HK hit by best typhoon for several years


Quite a well-organized typhoon this: stay in bed late, catch up with some reading, leisurely lunch and still time for a pre-Typhoon Signal 3 nap, then into the office for a three-and-a-half hour workday. We should do this more often.

Spotted in Wyndham Street – evidence that the arrival of Hooters makes the other once-tacky bars in the area look somehow classy, sophisticated and, in the case of one called Tivo, quite witty…


And further along on Hollywood Road – a head shop (or whatever they’re called these days). I guess our moral guardians at the Society for Truth and Light, police, Obscene Articles Tribune, media, Voice of Loving Hong Kong and so on are too clueless to know what it is. And yes, the people next door have a Starry Lee poster…


Maybe the bong vendors put it there as camouflage.


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7 Responses to HK hit by best typhoon for several years

  1. Laguna Lurker says:

    At least seven years ago, there existed a small head shop offering similar wares in the basement of an ageing shopping mall in Jaffe Road, close by the Excelsior Hotel. It was often closed at inexplicable times. However it now seems that cannabis enthusiasts are emerging from the closet to flaunt their disregard for the law concerning “drug paraphernalia”.

    Laws of Hong Kong, Chapter 134, Dangerous Drugs Ordinance—
    Sec. 36(1): “Save under and in accordance with this Ordinance, no person shall have in his possession any pipe, equipment or apparatus fit and intended for the smoking, inhalation, ingestion or injection of a dangerous drug.”

    Sec. 36(2) “Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of $10,000 and, subject to section 54A, to imprisonment for 3 years.”

    Let the good times roll. We need something to distract ourselves from the burgeoning insanity of Hong Kong’s governance and way of life. Or might this be a “honey pot” devised by Asia’s once-finest to identify those who indulge their illicit habits?

    That landlord would be well advised to re-examine the provisions of his tenancy agreement.

  2. Red Dragon says:

    The shop peddles vapes, but Starry peddles vapidity.

    I’ll take the shop.

  3. But then there is life outside the Soho Triangle…

    Why is life expectancy in Hong Kong so high? If you’re hardly alive and you have low expectations of life, God spares you.

    L’enfer, c’est le Soho Escalator.

  4. Monkey the Unborn says:

    This could be a new strategy from the United Front … if we can get the tokers onboard with realpolitik and violence-based politics, surely the resistance to our rule cannot but fail…

    Or perhaps the CCP is rebranding to the Chinese Cannabis Party … just picture it, Jiang Zemin and Xi Jinping putting all the bad karma of the last 4 years behind them and sparking up a fattie on CCTV with Bob (Marley or Dylan) playing in the background…

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Indeed, what a day it was.

    First, a Starry Lee van with a loudspeaker cruised through CWB, whispering sweet nothings in a sultry voice to all and, possibly, selling fish balls out of the back, which would make her a yue daan mui.

    Then there were the minibus ads for Team Vagina, which made me do a little dance in my heart.

    And, finally, while I was walking towards Wanchai, a Thai massage place on Hennessy on the 3rd floor somewhere, advised its clients by way of poster at the G/F entrance, that they did NOT provide sexual services.

    BTW, Vagina, of Team Vagina, is supporting Jasper rather than John, which means that she is not going to be in Exco after Mr Pringles becomes top dog. Good.

  6. LRE says:

    @Laguna lurker
    I think there is an accepted “more than our jobsworth” dual-use grey area as all cannabis smoking paraphernalia can equally be touted as being sold strictly with the intent for use with tobacco/herbal mixes.

    Taken to the fullest extent of the letter of the law, all pipes, knives, spoons, tin foil, lightbulbs, crackers, cheese, brownie mixes, teapots, buckets, drink cans, pins, biros, rubber hoses, lighters and cigarette papers (I’m sure I’ve left a few out) would also be illegal.

  7. Laguna Lurker says:

    @LRE: Indeed. But the key lies in the INTENT, which can be inferred from the accompanying posters, literature and other associated bits and pieces.

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