Not all fake news

Hong Kong’s favourite feline, Brother Cream, passes away – and, predictably, the Chinese Yuan promptly crashes 10%…
tw-brcrAlso, Hillary Clinton runs a child-abuse ring out of a pizza place in DC. Then it turns out she doesn’t. Then, after the chattering classes suspect revenge for Trump’s phone call with Tsai rather than shock at the death of the cat, it appears the Renminbi is fine and didn’t crash. Perhaps Brother Cream will be spotted alive, at Graceland.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive CY Leung displays his strategic leadership skills by rather elegantly stitching up Financial Secretary John Tsang, leaving his wannabe rival looking like a nasty brute who is unreasonable to those nice radical lawmakers we mature members of the executive branch must cooperate with. OK.

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7 Responses to Not all fake news

  1. LRE says:

    Bit of a tenuous reach for good guy status there, 689. Talking to the elected representatives you’re trying to disqualify is not the right thing to do; not disqualifying them thereby trying to slowly disenfranchise 60% of the electorate is the right thing to do.

    Besides which, proving that Pornstache Tsang will mindlessly follow orders regardless of how questionable or venal they are morally or legally, is surely just proving he’s the right chap for the job.

  2. H.I. Atus says:

    Is this you way of saying: ” Not all that much happening today”?

    You don’t need to be so cryptic. Just stop writing.

  3. HillnotPeak says:

    What about that ex-judge who runs for CE, still alive or already blackmailed by our friendly northern neighbors?

  4. Knownot says:

    Good! Now I’m sure
    That our democracy is quite mature.

    Rival politicians
    Push each other into false positions.

    John says, “I won’t reply.”
    “I do not quite endorse this,” says CY.

    With insincerity abject
    He says, “Legco has my full respect.”

    Lies and dirty tricks,
    Ambition, guile, gaffes. Real politics.

  5. @Hillnot Peak – he was quoted supporting the small house policy the other day, presumably indicating a bid to get support from the indigenous property developer lobby in the Selection Committee. That won’t win him many friends elsewhere.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    In the end, wouldn’t you rather have a more affable lackey without actual power to do anything over a vile, hateful POS without actual power like 689?

  7. Bob says:

    Nobody ever alleged Hillary Clinton was the ringleader of a child pedo ring…or that she operates it out of Comet Pizza. That’s a strawman argument created by a totally bought and sold corporate media to link the issue to ‘conspiracy kooks’. It’s a softball argument designed to be easily ridiculed.

    That you link to such an article is disappointing, given your track record of savvy media scrutiny.

    Given what we know about the Franklin Scandal, the BBC’s protection of child molesters, and any number of other related stories that the mainstream media has gloriously covered up, ignored or ridiculed, there’s no surprise in what an honest and fair investigation reveals about ‘pizzagate’. But if you read articles like the one you linked, you’ll learn nothing and you’ll remain ignorant.

    It really is time to rip yourself away from the stupifying tit of the mainstream media…who are absolutely in bed with government, corporations, educational institutions, the medical industry, food…etc

    This is a global gangster town. I thought you knew that, Big Lychee. But it seems essentially you’re ready and waiting with a spoon to slurp down whatever misleading swill is dished up. Your cognitive dissonance will prevent you from a fair and honest look at this pizzagate issue. And you’ll side with felons by calling people like me ‘crazy’.

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