The week’s horrors so far…

A midweek flurry of Mainlandizing rectification crap starts with the – surely unprecedented – sighting of an RTHK news puff-piece. Appropriately, it is about Greater Bay Area Opportunities!!! for young people, quoting eager participants at a jobs fair proclaiming that they won’t ever ever talk politics with colleagues over the border. By ‘news’, we mean ‘positive energy’. And a tragic absence of the subliminal snark for which RTHK English online has rightly (and quietly) been renowned. Patriotism will henceforth creep through the system, like cobra venom that gradually paralyzes you from the toe up.

The government steps up its campaign against medical professionals who do not echo the official Sinovac-is-wonderful-BioNTech-is-bleah line. Officials have barred a clinic from the vaccine distribution network for comparing the Chinese jab (accurately/unfavourably) with the nasty foreign one. My doctor did the same, but the CCP’s local newspapers didn’t find out about it and accuse her of ‘smearing’ the glorious motherland’s wondrous vaccine. In this case, Ta Kung Pao got wind of it – so the government must act.

Like when a Mainland state publisher offers the whole 48-volume My First Little Good Little Patriot’s Nationalist Book – and education officials rush to grovel in gratitude and shove it down schools’ throats.

But this need for highly visible blind obedience apparently doesn’t apply to housing policy. Well-connected Mainland figures have hinted loudly that Beijing plans to fix ‘deep-rooted’ problems once it has installed all-patriot quasi-elected bodies in Hong Kong. (There is even scintillating talk of expropriating tycoons’ unused land hoards.) And wide-eyed, innocent Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung confirmed to the FT that Beijing had issued instructions to tackle housing.

The government leaps in to say, in effect, that Matthew never said that, and the FT or whoever were just imagining it.

This is probably because – let’s face it – it does sound rather as if Hong Kong no longer has its own administration, doesn’t it? (Like when Matthew gave the tragic impression we no longer have a proper police force.) And the Chief Executive has no choice but to rebut that suggestion, simply in order to convince herself in her own mind that she is still in charge.

It might also be because the whole concept of delivering affordable housing is so monstrous and alien to our top officials that total denial of the idea is the only way to keep their synapses from seizing up.

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4 Responses to The week’s horrors so far…

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Will Jasper Tsang get a cut when ALL male Legco, Exco, bureau bosses, and department heads are unofficially forced to start wearing the official Chinaman jacket he made so trendy?

  2. Revolution says:

    You need to look more closely at the RTHK article about the jobs over the border. Look at the contrast between the picture and the caption claiming that the Greater it isn’t a bay Area is “so vibrant”.

    They are still fighting the good fight.

  3. so says:

    Last Monday, by a Court of Final Appeal Judgment on Court Costs, the HK Government was refused its application for criminal case costs against the following persons:

    KWOK WING HANG 1st Applicant
    CHEUNG CHIU HUNG 2nd Applicant
    TO KUN SUN JAMES 3rd Applicant
    LEUNG YIU CHUNG 4th Applicant
    JOSEPH LEE KOK LONG 5th Applicant
    MO, MAN CHING CLAUDIA 6th Applicant
    WU CHI WAI 7th Applicant
    CHAN CHI-CHUEN RAYMOND 8th Applicant
    KWOK KA-KI 10th Applicant
    WONG PIK WAN 11th Applicant
    IP KIN-YUEN 12th Applicant
    YEUNG ALVIN NGOK KIU 13th Applicant
    ANDREW WAN SIU KIN 14th Applicant
    CHU HOI DICK EDDIE 15th Applicant
    LAM CHEUK-TING 16th Applicant
    SHIU KA CHUN 17th Applicant
    TANYA CHAN 18th Applicant
    HUI CHI FUNG 19th Applicant
    KWONG CHUN-YU 20th Applicant
    TAM MAN HO JEREMY JANSEN 21st Applicant
    FAN, GARY KWOK WAI 22nd Applicant
    AU NOK HIN 23rd Applicant
    CHARLES PETER MOK 24th Applicant

    Otherwise and no doubt about it, the HK Government would have sought bankruptcy against those persons.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    New Peoples Party tethering on the edge of the loyal garbage grave it helped to dig and with zero hope of being elected in a much reduced geographical sector is desperate to garner brownie points and appointed seats. Eunice again
    “In the coming year, RTHK will produce programmes on life in the Greater Bay Area, Lingnan culture as well as scenery of our country to further cultivate the sense of national identity and improve the understanding of our national culture”.
    Hmmm…… time to remove HK from its name.

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