Lam to the slaughter


Up to last week, Hong Kong had not been untouched by the worldwide eruption of populist revolts, celebrity deaths and general mayhem that is 2016 (of which 18 days are still to come). Chief Executive CY Leung started the year by dedicating his entire Policy Address to the mystical ‘One Belt One Road’ phantasmagoria; subsequent months brought (among other extreme events) the Mongkok Fishball Riot and the introduction of de facto religious tests to keep localist heretics out of public office.

So – after a relaxing weekend to absorb the news, it doesn’t seem so surprising that Beijing has tossed CY aside. The time had come. With Hong Kong’s ‘elite’ squabbling, it was either that or signal that CY would get a second term as Chief Executive.

hkfpcy-notseekThere are all sorts of possible factors at play, such as infighting within the Communist Party, even Chinese leaders’ nervousness at the prospect of President Trump stirring up the Empire’s splittist fringes. The timing particularly suggests a degree of panic ahead of yesterday’s Election Committee Subsector elections – a charade that only a bunch of Leninist control-freaks could take seriously. Pro-democrats, property tycoons and reluctant hyper-moderates all saw the rigged-poll-for-a-rigged-electoral-college as an opportunity to send an anti-CY message. (You can view the ‘manifestos’ of the candidates in David Webb’s 1,539 candidates in under 4 minutes video.) The danger was that only the bare inbuilt majority of automatons on the body would deliver CY their 689 or so votes; faced with such a flimsy and humiliating semi-endorsement, the Commies flinched.

Proof – yet again – of two things.

One: Hong Kong public opinion, manifested in various ways, can influence/intimidate the Chinese government. CY joins Tung Chee-hwa as the second of three CEs sacked by the Hong Kong people. Bear in mind the role played by ‘failed’ youthful rebellion: CY sealed his own fate through idiotic opportunistic reaction to the Occupy/Umbrella movement and the radical lawmakers’ Oath-gate saga. (To put all this another way, beneath the big tough mighty exterior, Beijing is paranoid and frightened – a typical bully, or empty vase. If Hong Kong can push the tyrants around, so can others.)

hkfp-carrielamreconTwo: the Chinese Communist Party has no loyalty, gratitude or debt to anyone. CY Leung has served, groveled, kowtowed, obeyed and self-flagellated for the CCP and New China for over 30 years. In the space of minutes on Friday, they stomped on him and chucked him out with the trash. Every supercilious lick-spittle shoe-shiner out there can expect the same treatment the moment they have no further use. And you are either that, or a free human who is ‘hostile’ to the regime: there is no middle ground. The CCP is a conveyor belt leading to a teeth-kicking machine. Now, Carrie Lam steps up through the John Tsang/Regina Ip Me-Me-Me hullabaloo to be next.


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13 Responses to Lam to the slaughter

  1. Cassowary says:

    Don’t declare victory just yet. Ditching CY was the carrot. There will be a stick. There’s always a stick.

    We got rid of Tung Chee Hwa but at the price of increased Liaison Office micromanagement of the HK government. We will have to see what they have up their sleeve this time. CY’s got what, 6 months left in office? There’s a lot of damage he could do in that time.

  2. reductio says:

    And Carrie Lam is thinking “Damn, nearly made it out of here.”

  3. DandyFAGUs says:

    ART23 anyone ? there’s many a slip etc. Six months a loooooooooooooooong time in the sand-pit.

  4. But you missed the American march to war today.

    Do we all see it now? American presidentship was given over to the military in 1995.

    The war is coming. 400 U.S. And A bases surrounding China can’t be wrong.

    Get a bike. It will be by far the best way to get to the airport.

  5. PCC says:

    “The CCP is a conveyor belt leading to a teeth-kicking machine.” Good line.

  6. LRE says:

    Porntache has resigned, so that’s his idiotic hat in the ring. Reckon he’s flat out the favourite — if anyone can buy the Communists 6 months of breathing space by looking affable and goofy, it’s bumblin’ Johnny over the humourless women. Policies will all be exactly the same, whoever gets the job, so it’s all style over substance anyway.

  7. Probably says:

    Off topic but the film I saw on a plane last week showed that David Webb and Jason Bourne are one in the same – so very capable of assassination jobs.

  8. Regina Blow says:

    I am a sad, 70 year old woman. My face has collapsed. If I had any tits they would be sagging as much as my face. I haven’t been serviced since the Boxer Rebellion. I am desperate and that’s why I am running for CEO of Hong Kong.

    Please vote for me.

  9. Cassowary says:

    Hey, Blowhard, if you’re going to make degrading sexual insults about Regina Ip, at least extend the equal opportunity to John Tsang’s saggy wrinkled old man ball sack. Regina Ip is a vicious piece of work, but it’s not because she’s a woman, nor because she’s old, nor because she’s ugly.

  10. Probably says:

    @Regina Blow, if you live up to your name you only have to perform 689 times to achieve your dream.

  11. pcatbar says:

    ‘Didn’t see that one coming’ might have been your headline. Much like the rest of us.
    Though once it happens the decision by BJ to ditch CYL does become obvious if not inevitable.

  12. Joe Blow says:

    May I be the first to conclude that Occupy Central was successful after all ?

  13. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Joe Blow: You may.

    @Regina Blow: They called it the “Boxer Rebellion” precisely because they caught a whiff of your box. You’ve got my vote. Well…at least if I were a geriatric CCP official still using more than my share of shoe polish to look young and Oriental.

    @Cassowary: Does Pornstache even have a ball sack?

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