After deciding to drop several US-sanctioned Mainland stocks, the HK Tracker Fund (managed by a US institution) is going to include them again. Maybe. But wait! There’s more! Maybe they will reverse the reverse. 

Judge Ernie strikes back. The Chief Justice says you can wear anything in court. Ernie says no.

The HK Police deny – in that oh-so-convincing tone of maximum righteous wrath – a report that they are sending arrestees’ phones over the border for data extraction. The reporter responds that the denial does not address the actual content in the story. The press-statement equivalent of parking your van on a hill and not using the handbrake.

And, perhaps most perplexing of all – after maintaining that the Covid pandemic is serious enough to warrant beach closures, travel restrictions, etc, the Hong Kong government suggests that it won’t rush vaccinations, as it has the ‘luxury of time’ to sit back and wait and stare in the air while doing nothing. (There might be a scientifically sound reason for this. The epidemiologists’ ‘sit back and stare in the air’ strategy. Nasty suspicious minds wonder if the aim is to drag out the social controls for as long as possible to keep a rebellious community in check.)

Some deaths to announce. RIP: Melvis, who brought pleasure to at least dozens of inebriated Central pub-goers; Sheldon Adelson, who brought happiness to the Macau money-laundering sector, if not to gambling addicts; and (reputationally) mildly amusing comedian ‘Uncle Roger’, who has kowtowed to the Almighty Panda so profusely it would shame Kenny G. (More here.)

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4 Responses to On-again-off-again

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Even the worms find Adelson not kosher dining. Wasn’t he a “most honorific and great friend of China”?

    F**k him.

  2. Curious cynic. says:

    Given David Parry QC was only admitted on Tuesday 12th to prosecute Jimmy Li,Martin Lee et al unauthorised assembly case listed for 16th Febhow is he going to meet the 11 days out of UK and 21 days quarantine?

    Are there going to be special exemptions for him?

    Or is he already on his way ? Which evidences huge confidence by DoJ etc he be admitted, for a nothing special case save identity of defendants.

    How much is he being paid? Especially as , at least per regulations, he has to spend 6 weeks of his life just to get here.

    Asking for a curious friend.

  3. Red Dragon says:

    I am so glad that Sheldon Adelson has died.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

  4. Curious cynic. says:

    Correction…21 days out of UK and 21 days quarantine in HK.

    I know a HK barrister who is currently undergoing in order to get back for a (different) trial.

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