Does Sinovac make a chill pill?

After a slightly slow weekend, the Mainlandized Rectified Patriotic Blob stirs into action again.

Eight of the HK12 are transferred back from Shenzhen to Hong Kong under circumstances that attract criticism from lawyers. 

Beijing’s officials will want to make examples of them. This might mean telling the Justice Dept prosecutors to lay maximum charges and demand maximum penalties. But it could mean offering a few of them some leniency if they make appropriate confessions and recantations. Mainland authorities must have been leaning on them during their seven or so months in detention up there, and it would be a good opportunity to introduce some new CCP-style approaches to justice in Hong Kong, and to send a message of ‘positive energy’ to other young people.

Carrie Lam’s CCP-worshipping over Sinovac leads her to rail against medical experts as if she knows far more about vaccines and related matters than they do. This is a repeat of her outburst last week, when she accused unnamed parties of ‘smearing’ Sinovac and trying to undermine public confidence in vaccinations. 

Maybe she is taking her frustrations out on others because she can’t face the reality that she herself has destroyed public trust in the government’s dedication to the people’s health by pushing Sinovac when it seems clear BioNTech is a superior product. (Leaving aside the other ways the government has shredded its own credibility over its handling of the pandemic, or the ways she has disillusioned and alienated citizens generally with her overt loyalty to Beijing rather than to their city.) She perceives Beijing as watching her carefully, while uppity medical professionals make her – and the Motherland’s glorious and generously supplied vaccine – look bad. Equals temper tantrum.

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9 Responses to Does Sinovac make a chill pill?

  1. YTSL says:

    It also doesn’t help Hong Kong’s vaccination drive that one way the authorities try to make the Sinovac vaccine look better than it is is by trying to make BioNTech’s seem worse than it is. And why is Hong Kong offering Sinovac jabs to people over 60 years of age when Mainland China is not doing so? Sometimes, it really can feel like the authorities here are trying to sabotage efforts all around.

  2. Mjrelje says:

    With the majority of the unelected administration and the CEINO having now completed the Sinovac course, does this not mean that they have effectively ruled themselves out of any travel outside of the GBA/PRC? Except for the most indebted boot licking hell holes, will any country accept Sinovac as approved inoculation against Covid? Hopefully that’s the end of them sitting on meaningless panels at the global talk shops.

  3. Casira says:

    @Mjrelje: I wouldn’t worry too much about them, I’m more worried about the ambassadors currently in Europe, they might need a chinese vaccine to head back to their territory soon. Talk about burning bridges…

  4. Mary Melville says:

    So Carrie Not the Can has passed the buck and thrown Hen under the M+ Bus. We can sit back and enjoy the show as he tries to maintain a veneer of moderate sophisticate while the museum pawns those ‘unpatriotic’ works of art.
    Even more entertaining, “Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that the government will make sure Legco has as much time as possible to examine proposed changes to Hong Kong’s electoral systems.” Watch members squirm as they face the reality that there will not be enough seats to go around and they are forced to rubber stamp amendments that will terminate their own iron rice bowls.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    On Radio Garden now…BBC World Service…next up on Hard Talk, Vagina and why the “electoral reform” by the CCP is exactly what the HK peepo need.

    Do I listen? NOOOOOOOO!!!! That siren song voice of hers is simply too vomit inducing!!!

  6. Din Gao says:

    BioNTech now suspended due to bad batch/faulty packaging but where packaged??

  7. where's my jet plane says:

    make sure Legco has as much time as possible to examine proposed changes to Hong Kong’s electoral systems

    As if there is anything they can do to make objections…

  8. Greater Bay Paradise says:

    Hmm… Already noon, and no new post from BigLychee…

    I’m calling it now: the defective batch of BioNTech vaccine must’ve killed him.

  9. odaiwai says:

    Din Gao:

    All BioNTech in HK was made and packaged in Germany.

    I got my vaccination last sunday and I’m still alri -aaaaargh.

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