Blues for Allah

As part of Operation Clueless Mayhem on Sunday, the Hong Kong Police sprayed Kowloon Mosque a fetching blue. It was a fairly typical deployment of the water cannon: truck prowls along street looking for a target; driver steers up to roadside, stops, and sprays small group of people who are doing nothing; truck trundles away again. But, unlike dozens of other incidents in which the cops have doused bystanders and buildings with the chemical-laced blue-dyed liquid for no obvious reason, this occasion triggered Horrified Panic in the law-enforcement hierarchy and government.

Why does a mosque warrant special post-spraying commiserations, when the cops have never shown any remorse after firing rubber bullets at reporters, pulling a mentally disabled bystander to the ground, tear-gassing old people’s homes and pigeons, invading MTR trains, chasing schoolkids, etc? The only explanation can be… Muslims.

Someone in the police management must have dimly remembered a connection between mosques and Muslims, and vaguely recalled that Muslims might mean something ultra-sensitive.

So the cops hurried round to pretend to clean the place up, and held some painfully embarrassing press conferences. These involved a claim that it was an accident, and another that the idea had been to nobly protect the mosque (a five-year-old caught with hand in cookie jar could do better). The police PR experts added awkward assurances about how much we respect ethnic minorities. Most gruesome of all was the appearance of a real live Mohameddan officer who regaled the media with tales of how much all his infidel fellow constables love him. Then the Chief Executive herself emerged from her bunker to visit the centre and hobnob with turban-wearing elders, who accepted her whiny and hollow apologies with good grace.

Having set this precedent, the cops and officials than had to go and say sorry to St Andrews Church across the road, because they had given that place a spraying as well (a blue-rinse looks better on an elderly Protestand lady). The cops also assure everyone they respect freedom of religion – as if that has anything to do with this.

Watch for a water-cannon truck to be struck by a lightning bolt next weekend.

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14 Responses to Blues for Allah

  1. PaperCuts says:

    Just when you thought this whole farce had jumped the shark long ago…

    What a circus

  2. Justsayin says:

    Honest mistake I’m sure, HK’s Mainlandization hasn’t progressed to the ‘repression of muslims’ phase just yet

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    Gawd wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Imam in charge declared jihad against the HKCCPSAR government executives!

    Remember…the CCP owns the government…the government doesn’t make moves without the go-ahead from the CCP…the CCP incarcerates thousands upon thousands of true believing muslim brothers in Xinjiang.


  4. You missed the detail that, unlike just about every woman visitor to a mosque anywhere, from Queen Elizabeth II downwards, Carrie didn’t have the courtesy to wear a headscarf during her visit to comply with Muslim tradition. She can’t even make an apology without giving offence again.

    Incidentally an aerial film of the scene was shown on TV. When they turned on the water cannon, there were only about 6 people in front of the mosque, none of them doing anything riotous. The whole episode was sheer stupidity on the part of the police.

  5. paul serfaty says:

    Actually, the brother of Michael Chugani declared the apology not accepted (see HKFP report ), as it was obvious, to him, on the spot, that there had been no reason at all to fire, as there were no protestors there…

  6. Robinson Crusoe says:

    This is the first time I have seen a “Musselman” in full police garb, including name tag, at a police conference. This is quite DIVERSE.

  7. Objective Observer says:

    @paul serfaty

    I think based on other sources, he could be more accurately characterized as continuing to not accept the police action, while accepting the gesture of apology itself.

  8. odaiwai says:

    “The representatives included District Commander of Yau Tsim District Ricky Ho, Police Public Relations Branch Senior Superintendent Yolanda Yu, and two non-Chinese officers Swalikh Mohammed and Gimandeep Singh.” (Source:

    Bringing Officer Singh seems a bit pointless, as he’s of Sikh origins, not Muslim, but surely they must have more than two (non-white) minority officers?

  9. Mun Dane says:

    Still waiting on the visit to those injured in Yuen Long on “that fateful night” and the accompanying apology for the lack of progress in tracking down and arresting of the perpetrators. But as Michael Cheung says “… they can’t visit everybody.” Just the ones that they are told to visit for PR purposes.

    And nice to see that two of the six (gasp, that many) people arrested for the attack were allowed to wear masks as they left court after being granted bail …

  10. reductio says:

    Just heard from my sources that due to the unsatisfactory performance of the water cannon in clearing protesters the police are upgrading:

  11. steve says:

    Very clever header. (Bad album, but then it is TGD.)

  12. Hero Burgers says:


    Nice one!

  13. Cassowary says:

    @odaiwai: So they brought a gun to a stick fight and a Sikh to a Muslim apology. Sounds about right.

  14. PaperCuts says:

    It’s very, very entertaining watching organisations scramble frantically doing the politically correct minority dance.

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