Have a creepy National Security Day

No sooner does Beijing denounce pan-dem lawmakers (prompting a response from the Progressive Lawyers Group) than we get National Security Education Day. Obviously planned well ahead of time, the celebration entails videos of CY Leung, Carrie Lam, the ever-charismatic Maria Tam and others ranting about pro-independence forces, foreign interference and extreme violent radicals, all demanding Serious Action. 

The core message comes from Liaison Office chief Luo Huining, who calls for Hong Kong to enact Article 23 national security laws ‘as soon as possible’. Here are highlights of the clips

Luo Huining said justice might be lost if people rely solely on laws. He encouraged the society to “move the defence line forward” and “create a social and public opinion environment favourable to struggle against behaviours threatening HK’s stability and national security”

Yes – we’re creepy!

Among the choreographed freak-out are warnings of a murky terrorist or ‘near-terrorist’ threat. In case you were wondering what the HK Police’s clunky ‘bomb’ discoveries in recent months were for.

If the participants were limited to the local pro-Beijing crowd, we could dismiss it as an embarrassing show to mollify the CCP. But the presence of knuckle-dragger Luo makes it clear this is coming from high up (cue a whole load of bots on Twitter). Beijing is preparing for something significant – maybe a rush-through of National Security laws, maybe mass disqualifications of pro-dem office-holders, maybe a suspension of the Legislative Council.

It is hard to believe that, as Hong Kong is supposed to enter a period of post-pandemic recovery, Beijing is really going to trigger 2019 Uprising Part II. (Did anyone up there monitor the District Council election? Are they so deranged they see the pandemic as an opportunity?) Kong Tsung-gan asks

Is it that the #CCP & its United Front in #HK have boxed themselves in & have no strategy at all except to repeat their failed policies of the past? 

Except – of course they’re going to provoke even greater alienation, opposition and street protests because they simply know of no other way. Any sort of ‘hearts and minds’ effort to win over the city’s people would be a concession would be an admission of defeat. We must crush, crush, crush.

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16 Responses to Have a creepy National Security Day

  1. Hong Kong Hibernian says:

    Mara Tam’s appearance never fails to make me shudder! Referring to her as a ‘heavyweight politician’ is spot on.

    Her conflict of interest scandal decades ago shows even the least informed among us that she is a snake who cannot be trusted…which is why she looks so comfortable with CY Leung and the freaky Party Secretary from the mainland.

    How Luo can you go?

  2. Stephen says:

    On the face of it, it seems so counterproductive. Do they have something up their sleeves well prior to the Legislative Council Elections ? Quick question. I won’t be Hong Kong in September is there a postal ballot system ?

  3. donkeynuts says:

    If there are terrorists afoot in Hong Kong, I don’t think I’d have to worry if I took my family to Red Box on a Sunday. Something tells me even the gweilos and canadians among us are not remotely high on the list of potential bomb targets. I dare say that all these warnings about bombings, petrol conflagrations, and assassinations have done nothing to ensure my fear and trembling and yearning for the motherland to help me.

  4. bagesty says:

    Maria Tam looks like she was pulled from a tank in some Wuhan wet market, but her message is even worse

  5. donkeynuts says:

    Also, Hemlock, let’s be real. We all know that all governance decisions for Hong Kong are made in an airtight (hermetically sealed) cuboid type of room that is nowhere near the internet or a phone. The oracle emerges and passes the decision to Xi on a dancing lion dragon’s tongue, a team of nodding men are consulted, and a telegram is sent to Carrie.

  6. MatthieuTofu says:

    @stephen no and thankfully not, otherwise the dead would vote

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    Why is it ANY pro CCP “hearts & minds” stunt always employs the usual mouth breathing suspects that truly have ZERO way to click with the general population (seriously…Tam AND CY????) ? And enough of Tam…just find a Giant Garoupa to sit in for her and no one will tell the difference…

    BTW – Notice Mr Luo bears an amazing resemblance to a Chinese Barnabas Collins of “Dark Shadows”?

  8. Mary Melville says:

    Does John Lee pop over the border once a month to have his hair coloured to the obligatory trademark blacker than black official hue?

  9. Justsayin says:

    CCP black hair dye is the very darkest black hair dye. Ordinary shops sell what looks like black hair dye, but if you look closely, you’ll find it’s very very very very very very dark blue.

  10. A Poor Man says:

    Maria Tam = Jabba the Hutt

    John Lee = Sleepy (the dwarf).

  11. patchhk says:

    WTF in God’s name is that creature in pink? It needs to be careful, I hear eating strange new beasts is all the rage in China.

  12. Cassowary says:

    The CCP’s idea of “hearts and minds” demanding eternal gratitude in exchange for their dubious (and sometimes unwanted) generosity, then screeching bloody murder if people fail to pay them the deference they think they deserve.

    I have in-laws like that.

  13. Donny Almond says:

    I think Auntie Maria looks rather fetching in pink. It brings out the real woman in her. Do you think she has ever been kissed?

    John Lee = Dopey (the stupid one)

  14. asiaseen says:

    BTW why do we need new national security legislation? The police seem to think we have enough already, having charged the chairwoman of Western DC with sedition under an existing colonial law.

  15. Chinese Netizen says:

    I believe official CCP Official Hair Color guidelines call for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vantablack

  16. Din Gao says:

    Anyone who has visited a female hospital authority ward will recognise where Maria Tam has nicked her fetching pink quilted jacket from.

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