NatSec cop supports Covid-hit hospitality industry

Number-two NatSec Police chief Frederic Choi is sent on leave pending an investigation for misconduct. It seems he was caught in a raid on an ‘unlicensed massage’ place. Now, several weeks later, it is leaked to the press. Tongues are of course wagging, and the public are enjoying the sight of puffed-up Police Commissioner Chris Tang on the defensive.

But what exactly has happened? Did a Senior Assistant Commissioner – surely an intelligent/happily married/well-paid/connected/informed man – actually resort to some illicit sleaze-pit for a ‘massage’? Or was his presence some sort of entrapment or even a fabricated frame-up?

The answer to the first question could well be ‘yes’ because it is not totally unknown for cops to be a bit dim or uncouth, especially if they are in a unit that is told it is above the law. So – was the vice raid on the premises while he was there a pure coincidence? That is too much to believe. The raid and/or the press leak must be the work of someone who wanted to smear him.

That could mean someone with a major grudge against him – possibly (if this were a TV show) a criminal he once brought to justice, though for the purposes of far more exciting Internet drama let’s stick to rogue elements or rivals among officials or cops.

However, there’s a problem with this theory. Framing, snitching on or just doxxing (loosely defined) a high-ranking Beijing-approved US-sanctioned award-winning NatSec functionary would be a risky step. Indeed, an embarrassing and sensitive high-profile leak like this is tantamount to undermining the state. Would any mere mortals – like fellow cops/officials – dare cross the CCP by indulging in such office-backstabbing shenanigans?

So we go back to another explanation, namely that the whole thing is a more basic stitch-up. And we all know who in Hong Kong has extensive expertise in arranging for people to be caught in tawdry circumstances. 

The CCP picked and authorized Choi in the first place, and could order a sideways promotion or any (and I mean any) way of disappearing him if they wished. But if he displeased the central authorities in some way, and the vindictive CCP paranoids saw a need to make an example of him, isn’t an illegal vice den scandal exactly what you would expect? Right down to the ‘if the locals look even more stupid, who cares?’ attitude.

Or, of course, there could be a dozen other explanations.

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24 Responses to NatSec cop supports Covid-hit hospitality industry

  1. Dirty Harry says:

    Fred didn’t stumble across this place by accident. He was recommended it by others, and almost certainly by fellow senior cops. Chris is now petrified as to just how many others are also involved, hence his flip-flopping as to whether Fred should resign.

  2. A Poor Man says:

    If prostitution is not illegal, why bother going to an “unlicensed massage parlor”? Also, there are many licensed massage parlors where “freestyle” service is offered ( I am told). He must have been there for something else. Maybe Casira is on to something….

  3. donkey says:

    We aren’t forgetting poor Simon Cheng, embattled worker for the British Consulate, who was suspected of prostitution on a visit to Shenzhen, and held in jail incommunicado for weeks while the British government lobbied for his release. Seems that this is a common CCP ploy.

  4. where's my jet plane says:

    It may (or may not) be significant that the anti-triad pack has been let loose on Fred.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    I hear that the popo rank-and-file are not entirely happy about being promoted to “loyal guardians” status (read: enforcers for the CCP). This could be one way for them to signal that displeasure.

  6. Mark Bradley says:

    “especially if they are in a unit that is told it is above the law.”

    They aren’t above the law. Technically it’s the mainland secret police operating out of the hotel that is officially above the law. And visiting an unlicensed massage parlor isn’t a crime, but it does expose you to blackmail so not a good look for top NSL cop. And without a doubt somebody knew and set him up.

  7. Stanley Lieber says:

    To summarise:

    We know he was set up. Suspects include:

    1. Vengeful ex-convict
    2. Jealous rival
    3. Disgruntled rank-and-filers
    4. CCP overlords
    5. Foreign forces
    6. Angry prostitute
    7. Jilted homosexual lover
    8. Jimmy Lai
    9. ???

    This show could go on and on…

  8. where's my jet plane says:

    9. ???
    Chris Tang…

  9. HillnotPeak says:

    Maybe Carrie can interview Frederic Choi on her daily show, you know, some human interest.

  10. dimuendo says:

    If the suspended one has been so for about a month then, knowing of the fact (as he must), why:
    a) was our beloved Commissar so “puffed up” just the day before?
    b) (showing my naivette) did our said beloved only involve the anti triads yesterday? Indeed, why has he involved them at all?

  11. Pink flouresecent light says:

    Was slightly bowled over when I heard this from someone who know someone in the trade (ahem friend of a friend you understand): She believes Freddie set himself up – didn’t want to become the next chief.
    Wowsers – first I heard of that line. Gotta hand it to her.

  12. where's my jet plane says:

    I doubt that story has legs. He could simply resign rather than accept promotion, but, more importantly, by setting himself up he risks losing his big fat pension if he is fired.

  13. Just Following Orders says:

    @HillnotPeak – Excellent idea, Carrie Lam now has immense experience of prostitution.

    @Stanley Lieber – Surely it was Joshua Wong wot dunnit. He appears to be guilty of shit on a regular basis.

  14. Academic says:

    Do we know if the House of Happy Endings was staffed by females.?

    There are Massage parlours that are for the other side.

    Would leave the ACP open to the blackmail angle.

  15. Penny says:

    “They aren’t above the law.”
    They just act like they are and are rarely brought to justice which makes the massage-gate case all the more intriguing.

  16. Simplicissimus says:

    …anyone know the Address of said location of alleged ill repute, asking for a friend you understand.

  17. Academic says:

    Has it been confirmed yet that this House of Happy endings was staffed by females.?

    There are illegal massage parlours for those that bat for the other side.

  18. Ho Ma Fan says:

    @Academic – could also leave the ACP open to the black male angle. Now THAT would certainly get tongues wagging.

  19. Mary Melville says:

    Gary Chan DAB said that “public servants must conduct righteously, and that he received an insider tip from the police force that the incident might have involved a lack of sensitivity, an internal problem of the force, and foreign forces”……………….
    Can see where that is going, a gweilo officer lead Fred astray??????????
    Bearing in mind that many raids on illegal massagi result in the arrest of undocumented ‘foreign nationals’, if a pan dem was involved he would now face months, if not years, imprisonment without bail for endangering NS.
    Hypocrite Award of the Year to Regina “people should not jump to conclusions and it is a common law principle that people are innocent until proven guilty”.
    And bang on cue, white powder in post to divert attention and garner support for ‘law and order’.

  20. donkey says:

    “ didn’t want to become the next chief.
    Wowsers – first I heard of that line. Gotta hand it to her.”

    Something tells me you did hand it to her.

  21. Hamanatha says:

    Perhaps the illegal parlor staffed masseuses of the… underage variety?

    You know how these wanna-be authoritarians love their Joy Divisions…

  22. Hermes says:

    @Pink flourescent light: In that case, couldn’t he simply have come up with a ‘leg pain’ or another ‘poor health’ excuse?

  23. Hermes says:

    PS Is ‘flourescent’ a typo or a clever allusion to today’s white powder story?

  24. OK then: Long purple light-tube thing says:

    @Hermes – not that I really want to stretch this one, or rub it in… but someone tendering resignation at that level leads to much pressure to stay the course, I’m told. Hence, he left a big mess for them.
    @WMJP – The pension, however… hmmm, maybe they’ll let him hang onto some of it. Wasn’t such an expensive hand job after all.

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