Today is cancelled…

…owing to widespread grief at the prospect of oh-so-classy property tycoon Joseph Lau departing Hong Kong should the Mainland (and Macau, as in you-have-a-five-year-prison-sentence-awaiting-you-in) extradition arrangement go through.

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2 Responses to Today is cancelled…

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    What? He hasn’t been magically renditioned yet by mysterious little elves???

  2. Mary Melville says:

    Lau’s JR has highlighted a practical issue that has flown under the radar.
    We are told that extradition will only be conducted after legal challenges are exhausted. However, as we will know, justice and the courts in Hong Kong are only for the well heeled and those who qualify for legal aid. The latter would for sure be subject to stringent – as in piss off – requirements.
    So it would only be the tycoons and their ilk who could in fact challenge the process as the general public could not afford the fees.
    This mundane element has been lost in all the discussions, at least those I am aware of, to date.

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