National Education for (and possibly by) infants

So which will come first – a conspiracy theory that the Las Vegas massacre was part of a One World Government Deep State plot to turn patriotic country music fans into liberal atheist gun-confiscators, or a conspiracy theory that the whole thing was faked and everything you just saw was a bunch of actors?

While we’re waiting, here’s a Hong Kong kindergarten National Day story-telling activity. The outline is apparently distributed by an e-learning company. The blatant nationalism of this propagandizing aimed at little kiddies perhaps comes as a surprise. But so does the clumsiness, as if the people compiling the materials lack enthusiasm for the subject and are just hurriedly ticking boxes to comply with instructions. (Did you know National Day started in the Western Jin Dynasty? You do now. Maybe all the e-learning company’s output is this crappy.) Be sure to scroll down for the comments.

To show us how it should be done, look at a place called Korla in Xinjiang, where the authorities are confiscating Korans and prayer mats. (This follows reports of officials up there forcing Muslims to eat lunch during Ramadan, shave beards off, not give newborns Islamic names, carry alcohol in stores, and other ever-so subtle secularization.) If this doesn’t make the local population happy and eager to shed their cultural identity and heritage and embrace the joys of Han-Leninist enlightenment, what will?

Wow – that was quick. Still adjusting to this Post-Satire Age thing.

A glimmer of subversive wit survives in the form of nostalgia. Behold Toad-Worship.

Which brings us rather neatly to this…

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14 Responses to National Education for (and possibly by) infants

  1. Joe Blow says:

    There will probably/ certainly be another mass shooting in the US next week so let’s move on to the important news of the day.

    Pat sez ‘Because of You’.

    Pat Sephton, ex Windmill Theater girl (?) and owner of HK’s most famous titty bar ever, Bottoms Up, passed away last week at the age of 90. Yes, the same week that saw the departure of titty guru Hugh Hefner (coincidence ? haha..)

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    All penises at half erect for Pat’s passing.

  3. Jenny Eagleton says:

    Tom Petty has really died.

  4. Walter De Havilland says:

    The Spams can’t get their think heads around the link between all this mayhem and death, and their lack of gun controls. It’s astonishing to watch the mental swerves they take to avoid the truth.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Walter: If only there were some concert goers with conceal-carry guns on them…they would have SURELY fought back and taken the gunman down!

  6. Hank Morgan says:

    Probably his best KOTH line

    Lucky: Dad,were you in the state oil rig or in the federal?
    Hoyt: Smart man.

  7. dimuendo says:

    Chinese Netizen

    See announcemnt by a band member, that they had concealed carry weapons!

    Did them no good.

    Like the last (?) mass shooting. People apparently had open carry rifles. As several said, when the shooting started they ran away.

    But to endorse your sarcasm, as a large number of americans are clearly lacking in any sense at all, no real surprise.

    I share the sentiments of Joe Blow. Plus, were the mirrors in Bottoms Up deliberately designed to make it more difficult to find your way out?

  8. Theseus says:

    Ah yes, the mirrors in Bottoms Up ! Good luck to all seeking an exit. The employees in that labyrinth were as dangerous as any Minotaur – and possibly less attractive when seen in daylight …

  9. Walter De Havilland says:

    Who remembers Velvet, the rather ample black lady in Bottoms Up? I climbed those mountains with a song in my heart. I’m revealing my age.

  10. Joe Blow says:

    Personally speaking, I thought Red Lips had more of an authentic local touch to it. Walking down that dark alley, no mirrors, but those curtains were so Suzy Wong and when the painted China doll with her husky, Marlboro savaged voice asked if you wanted to be loved long time while seductively pushing her varicose leg (her good leg btw) through the split as if to say ‘hello, sailor !’ you knew it was going to be a long and steamy night in ol’ Hong Kong (cue: sound of a gong).

    Velvet ? That sounds more like a horse in race 3.

  11. Major Gowen says:

    ‘Black Velvet’ was her full monicker. African-American lady with considerably more old world charm than seductive looks by the time I visited the joint (in a professional capacity, please understand).

    Anyone also recall the Seven Sisters at the back of Chung King Mansion? If the staff in Bottoms Up and Red Lips were mature, those in Seven Sisters were their aunties. Based on the outdated labels, some of the less popular bottles of spirits behind the bar were also truly antiques from Vietnam War R&R days.

  12. Hermes says:

    Meanwhile, Guo Wengui has claimed that : “the disappearance of….MH370 three years ago was done to get rid of people knowledgeable of organ harvesting cases in a Nanjing hospital that involved the powerful son of former Communist Party chairman….” (Vision Times). Shocking accusation!

  13. Joe Blow says:

    @Major: you must be pushing 90. I remember the 7 Sisters. On a typically boozy Friday night in the Gun Bar of the Hong Kong Hotel, I was tricked into buying a ticket from the Filipino Musicians’ Wives Association for a fete or dance at the 7 Sisters on a Sunday afternoon, just round the corner from the Post Office. It was a great success. Oh, pop goes the memory: I met Alan Ball, the great English soccer player, at that dance, although I didn’t dance with him.

    By the way, did you know that there is a George Best buried at the Anglican cemetery in Happy Valley ?

  14. The Seven Sisters bar was later renamed Four Sisters – I guess three of them died.

    I remember Velvet too – I didn’t frequent Bottoms Up, but she was a friend of my landlady.

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