Banana Republic City

So we are now entering the Arresting Defendants’ Lawyers Outside Courts stage of becoming a banana republic. 

An interesting list of the 47 pan-dems’ desperate (and perhaps demeaning) attempts to obtain bail, knowing that under the NatSec Law there is a presumption against it (encased within an implicit presumption of guilt, namely that the defendant might ‘continue’ to endanger national security).

Speaking of ‘desperate’, the full charges.

Who or what is behind the Hong Kong Patriotism Education Centre up near Sha Tau Kok? So far, it’s just a nameplate, a fence and a patch of concrete. My theory: some New Territories landowner/scumbag is selflessly and nobly trying to get the site rezoned to help the Glorious Motherland, and thanks to the inevitable loophole in the paperwork, he will also gain the right to build a 40-floor luxury apartment block there. But I’m so naive.

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5 Responses to Banana Republic City

  1. Ho Ma Fan says:

    Perhaps the Sha Tau Kok project is a proper and fitting museum, memorialising the patriotic efforts of noble Comrades?

  2. Mary Melville says:

    The NT opportunist has considered that the latest ruse to legitimize the development of lots zoned for Green Belt, community use, agriculture, offer the land to the government for short term use as transitional housing would not cut it because of the remote location.
    Developer lends land where he wants to develop luxe housing but has issues of zoning. Compromised charity makes application for temporary housing. Govt depts support because its ‘more land for housing stoopid’ and reduces the numbers on the public housing queue.
    Anyone interested should check out A/NE-TK/702 Wong Yue Tan, Yai Po, deadline today for comments
    Wheelock owns the land that is zoned Green Belt and is right next to country park, so no question as to its role as a ‘buffer zone’. Lok Sin Tong, a once reputable charity but now a pawn of the developers, is the applicant.
    You can see how this goes, trash the site, move in families to remote village location with only bus transport, no local jobs, inadequate schools and community services. Then 5 years on Wheelock will then use the site formation as justification for rezoning from Green Belt to Residential development of a gated community of towers and villas. As for the tenants, well there is always a supply of divided rooms back in Jordan or Sham Shui Po.

  3. Din Dan Che says:

    @Ho Ma – What we have in that report are details of murder, terrorism and insurgency that by far outweighs the clownish claims of our present forces of laws and order when it comes crushing dissent.

  4. Steve Mc Garret says:

    So they are going to bar 117 district councillors from the election commitee, So what.
    The election is already rigged. This is just showboating.

  5. Northern Menace says:

    What are Patriotism Education Centers?? Xinjiang is full of them.

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