Weekly round-up of weekly round-ups

Can’t have a whole week go by without a round-up – 11 people arrested in connection with the HK12’s attempt to escape to Taiwan. Or an interesting court case: RTHK’s Bao Choy pleads not guilty to ‘making false statements’ when checking Yuen Long attack vehicle details. Also on an RTHK/transport theme, the broadcaster wins Headline of the Week Award for the story on a (pro-Beijing) lawmaker doing a video conference call while driving

An ornament that had previously been spotted hanging off his rear-view mirror also swung into view every now and then, and the lawmaker looked around far more often than one would be expected to during a video conference, in a manner more consistent with someone cruising around on the roads, not online.

Will he get prosecuted?

In other legal affairs: does this guy need the money this badly? David Perry QC from the UK prepares to do the NatSec Regime’s dirty work by prosecuting the likes of Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai. A commentator asks about his quarantine arrangements – is the Hong Kong public paying for the highly remunerated barrister to spend 21 days in a hotel?

Some links…

A profile of US-born lawyer John Clancey – one of the arrestees in the New Year Purge.

China Digital Times with details about the HK Police’s blocking of HKChronicals.

Asia Times on Beijing’s plans to eliminate pan-dems from Hong Kong elections (yes, they’re already eliminated – but the CCP doesn’t take chances).

Reuters on the number of Hongkongers likely to leave for the UK in the coming year – specifically, how much money they’ll take with them. The economy can handle the capital outflow, but will it miss the skills of some 300,000 (presumably middle-class) people in their 30s-50s?

Younger/poorer Hongkongers are moving to Taiwan, and many seem attracted to the Qingshui coastal suburb of Taichung. I prefer the downtown area myself, but the new district is cheaper.

The US Consulate in Hong Kong is keeping a (melodramatically named) list of everyone arrested – and those charged – under the NatSec Law.

Interesting thread on all the Covid-came-from-outside-China theories.

Jeffrey Wasserstrom reviews books on the CCP’s campaigns against Hong Kong and the Uighurs. 

An Atlantic story on Epoch Times, the pro-trump Falun Gong paper aimed at readers for whom one cult isn’t enough.

Protest artist Harcourt Romanticist does Raft of The Medusa.

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4 Responses to Weekly round-up of weekly round-ups

  1. Knownot says:

    The Tennis Court Oath
    Versailles, 20 June 1789

    The tribunes of the Third Estate assembled,
    But see! Their meeting place was barred. Inflamed,
    Inspired, by Revolution, they resolved
    Their house of law would never be dissolved.

    They moved around the palace, and they came
    Upon a hall, a modest tennis court;
    And there a proud and solemn Oath they swore:
    “We meet where we decide, for ever more.”

    The Tennis Coach Protest
    Tamar Park, 11 January 2021

    The tribunes of the Tennis Clubs assembled,
    But see! They cannot play in Tamar Park.
    One hundred noble cops surround the roaches,
    I mean, politely warn the Tennis Coaches.

    “The malls,” the tribunes say, “are full of people.
    Why can’t two tennis players hit a ball?”
    A proud and solemn Protest has been made.
    “You get a salary – but we’re not being paid!”

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Read the Epoch Times story. Scary shit. As much as I hate the CCP, I hope their Faustian bargain with the Orange Blob comes back to bite them in the ass.

  3. Curious cynic. says:


    Re Perry, it is not just 21 days hotel charges in HK. Also 21 days charges,when he is out of UK but not in HK.

    But vastly more, Perry’s time for in effect sitting on his backside for 6 weeks (21 plus 21) for doing nothing , while “qualifying ” to be allowed to come to HK.

    V serious money (ignoring whopping brief fee and refreshers) unless somehow found the regs do not apply to him.

    Guess which.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    If a pan-dem DC had been outed for driving a car while engaging in online video conferencing dozens of NSL squad would have descended on his home this morning and carted him away for ……… never mind, will find something on his mobile when its sent over the boarder for cracking.
    Also it is interesting that the political assistants ‘leaving posts for family reasons’ can certainly not be tarred with a yellow brush.

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