Invasion of the pink zombie-ghouls with mad staring eyes


The neighbourhood is awash in pink this morning. Team Regina – as in lawmaker and ex-Secretary for Security Ip – has turned up. The lady herself, resplendent in tight jeans and tight hairdo, leaps on bleary-eyed commuters as they glide down the Mid-Levels Escalator towards Central. Her legions of eager and smiling assistants hand out leaflets, which people actually read.


Down the hill above Queen’s Road, a couple of young women in pale-blue quasi-nurses uniforms are trying to drum up business for a nail salon/foot-massage emporium. I successfully avoid eye contact. Then I look back. Whoops – no, that’s Starry Lee of the pro-Beijing DAB. Sorry.

Team Regina is officially the New People’s Party, but they seem to downplay the name – perhaps because of its eerie Singaporean feel. The rose-coloured jackets are a similar attempt to wrap a soft, warm and feminine aura around the cold-hearted, iron-fisted monster within (or something).

Even the individuals featured in the leaflet seem to have been carefully selected by some sort of image-management specialists. They are young wholesome types, Judy and Gigi in pastel peach blouses, and Joey, Larry and Marcus in light blue shirts. Marcus, through no fault of his own, bears an unfortunate resemblance to Li Ka-shing’s number-two son Richard.


They are portrayed in a row, all gazing meaningfully in the same direction, as if transfixed by a glowing vision of future glory. It’s a pose and composition I’ve seen somewhere before, though I can’t quite put my finger on it…


The key phrase is ‘Win Back Hong Kong’ though she doesn’t say who from. As for the substance, Regina summarizes Hong Kong’s problems neatly…


But she says nothing about how the city ended up in its current state. More to the point, she offers no ideas about how to even start fixing any of it, which we would expect someone with an intense, burning, planet-size ambition to be Chief Executive to do. Then again, her chances are zilch, so it probably doesn’t matter. In fairness, she spares us the usual faux-patriotic, faux-enthusiastic blather about ‘One Belt One Road’ – another sign, perhaps, that the image consultants paid a visit.

However, makeovers and spin can only do so much to disguise or hide reality. The photo of her with arms crossed, attempting to relax and smile, is genuinely nightmarish…


…from encroaching Communist Party tyranny?


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12 Responses to Invasion of the pink zombie-ghouls with mad staring eyes

  1. Tiu Fu Fong says:

    If Regina was better advised, she would change her hairstyle. The more radically, the better.

    While notionally irrelevant to the contents of her head, the change in image would likely convince people that she had genuinely shifted her political views to something less ugly.

    As it is, her hair screams Article 23 and remains ideologically repulsive, to say the least.

  2. Rosie Cheeks says:

    Back in the day, when the New People’s Party and the “think tank” Savantas were new and fresh Regina-vehicles, she had a protege (a really small one) named Ronald Chan who turned out to be just as Machiavellian as his mentor. As soon as little Ronald was offered the chance of ‘something better’ (assistant to Donald Tsang) he jumped ship without blinking an eyelid and left the old bag behind, to stew in her own toxic juices, much to her dismay.

    Let’s hope that Marcus and the other naive hopefuls will be made of more loyal stuff.

  3. Regina’s problem is that she is one of the people we need to “win back Hong Kong” from!

  4. Shame on you. It really costs nothing to warn people about upcoming Regina pics. You could have inserted a small pop-up or pre-screen inquiring about age, psychological vulnerability, physical infirmity and above all, whether the reader has just eaten. I suppose we must be grateful you did not bring THAT pic of her with Allan Semen. THAT pic is now used instead of waterboarding. No more please.

    The best piece we did on her was this. Many people liked it. It’s called THE STRANGE SADOMASOCHISTIC WORLD OF REGINA YIP.

  5. det1mark says:

    Win back Hong Kong?

    How about (to paraphrase something seen online):

    Ban pre-shredded cheese! Make Hong Kong Grate Again…

  6. PD says:

    George, Is that “we” French-academic or royal? We ourself need to know .

    She seems to be clutching her own arms — like those girls that cross their legs twice?

    The pic is clearly taken from Fahrenheit 451 or The Wall.

  7. Red Dragon says:

    Rosie Cheeks,

    I think you’ll find that, since leaving Vadge to paddle her own canoe, little Ronnie Chan has eased himself even further up the greasy pole. He now appears to be the Under Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs.

    Note to G. Adams: if that’s the “best” that the ntscmp can do, no wonder nobody reads it. Quite honestly, there was no point you sharing the link.

  8. Rosie Cheeks says:

    Red Dragon, I am aware of that. I am sure that with little, gay Ronald’s talent for ass kissing and shameless opportunism, he will have a great future in Hong Kong politics.

  9. Red Dragon says:


    Does Hong Kong have politics?

    I thought that all we had was a bureaucracy, which provides shelter, employment, and magnificent remuneration (at least in its upper reaches) to some of the most intellectually and morally challenged in our society (this is the bunch in which wee Ronnie aspires to shine), and a corrupt and terminally compromised legislature, which occasionally gets its act together sufficiently in order to thwart some cretinous bureaucratic enormity.

    Would you call that politics? I’m not sure l would.

  10. Red Dragon says:

    Oh, and by the way, is wee Ronnie’s sexual orientation germane?

  11. Rosie Cheeks says:

    No, Ronnie’s gayness is not germane (love that word), but it’s interesting to bring it up because it always gets some sort of response.

  12. Chinese Netizen says:

    His gayness may not be germane but his deviant peccadilloes are most likely to be German.

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