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At last minute, K-pop saves world from authoritarianism

Your Mainlandization du jour – as expected – was the passing of the National Anthem (Compulsory Adoration (Sincere)) Bill. Seems it takes effect next Friday. I look forward to seeing mischievous versions of the dirge on YouTube before long. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Hongs express warm and joyous support for law they haven’t seen

The Mainlandization du jour is a juicy one. After being tied to chairs and slapped around a bit, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Jardines finally kowtow to the emperor. As with forced TV confessions, the point of extracting shows of ‘sincerity’ … Continue reading

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Some Mid-Week Links

Your Mainlandization du jour: lawmakers can’t ask questions on sensitive subjects now. Saw a report somewhere that one of the pro-Beijing heavybores (maybe Tam Yiu-chung) is suggesting that candidates who oppose the national security law for Hong Kong should be … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Pro-National Security Law Statement Now

Two Mainlandizations du jour. One: the police ban the June 4 vigil for the first (but presumably not last) time, using the coronavirus as a pretext. As expected. Two: the United Front is pressuring people into publicly backing Beijing’s national … Continue reading

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It’s your fault – so there

Mainlandization du jour: like pro-dem election candidates, startups trying to register companies are now being subjected to political tests. Fans of parallels between the roles of the police in both Hong Kong and US unrest might like this thread suggesting … Continue reading

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So next week can only be better, right?

I declare a well-deserved weekend open with a lot of probably-quite-depressing links, especially speculation on what Beijing thinks it’s doing. Michael Davies in SCMP on what the national-security push means for Hong Kong’s rule of law… …the central government is … Continue reading

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US notices HK no long autonomous

For anyone keeping count, Hong Kong has scored another couple of banana-republic-dictatorship points: Beijing is already looking to stitch up Jimmy Lai, Long Hair and Joshua Wong on spurious ‘national security’ charges, and Mainland teachers are coming to show Hong … Continue reading

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Stanley Ho chooses good time to check out

There are cops on every street corner this morning ahead of the LegCo rubber-stamp-debate on the National Anthem (Pretend to Respect) Bill. (What are they expecting office workers on Des Veoux Rd to start doing?) And we are learning more … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic!

Trying to think of historical parallels for dictatorships crushing developed free societies. The qualifiers mean the fall of Cuba or South Vietnam to Communists don’t come close. Czechoslovakia in the late 1940s? Though it was in ruins. Here’s an interesting … Continue reading

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One last spin for the old faithful ‘We Are Right, You Are Wrong’

For two decades, the Hong Kong government has relied on a default template to promote and explain its latest steaming pile of garbage: the oh-so persuasive We Are Right and You Are Too Stupid to Understand argument. After deploying it … Continue reading

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