Holiday YouTube Binge-watching Guide


Some recommended YouTube therapy to aid recovery from roast turkey, cognac, etc (and assuming you’ve already gorged yourself on the compulsory pinnacles of televisual popular culture from the old days like The Prisoner, Danger Man, etc)…

  • The venerable and ahead-of-its-time Quatermass and the Pit.
  • The cheesy, gloriously dated, pseudo-swinging, tongue-not-quite-far-enough-in-cheek Department S (1).
  • Last but not least, the classy-cast/low-budget (originally aimed at kids) nightmare-creepiness of Sapphire and Steel (the order of these episode-segments is patchy – just go with it) (2).


(1) Any pathological hardcore fans of the late-60s/early-70s louche/debonair/ooze jet-set satin-jackets genre can find more Peter Wyngarde in Jason King. (You need help – something like The Pretenders might wean you off it.)

(2) To see how, by contrast, a higher budget and overly earnest production reduces a talent like David McCallum to vapidity, see The Invisible Man – you should be convinced by the 13th episode.


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10 Responses to Holiday YouTube Binge-watching Guide

  1. reductio says:

    Peter Wyngarde for CE.

  2. Jason King says:
    This should be your cup of tea, then….

  3. Al Sera says:

    This is far more entertaining.
    The subtext is terrifying when viewed from a neo-Marxist perspective.

  4. @reductio – why not Joanna Lumley? A big improvement on either of the two current female prospects.

  5. Red Dragon says:

    A distinctly underwhelming post with which to usher in Christmas, if l may say so, Hemmers.

    Never mind. I trust that the Yule Goat satisfies your every seasonal desire.

    Kick back, stuff yourself with sprouts and reflect on the Regina Monologues.


  6. reductio says:

    Au contraire, Red Dragon, this is, ironically, exactly what is needed after all the heavy excess of the year. As David Dodwell writes in today’s Post, we need to ‘live light’ at Christmas:

    (Although swanning around Italy and troughing down rich food and wine while saying “tough tits you poor saps in HK” is hardly a great advertisement for your argument, Dave).

  7. WTF says:

    Monkey the…

    Xi spends precious seconds messing with Hong Kong. Sounds not unreasonable, considering how Lufsig, either on purpose, or being abuses/used by others, has consistently bearded Xi or stepped on his corns.

  8. steve says:

    Jeez, what a bunch of old farts we are. If you want to stay British, how about “Crazyhead,” which is more au courant and actually has women in prominent roles. Streaming on Netflix, and otherwise easily available from any number of extra-legal sources. In the same vein, “Wynonna Earp,” from the comic of the same name, also kicks demon ass. Killing monsters against impossible odds is usually a potent metaphor, but never moreso than now.

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