A smattering of good news

Just heard that a new season of Kodoku no Gurume/the Solitary Gourmet – classic Japanese food porn featuring unlikely hero Goro – is on the way. And the long-awaited, desperately overdue second series of Kobayashi-san’s Maid Dragon is apparently in the works. (I’m not some pitiful, depraved manga freak. These are serious works of contemporary culture.)

Also, My Little Airport are, it says here, planning concerts in August, at KITEC in Kowloon Bay. (Are concerts allowed now? Are songs like this allowed now? Vid of last show here.) 

And the good news keeps coming. An Air Force C17 carrying three US senators touches down at Songshan Airport in Taipei, and needless to say it’s a move – or landing – ‘likely to anger China’. So far, it seems Beijing is biting its tongue while nationalists do the ranting, as the three meet President Tsai and bring promises of vaccines. (Vid here. Go to the right part of Zhongshan district in Taiwan’s capital, and little boys and other plane-spotters get a great view of incoming aircraft, even if most are smaller domestic flights.)

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8 Responses to A smattering of good news

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Acquaintance working at an embassy in Seoul said the traveling party took the USAF C-17 for Taipei from there, returned to Seoul and then they transferred to commercial airliner for the States.

    Very targeted statement, I’d say.

  2. Chris H says:

    Perhaps its possible the C-17 was also full of vaccines for Taiwan?

  3. Mjrelje says:

    Chris H – that was the point of the visit (and don’t call me surely)

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    Chris H: It was. But there are a lot of readily available civilian air cargo planes which would have probably been used at any other time in history before a little control freak megalomaniac took over the CCP and installed himself emperor for life.

  5. Mary Melville says:

    Meeting reporters ahead of her weekly Executive Council meeting on Tuesday, the CE was asked why the Home Affairs Department (HAD) had issued warning letters to district councillors who distributed candles to people on the eve of the anniversary of the June 4 crackdown.

    In response, Lam said the incumbent group of district councillors – the majority of them from the pro-democracy camp – present “immense challenges” to home affairs officials because they’ve been behaving in a way that has “never been seen before”.

    As the unit responsible for managing local administration and district councillors’ salaries and funding, she said the Home Affairs Department will “respond appropriately” if councillors are found to have improperly used public funds or violated regulations.

    Oh the sudden vigilance re how district funds are spent. Was Starry Lee’s office raided when her assistants were arrested for bribing Legco voters? There has been no disclosure as to how much was actually disbursed and for sure it did not come from the assistants wallets.
    And let us not forget the millions squandered every year on crony projects when the DAB controlled the DCs.

  6. A Simple Minded Man says:

    Mary – Good comment. I thought it was the duty of the HAD to support the work of the elected district councilors, not to try to control them.

  7. Real Fax Paper says:

    Chris H and Chinese Netizen – the C-17 wasn’t carrying any vaccines. They are due to arrive in a few days; aircraft type and carrier undisclosed at this time but plane spotters on high alert.

  8. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Fax Paper: Ah so. They did need the ramp for Tammy Duckworth though. But definitely a statement.

    @Mary M: Those who hold the guns decide how public funds are to be wasted.

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