Good news: 58% aren’t planning to leave HK

Paul Tse – one of the sadder pro-Beijing lawmakers – opines that visiting unlicensed massage parlours is not as bad as jaywalking. One exploits trafficked women, but the other might leave messy blood stains all over someone’s nice Mercedes. 

Not exactly in the same league as NatSec-Gestapo-Massage-Gate, but assistants of pro-Beijing ‘politician’ Starry Lee are convicted of bribing a voter (with a HK$100 goody bag) to vote DAB. The big surprise here is that United Front grunts doing their usual thing were prosecuted, even put in custody, in the first place – as if they were common pan-dem activists.

Like DJ Giggs, who is hit with more charges on top of sedition and secession-related ones. Reading not very far between the lines, it looks pretty clear that his only crime ultimately is having and expressing the wrong opinions.

Which is why we see more and more items like this one, from The Hill – a frothy but serious warning to anyone doing business in Hong Kong. And an AmCham survey suggesting that at least some US business people in the city are nervous about the NatSec Regime. (While we’re at it, civil service resignations have also risen.) China’s official spokesperson Hua Chunying could act cool and shrug off the AmCham poll, but instead hits back, almost as if the survey strikes a raw nerve.

More from Ms Hua, tying herself in knots defending Beijing’s propaganda efforts.

Speaking of which, a summary of the IFJ report on how Beijing has used Wuhan-originated Covid-19 to boost its international image (needless to say, it hasn’t succeeded uniformly – but places like Serbia seem to lap it up).

A little selection of weekend reading…

Which stats do you believe – the ones they falsified earlier or the ones they rigged recently? Andrew Batson looks at how China’s latest census figures conflict with population reports in the Northeast rustbelt.

And from ZolimaCityMag, how Hong Kong influenced Eileen Chang.

For fans (or non-fans) of excessive plastic wrapping, here’s a lone. solitary can of soda water that came as a Free!!! Bonus Gift as part of an order from HKTV…

The worst thing is it’s hyper-tough – won’t even pop when you stand on it.

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5 Responses to Good news: 58% aren’t planning to leave HK

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    “…she says, adding that national security law has restored stability.” (regarding the resolutely satisfied 58%)

    Yes, stability for the companies and money launderers that are now anonymous and free from pesky, prying journalists. But not from the NatSecPolizei who will leak any individual’s details should they run afoul of the powers that be and are found to not have paid enough tribute to the emperor.

  2. Knownot says:

    Come, My Love

    “As long as you broke the law, we will find evidence to prove that you committed a crime. You can only wait at home for us to arrest you.”
    – Chris Tang, Police Commissioner

    The blazing sun is veiled; it falls,
    Glowing in the west.
    Too long, my love, in these four walls,
    Solitary you rest.
    For cooling beer, in cooling air,
    Your presence we request.
    Come with us, my love so fair.

    – No, I’ll stay at home
    And wait for my arrest.

    Come, my love, what have you done,
    Why so guilt-infested?
    The world is here for love and fun –
    Aren’t you interested?
    The city shines, your friends await,
    And dinner is suggested.
    Come, my love, we have a date.

    – No, I’ll stay at home
    Until I am arrested.

  3. Impatiens glandulifera says:

    “As long as you broke the law, we will find evidence to prove that you committed a crime. You can only wait at home for us to arrest you.”
    – Chris Tang, Police Commissioner

    “Or you could go out and get a handjob first.”
    – Frederic Choi, National Security Director

  4. dimuendo says:

    Many assume Mr Choi was set up. Why? What if he was simply continuing his customary habit,of attending wherever and doing whatever9 it was? But who leaked to the SCMP and why?

  5. Ho Ma Fan says:

    I have nothing further to add, other than to let you know that today is my birthday. Very close to being the same day as our dear leader, but mercifully not quite. That is all.

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