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CY Leung reaches for the red-hot tongs

Former Chief Executive CY Leung is angling for a key new job in the next Hong Kong administration. After venting patriotic spleen at companies with the nerve to advertise in Apple Daily, he starts a struggle session against the Education … Continue reading

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Also cancelled: the HK government

The Hong Kong government and/or Jockey Club cancels both the National Day fireworks, and a horse-racing night. Owing to unforeseen popular uprisings beyond our control. It’s unclear what could go wrong with the fireworks display – the curt official press … Continue reading

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HK govt PRoblems

One of the most stunning remarks Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam made in her famous leaked comments was that the administration that follows hers would need serious PR advice. She genuinely believes that the main problem is ‘poor communication’ … Continue reading

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HK Govt launches Unwashed Disenfranchised Rabble Hordes Relations Dept.

Moody’s downgrades Hong Kong’s Aa2 credit rating to ‘negative’. The explanation echoes that of Fitch… The change in outlook to negative reflects the rising risk that the ongoing protests reveal an erosion in the strength of Hong Kong’s institutions, with … Continue reading

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This weekend’s lesson

Hong Kong’s 15th weekend of street protests was average mayhem. But it confirmed several things about how the HK Police are operating – and the bigger picture. The police seem to be designing conflict – barring marches and subsequently mounting … Continue reading

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New evidence Carrie Lam possibly not in vegetative state

The Hong Kong anthem has a score… The phenomenon of the anthem – a symbolic expression of local loyalty and quasi-sovereignty – should freak out Beijing far more than a burning MTR station. Geremie Barmé at China Heritage presents a … Continue reading

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Government resolved to keep rebellion alive

An interesting discussion on the differences between land and housing policy in Hong Kong and Singapore. And here’s more explanation of Hong Kong’s sociopath housing market, including a quote from Ronnie Chan gloating that the margin on Hang Lung’s HarbourSide … Continue reading

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The ‘two sides’ delusion

Christine Loh makes an impassioned/cliched/snore-inducing plea for moderation, dialogue and reconciliation. Lots of mild and reasonable pro-establishment types make this sort of argument, and when radical protesters vandalize MTR stations many sensitive middle-ground folk might find it appealing. But it … Continue reading

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Fanny Law rated ‘X’ by Fitch

While Beijing dithers over what to do, Hong Kong people can entertain themselves with the sight of their ‘government’ and its supporters wallowing in their own cluelessness. Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung repeats the banal bleating about listening to the people. … Continue reading

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Maturity mismatch

This weekend’s events in Hong Kong were sort-of unremarkable. A ‘stress test’ of airport transportation to which few protesters needed to turn up because the police and MTR engaged in pre-emptive disruption. A march perhaps naively asking the US Consulate … Continue reading

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