Mid-week links…

…for those exhausted after following the bail hearings for the 47 ‘with multiple defendants nodding off’

The HK Dept of Justice seems more than usually thin-skinned about criticism that the charges against the 47 are a farce.

The HK and Macau Affairs Office boss declares Jimmy Lai, Joshua Wong and Benny Tai guilty before they’ve even been tried, adding that all dentists, plumbers and 7-Eleven managers must henceforth be patriots.

An unflattering review of Hong Kong’s quarantine camp out near Disneyland (the bureaucrats devising rules on things like food delivery seriously seem to believe their job is to punish).

A China Daily piece on the HK Bar Association from Tony Kwok Man-wai, former deputy boss of the ICAC.

From David Webb – more analysis tearing the Budget apart.

Translation of a poem on the Covid outbreak in Wuhan – the author got a prison sentence.

A worthwhile HK anime indie song.

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5 Responses to Mid-week links…

  1. Roddy the Rodomontade says:

    I have a friend who, yesterday, was sent to Penny Bay after a colleague at the office where he works was found to have contracted the virus.

    His initial impressions are not good. Sweetcorn is the main component of every gloopy meal, served with obligatory white rice. His comments thus far include:

    “I’m so hangry I could murder a Curry Lamb,” and, “I’m on the top floor (there are 2 levels). The building is made of metal so in the summer it would roast a duck. On the ground floor there are lots of nasty insects.”

    Only 13 more days to go.

  2. Chopped Onions says:

    “The department ( of Justice ) also said the National Security Law expressly provides that human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly, are protected. It also provides that legal principles such as presumption of innocence be respected and observed”……………I see that the HK has learnt CCP doublespeak at last.

  3. steve says:

    Song link unavailable. Another source? Thx.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    So how come Justice So can hack it when everyone else is woozy? What is he on? Presumably he keeps a stock of spare undies under the court room desk.

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