HK Covid-19 vaccinations now due to start in August

Do I go to jail for ‘fake news’ now? I read somewhere vaccinations have already started in Lebanon.

By way of restitution – some free PR advice for the Hong Kong government. We’ll be charitable and assume that the administration is constantly postponing the start of vaccinations out of all-purpose incompetence rather than specific malice. 

The aim is to at least make a virtue out of the delay and counter public skepticism, especially about Mainland vaccines. The method: forcefully point out that by the time our citizens get their shots, millions of other people around the world will already have received theirs – serving as guinea pigs – so Hongkongers can be sure they’re safe. That’s it. Basic, no-nonsense spin.

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8 Responses to HK Covid-19 vaccinations now due to start in August

  1. Mark Bradley says:

    Does this mean the fake news law passed??

  2. Andrew Mountford says:

    The vaccination program/timescale is a punishment and another way to control the population. The ‘ambush testing’ is a punishment and practice to make oppression the norm.

    The economic ‘recovery’ of Hong Kong will be simply a program for a greater number of Mainland tourists and mainland immigrants.

    – This was/is.has always been the intention.

  3. Chris Maden says:

    *** Conspiracy Theory ***

    Not content with the legal power to stop Hong Kongers leaving, the government is holding back on vaccinations so that we won’t be accepted at the other end anyway.

    It’s very odd. I’d’ve thought they’d be delighted to see the back of folks like me. I suppose they want to wrestle our hearts and minds into joyful compliance with the China Dream, Social Credit Scoring and Oaths so show to the world that you too can be happy under authoritarianism.

  4. Big Al says:

    @Chris Maden – beatings will continue until morale improves

  5. Waiting for the Godot vaccine says:

    Using Hanlon’s Razor I suspect the delay is mostly because the boot lickers in our muppet regime want dearly to launch the vaccination scheme with the sinovac shot as the glittering diamond centrepiece. Thus ensuring young pioneer points all round.

    Amusingly, the longer we wait for the WHO to approve it (I’m sure Tedros et al will get the requisite brown envelope from the CCP to make that happen), the more sinovac with its 50-62% effectiveness rate is looking like a transparent turd polished to the point it almost resembles glass.

  6. Stephen says:

    Covid restrictions will have to be replaced by something else (NSL?) Otherwise we may see candles again in Victoria Park in early June.

  7. Hamantha says:

    The Sinovac vaccine is supposedly only 50% effective, and that’s according to the ever-honest Mainland vaccine producer itself.

    Since politics is obviously the major consideration in approving this jab, and since pro-establishment politicians are (resolutely!) desperate for a “return to normalcy”, it seems pretty clear that social distancing restrictions will continue to be relaxed, considerably, and especially so once the vaccine is widely distributed.

    However, right around the time when policies are sufficiently relaxed, and when hubris takes hold within populations that have received this amateur-hour jab, we can expect yet another wave of coronavirus — this time amongst the vaccinated!

    /Almost forgot to mention, the low efficacy of the vaccine gives high evolutionary pressure for more successful, antibody-immune viruses, right? If true, it would be a fitting development for the vaccine from Mainland China to be the next harbinger of the new strain of China Flu 2.0.

  8. Mary Melville says:

    What is missing from all the discourse on JABS (ala Tommy Cheung banners all over town) and testing is any in-depth research into whose pockets all the billions in revenue is cascading. No wonder luxe homes are selling for top dollar.

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