Christmas comes early

Former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho’s weight-loss program – now ‘several months’ in – looks set to continue for a few more years after a New York jury finds him guilty of bribery committed in the noble cause of Belt and Road. More on the…

…gift boxes stuffed with $2 million in cash … Hong Kong businessman’s globe-hopping corruption scheme … quintessential bribe … like something out of a movie…

…story here.

And here’s a big in-depth look at CEFC, the murky energy conglomerate that, among other deals, set about acquiring the Czech Republic as a subsidiary (not to mention the Caucasus).  By murky, we mean of uncertain ownership, but presumably serving both the Chinese government politically and CCP elites’ financially. Which brings us rather neatly to…

Canadian authorities arrest the CFO (and founder’s daughter) of Huawei for extradition to the US on suspicion of violating Iran sanctions. Shades, of course, of ZTE. The Chinese embassy in Ottawa goes into Major Mouth-Froth Mode about how Canada has harmed Meng Wanzhou’s human rights and must ‘immediately correct the wrongdoing’. Can she, like Patrick Ho, also look forward to the opportunity to lose a few pounds?

Still another 86 days to go in that US-China trade truce!




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  1. Carisa says:

    I’m confused with the daughters of Huawei CFO, just yesterday (phony timing as the other daughter was already arrested) SCMP published an article about his 19 y.o. daughter in the glitz of Paris Debutantes ball

    Surely this 46 y.o. daughter is not with the same woman ? How many more daughters does he have (asking for a friend) ?

    Sad to see that “women in tech” once again seems to end in acrimony/litigation (after Elizabeth Holmes, Carly Fiorina, Marissa Mayer, Sandberg, etc.).

  2. Docta Aspersio says:


    Patrick Ho turns out to be the third member of Donald Tsang’s 2005-7 “Help get me elected and you can have as much bung as you like, me included??- geddit????” who turns out to have been bent before, during or after.

    Should the ICAC be having a close look at the other members of this obviously heroic group of individuals to discover how they rose above it all and remained totally untainted by sleaze?

    We really should be told.

    Henry Tang
    Elsie Leung
    Wong Yan-lung
    Joseph Wong
    Denise Yue
    John Tsang
    Joseph Wong
    Stephen Lam
    Stephen Ip
    Arthur Li
    Sarah Liao
    Frederick Ma
    York Chow
    Michael Suen
    Ambrose Lee

  3. reductio says:


    Good catch. Yao’s comment has all the potential for a meme:

    “Although I like reading quantum mechanics, I enjoy getting stoned and wasted.”

    “Although I like tussling with Kant, I enjoy mad sex romps with whomever, whenever.”

    “Although I like perusing the Basic Law, I enjoy democrats getting shafted by the arbitrary application of state power.”

    Yup, we got one.

  4. Christopher William Fisher says:

    almost forgot about that story back in ’16 though I still look around for people from China with boxes of cash before I bench press.

  5. Stephen says:

    I wonder what Cadre Lam’s (formerly of Cambridgeshire, UK) comments on Dr Patrick Ho’s conviction would be – should some reporter bother to ask ? Once upon a time he was rather senior in the puppet regime ? She was rather moved when Bow-Tie got sent down.

  6. Off the Beat says:

    Indeed, CWF – a salutary lesson for ageing power lifters: stick to the dumbells!
    Just in case anyone’s peeved at the WSJ paywall, here’s the Gruaniad version of the home-gym tragedy:

  7. Spud says:

    Sir Alex Fergsuon’s Class of ’92

    Sir Donald Tsang’s Class of ’05

  8. Alder MacGregor says:

    Much has been said of the strumpets of yore
    Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score
    But I sing of the baggage that we all adore, 
    The Founder’s Daughter

    You’ll never love another
    Although she’s not the kind of girl
    To take home to your mother
    The Founder’s Daughter

    Her rap sheet is lively and strong to the taste
    Extradite with discretion never with haste
    Breaking sanctions the charges that she’s set to face
    The Founder’s Daughter

    And, when her name is mentioned
    The charts of every hedge fund
    Do stand up at attention
    The Founder’s Daughter

    Oh, nothing can delight so
    As does the panda hopping from
    Its left toe
    To its right toe
    The Founder’s Daughter

    With apologies to Paul Giovanni and the people of Summerisle

  9. Knownot says:

    Alder MacGregor –
    Good. Now there are two of us.

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