Inevitable ‘crying over spilt milk’ pun makes appearance

In case you missed them, some interesting commentary on Huishan Dairy’s contribution to the sterling reputation of Mainland corporate governance. Fraser Howie puts the affair in the bigger context of private sector-bank-political links in the country where ‘the disappearance of company executives is so common now, it barely warrants news reports’. And Shirley Yam presents the confessions of a Chinese tycoon – any resemblance to actual characters living or dead is purely a coincidence.

The trick – and it really is conjuring and sleight-of-hand – is to combine elaborate multiple ever-ballooning financial deals with proportionate showmanship, pizzazz, facades and apparent connections. Good to see that Hong Kong hasn’t lost its longstanding competitiveness as Asia’s Super Hub for this sort of thing.

On a brighter note, a South China Morning Post column assures us that if the US preemptively whacks North Korea, it’ll barely produce a blip on your investment portfolio, let alone the world at large…

If you are less sure, and want to take precautions against World War III breaking out, you might be interested in these items, which I found while searching unsuccessfully for a crock (for pickling)…

Carrie Lam has already bought several, to practice wearing round her neck. I was tempted, but they are seriously heavy. The vast Hing Gei hardware store, 71 Wanchai Road – it has everything. Except crocks.


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3 Responses to Inevitable ‘crying over spilt milk’ pun makes appearance

  1. Joe Blow says:

    So what do you pickle ?

  2. gweiloeye says:

    have you tried Shanghai Street? seems to have almost everything kitchen related. Sorry yes you have to venture into the dark side!

  3. Red Dragon says:

    It’s 8.20 pm here in fun-packed Siam, and l note that, so far, we seem to have got through the day without a half-baked observation from Stanley.

    As Maggie Thatcher once said, “Rejoice!”

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