HK government spreads mirth city-wide

Hong Kong lawmakers criticize officials for the hastily patched-together, half-hearted series of events designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the handover. This is unfair. The object of the exercise is to spread happiness throughout the city. And what can possibly be more amusing and enjoyable than hapless Home Affairs Secretary Lau Kong-wah spouting humiliatingly poor excuses for his bureaucrats’ laughable efforts? Mission accomplished, surely.

Further down the HKFP article, pro-democrat legislator Tanya Chan asks why the government reappoints people like Martin Lee Ka-shing – son of Henderson Land patriarch Lee Shau-kee – to something called the Commission on Youth, when such individuals never show up to meetings?

Lau’s responses are, again, pretty funny. But perhaps Tanya misunderstands the purpose of the Commission. A glance at the membership list shows that it is headed up by another son of a property tycoon, and at least a few other appointees seem to be from privileged backgrounds. So by ‘Commission’ we probably mean ‘Informal Social Club’, and by ‘Youth’ we mean ‘Rich Kids’. (One name that stands out is Vivek Mahbubani, noted stand-up comedian and just the sort of person young wealthy elites would bring along to their gatherings.)

I declare the weekend open with a challenge: under slightly sub-optimal lighting conditions, can you tell Tanya Chan apart from a Korean boy band star?

Left: Civic Party lawmaker complaining about government; Right: drippy Korean boy band singer.

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5 Responses to HK government spreads mirth city-wide

  1. I invented the Hong Kong free press over twenty years ago in your front room. We called it NTSCMP. Don’t dignify these tedious wannabes with quotations.

    And there’s nothing wrong with fancying boys at your age. Even Barry Manilow has come out.


  2. property developer says:

    Wot no coverage of the sevens?

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    I’d guess Tanya is a LOT more manly than the kimchee breathed one.

  4. LRE says:

    Actually the handover celebrations appear to be an opportunity for bureaucrats of all departments to get all their most tedious and useless events off their books and on the handover budget.
    On Tanya, as per Chinese netizen: easy spot — Tanya’s the one with balls.

  5. @Ol’ Muckspreader – was that before or after Al Gore invented the Internet?

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