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Just some worthwhile weekend reading…

PEN America protests Hong Kong’s criminalization of book-selling. From China File, some brief analysis of XI Jinping’s visit to Putin. Jamestown Foundation’s Willy Lo-lop Lam asks (rhetorically) whether Xi Jinping Thought can lead the way to the end of politics … Continue reading

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Another opportunity to remain silent missed

Today’s NatSec developments: Albert Ho in jail; four former HKCTU members ‘taken to assist in an investigation’; and a martial arts coach appeals against his five-year sentence for ‘inciting subversion’. The No Rioters installation gets taken down (of course). The … Continue reading

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Another NatSec week underway

Three people get five to 10 months in prison for producing and selling a ‘seditious’ book…  According to local media, the designated national security magistrate … said the case was about more than spreading seditious messages on social media as … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the NatSec 47 trial…

HKFP is following the PanDem 47 case (here and here), and there’s a short regular HK Watch update (site seems to be blocked on some ISPs, so might need a VPN or whatever). Au Nok-hin, who has turned prosecution witness, … Continue reading

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Exciting new committee of old faces announced

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive sets up a Council of Advisors… …to advise [him] on the strategic development of Hong Kong, leveraging on opportunities from national and global developments. The formation of the Council is particularly timely and crucial, as Hong … Continue reading

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Press statements enter ‘vile conspiracy’ territory

As predicted (it didn’t take much uncanny foresight or general omniscience), the Hong Kong government issues a wrathful press release over the US Senate committee’s resolution. That’s a ‘so-called resolution’ according to an anonymous spokesman apparently on secondment from Pyongyang… … Continue reading

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Another day…

…another angry press statement blasting overseas criticism of the legal system, in which the Hong Kong government… …strongly disapproved and firmly opposed the acts of the so-called “international legal team” for Lai Chee-ying and his son Sebastian Lai, and those … Continue reading

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‘Possession of books’

The mustn’t-call-it-Kafkaesque Stand News trial continues, with the prosecution expecting the outlet’s former editor to read large amounts of freshly submitted evidence, plus the minds of its past contributors. Activists being prosecuted for ‘unauthorized display of posters’. Is this about … Continue reading

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It’s not just ‘1984’…

Let’s not forget that the Stand News prosecution also dragged Kafka’s The Trial into the proceedings… In another article, a literary blogger called the city “Kafkaesque,” saying more ridiculous reforms would take place after the implementation of the national security … Continue reading

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Another weekend of things not to be scandalized

Wouldn’t jailing people for saying Hong Kong has become like 1984 rather prove their point?  The Stand News trial enters a sort of meta hyperreality, with the prosecutor unwittingly making the defendants’ case by zeroing in on the dystopian novel, … Continue reading

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