What we did on our holidays

And so we emerge into the daylight, blinking, after the Great Hibernation. A period that was not totally unproductive…

I did my civic duty – volunteering for a day’s Counter-Tourism Patrol along the Peak Tram tracks, ensuring that none of the hordes escape from the carriages as they are being transported through and away from our city…

One of the distinguishing features of this well-heeled neighbourhood is the Missing Dog posters, which offer surprisingly large cash rewards for the recovery of lost pets. In this case, HK$30,000 for one ‘Bella’. The distraught owners helpfully mention the breed – a Shetland Sheepdog. A quick search on Google confirms that ‘Finding a shetland sheepdog dog in hong kong has never been simpler’; many of them have an identical shape and colour scheme to Bella, and you can pick one up for a couple of thousand bucks, no problem. I will leave the rest to your imagination, but let’s say that for a day’s unpaid work keeping the community safe from the tourist menace, it was quite lucrative.

Perhaps the Almighty was smiling on me for obeying His Word and resisting temptation while I was up the hill. People think His commands are confined to ancient Jewish manuscripts…

But they live on today, in the form of the by-laws along Hong Kong’s Eden-like hiking trails…

I found none – maybe rampaging tourists or a ravenous Bella have finished them all off.


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4 Responses to What we did on our holidays

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Typical…”Bella”…trendy dog name of the year. Leave it to HKers to jump all over that with originality and non group-think.

    So they’re willing to spend $30k to find precious Bella but more than likely won’t even drop a nickel to the octogenarian gathering cardboard boxes in TST nor take time out from branding their Indo housekeeper with the iron…

  2. WTF says:


    Political figure in Political support groups protests political support groups who turn political support action into political support action on behalf of political figures.

    Any person named Eddie in Hong Kong probably has Bella stuffed up his back orifice.

  3. Knownot says:

    “I will leave the rest to your imagination …”

    I think I understand. You bought an identical Shetland Sheepdog, also called Bella, for $2000 and ‘returned’ it to its ‘owners’ for $30,000. Perhaps the Almighty will punish you.

  4. WTF says:


    The CCP does more consultation than Carrie, their problem is the method has been contaminated by both the dialectic and plain olde KMT/Qing/Ming corruption in the cadre class, who are suppose to pass filtered noise upward. Why don’t we have a museum to organized corruption. As the supposed oldest extant civilization, China certainly has plenty of history on the topic.

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