s reputation down drain

Most Pitiful-but-Funny Event of the Month for last September, we will recall, was the leaking of the Hong Kong government’s failure to convince any public relations agency to help try to reverse the drastic decline in the city’s international reputation. … Continue reading

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The answer to yesterday’s quiz was…

…some outfit at the Science Park.  Today’s question is: can Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam find a way to use the Wuhan Virus to make herself look more ridiculous? And the answer is that she certainly can, proposing a … Continue reading

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Working today!

Which is more than we can say about Hong Kong’s whizz-bang space-age high-tech quarantine wristband app thing. Did this system come from: 1) A local university-Cyberport joint research project led by a pro-government professor using a grant from the Innovation … Continue reading

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Your 14-day self-isolation links…

Not fair! How come lots of people I know get to be forced to stay indoors for two weeks, and I don’t? Sounds like my idea of paradise. I declare the weekend (or, if applicable, quarantine) open with some absorbing … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s excitement…

China’s de-facto expulsion of NYT, WaPo and WSJ correspondents creates a new headache for the Hong Kong government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs order that the US citizens hand in their press passes also barred them from pursuing their work … Continue reading

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HK rejoices loss of silly title

As if Hong Kong’s bureaucrats are not miserable enough, the Heritage Foundation relegates the city from first to second place in its oh-so important list of Freest Economies in the Solar System. Apart from the bureaucrats and the dogmatic fetishists … Continue reading

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DB exceptionalism thriving

If my social-media timeline reflects reality – which it does, inerrantly – Hong Kong’s gwailo population is either despicable for not taking Wuhan Virus seriously enough, or pitiful for overreacting and descending into hypochondriac paranoia. There are the Westerners who … Continue reading

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Rectification of the fence-sitters coming

Lau Siu-kai, a gruff semi-official oracle who translates CCP-speak into human language, confirms what most assume – that Beijing is going to more formally end the grip of Hong Kong’s bureaucrat-tycoon ‘elites’ on the city’s power structure. (The SCMP is … Continue reading

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