After David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali…

Stan-XuXu Jiatun, Beijing’s top official in Hong Kong in the 1980s, has died. This is noteworthy, although no-one can quite say why. He ‘reached out to all sectors’ (or at least worked hard co-opting the tycoons) and famously defected after the Beijing massacre in 1989. Despite this, he remained loyal to the principle of Communist one-party rule, and occasionally ranted about the threat to China posed by the evil USA, from the comfort and safety of his home in Los Angeles.

Apart from that, he featured in one of my old art-drawing-things – which after some rummaging around in a dusty corner, I have located.


I would date it at 1987-ish. This is before Windows Paint, the Internet, PhotoShop, colour monitors, or indeed any ‘devices’ other than toasters and (used in the creation of this work) photocopiers.


It was exhibited at the Fringe Club, which in those days took its role as a home for the dispossessed, marginal and genuinely sub-culture seriously (now it’s all fancy and trendy and sponsored by champagne brands). Bonus marks for anyone who can name the well-connected anti-democracy Teutonic dignitary behind Xu.


Needless to say, it is all very deep and meaningful…


…and bursting with allegory and symbolism.


Or not.

I guess the Xu eulogizing is partly a nostalgia thing. In a similar vein, I declare the three-day Reunification With the Motherland Weekend open with something strictly for the outdated and tasteless – the whole of Oz online.


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10 Responses to After David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali…

  1. der Helmut says:

    I can see where you got your inspiration from. I, too, used to visit the Fringe every now and then in those days to look at the bad art and try to figure out the Zeitgeist, and to use the toilet.

    Wasn’t there a satire magazine back then called “Pacific Rim” (?), unbearably English and rather unsuccessful ?

  2. PCC says:

    I believe the mystery guest is Helmut Sohmen.

  3. How do they live so long?

    I found the answer some time ago in North Poiint.

    Dog penis capsules.

    On the box: CONTAINS 15% DOG PENIS..

    The thought of some poor soul chopping up and carefully weighing dog cock amused me all afternoon.

    What a job.

    Worse surely than Peter Cook’s worst employment – removing the lobster claws from Jane Mansfield’s bum.

  4. Property Developer says:

    The second last pic reads: “Gulag yakult”: deep indeed!

    There’s a good book to be written about Sino-Evil Alien relations. One chapter could look at overseas Chinese and the degree to which they integrate — or not, as the case may be.

  5. Walter De Havilland says:

    Do I detect a bit of John Lennon’s influence in those drawing, some of those figures look familiar. I should dig out my copy of “In His Own Write.”

  6. Red Dragon says:

    Point of order.

    The worst job Clive (the late Peter Cook) ever had was not “removing the lobster claws from Jane Mansfield’s bum”.

    It was removing ENTIRE lobsters from JAYNE Mansfield’s bum.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    Poor Jayne. She was decapitated in a car crash accident. Just like Marie Antoinette but on a freeway.

  8. Alex Kwan says:

    I reckon it’s Helmut, too…

  9. Knownot says:


    Marchers, who were calling on the Chief Executive, CY Leung, to step down, wanted access for small groups of protesters to the front gate of Government House, but police declined, citing public safety. Police said some protesters then scuffled with officers and charged a police cordon. They said protesters ignored warnings from officers, who then used pepper spray. However, RTHK journalists said earlier that protesters were trying to leave the area when they encountered a heavy police presence, and were sprayed without warning as a handful tried to push through the cordon. – RTHK July 2nd

    The trouble started with China’s White Paper.
    Add pepper.

    The Chief Executive is their puppet.
    Add pepper.

    He did not declare a large payment from abroad. Improper.
    Add pepper.

    Streets were occupied by thousands of people.
    Add pepper.

    A man in a park was kicked by coppers.
    Add pepper.

    Umbrellas became a symbol super.
    Add pepper.

    Lunar New Year, Mongkok, anger unstoppered.
    Add pepper.

    Police against rioters pitted.
    Add pepper.

    Localists: “Hong Kong Independence!”
    Add pepper.

    Booksellers one by one picked up.
    Add pepper.

    On television, a penitent weeper.
    Add pepper.

    One Country Two Systems imperilled.
    Add pepper.

    No protests in Albert Road Upper.
    Add pepper.

  10. fumier says:

    It’s definitely Helmut.

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