Communists give John Tsang sitting-on-edge-of-seat torture


Like a lonely love-struck schoolgirl staring at the phone, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary John Tsang waits and waits for China’s Communist Party HK Compatriot Cadre Micromanagement Dept to process his resignation. Only then can he offer himself as a candidate in the city’s Chief Executive ‘election’ next March.

For semi-official conjecture about the Chinese leadership’s thinking, the South China Morning Post turns to Lau Siu-kai. The all-purpose think-tank/’advisor’/loyalist grants the paper an enigmatic tale about Beijing not wishing to seem either approving or disapproving of Tsang, so dragging out acceptance of his departure for a perfectly non-committal two weeks.

Cheng Yiu-tong of Hong Kong’s Communist-front labour organization comes up with a suitably less la-di-da, more proletarian explanation for the delay: the Beijing officials are busy. It’s such a lame excuse it almost sounds credible – where would you put John Tsang in your list of priorities among Donald Trump telling you to shove the US Navy drone you stole, and capital flight from the country verging on Big Panic Crisis yet again?

scmp-standfirmWhile Tsang sits patiently, he might like to ponder yesterday’s question, which was: Would Beijing have the nerve to end Hong Kong’s artificially engineered housing supply/pyramid-scheme/rip-off-scam, if that’s what it took to avert rising social discontent and a growing pro-independence movement that threatened to split the glorious motherland?

A contribution to the debate comes from property tycoon Vincent Lo, who urges the next Chief Executive to continue CY Leung’s policies on housing.

Could these be the policies that have enabled housing prices to rise 45% since CY became CE? Yes they could.


You know, just like commodities/property trading proceeds do everywhere else in the world…

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2 Responses to Communists give John Tsang sitting-on-edge-of-seat torture

  1. WTF says:

    Pornstache is a dual function straw man and backup to a backup. If he didn’t understand it before he was suckered into resigning early, he hopefully isn’t so stupid that he believes he has a real chance now. Astounding that someone that thick was let anywhere near the money. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t let Goldman Sach (of sh*t) lose it all to staff bonuses.

    Vagina is another sucker who gets talked into resigning for all her incompetent back-stabbing. Beijing admires as good knifeman (knife-it?), but she/it’s so bad at it they had to move mop-top out to where wild, badly aimed jabs can do less collateral damage.

    Neither of these two had the infighting skills of Donald the Duck, which by Beijing Standards isn’t saying that much. The Duck must be getting tired of waiting for Beijing to decide how to use his disposal to further their game, he let slip a few opinions that show forced isolation is sending him around the bend.

    Beijing’s Hong Kong bench is looking about as poor as the US DNC. I guess this is what they deserve for using the mandarin/cadre building system as an opportunity to push in their prince-ling’s business interests through local moronic minions instead of developing political talent to replace the like of Jasper.

  2. old git says:

    says it all about how the HK civil service is living on another planet

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