Beijing officials order big 6-4 commemoration for HK

Friday’s massive June 4 performance showed all the signs of petrified Security Bureau bosses scrambling to be seen to comply with a table-thumping command from the CCP/NatSec HQ: make sure there are zero visible vigil-type activities. 

Hence roadblocks at cross-harbour tunnels, deployment of a water cannon, the arrest of Chow Hang-tung (since released), thousands of cops standing around Causeway Bay, cops stopping and searching citizens on streets and on mountain-tops, one valiantly blowing out candles, and such sights as six police surrounding a plastic candle left on a pole. 

All so the puppets can demonstrate obedience to their masters, regardless of how comical or desperate it looks to the public, no matter how much a huge crowd of cops in Victoria Park resembles a sort of weird vigil in itself. In the streets, people strolled with their phones lit up (HKFP video). Result: a ‘self-own’ by the paranoid regime that, if anything, unified and boosted the morale of its enemies, and helped boost 6-4 awareness in the NatSec era.

Because the ‘optics’ were aimed at satisfying the CCP guys. “Look sir! Look! Look! We spent millions in overtime to keep six concrete soccer pitches empty! Just like you told us to!” What did the NatSec HQ officials threaten their local underlings with? Being found in an unlicensed massage place, or something more serious? That’s how it works in the top-down punishment-based system on the Mainland.

Ever eager to call more attention to the Tiananmen anniversary, Beijing freaks out over consulates joining in the candle-burning. 

Which brings us rather neatly to an amusing read: Fun Ways to Annoy China and Support Taiwan. Includes Beer! And Pineapples! You can also try this.

Also, Kevin Carrico in Apple Daily on the CCP’s attempted

…reframing of the events of 1989 from the ruthless suppression of a nascent civil society by a corrupt aristocracy willing to do anything to stay in power to an origin myth for China’s reform-era economic miracle…

(Pics plundered from here, here, here and here – where there’s more.)

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7 Responses to Beijing officials order big 6-4 commemoration for HK

  1. hamsahp says:

    I drank pineapple flavoured beer last night, while receiving ministrations from my Taiwanese wife. I felt all was well with the world.

  2. Gromit says:

    Re the renewed discussion on the origins if Covid-19, perhaps someone with a scientific background would be able to comment on this article.
    How to find out how genuine the website is (ie not a disseminator of disinformation)?

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    All, including the wee littlest Popo, have been elevated to “elite” beret wearing status (in lieu of higher pay or more dignity) or is this standard issue kit now?

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    Swap out a few names and titles and the Carrico article could just as well be about the American tRumpist party (formerly “GOP”) and its decision to whitewash and selectively erase the events of January 6 at the national capitol.

  5. HKJC Irregular says:

    @ Chinese Netizen – that’s stretching your comment’s bounds of credilbility quite a bit into the elastosphere.

  6. Johno says:

    @ Chinese Netizen: Is Trump still one of the talking points? Maybe time to move on.

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    Johno: In this case, as a comparison, it’s a pretty relevant lesson. But feel free to move on…no one’s stopping you.

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