An 84-year-old dies of starvation in Tin Shui Wai. The South China Morning Post quotes experts as ‘suspecting’ that needs of the elderly are being neglected. This suggests they can’t rule out the possibility that the old guy starved to death without being neglected. Or maybe the situation is confused by further ‘suspicions’ that some aged are being neglected but nonetheless do not starve. No doubt they will sort it all out.


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  1. reductio says:

    Tragic though this is, I hope that John Tsang doesn’t get all sentimental here and start allocating resources to the elderly and infirm. We need to be prudent. We have bridges, rail lines and arts complexes to build!

  2. @reduction – … and a third runway to wipe out the dolphins.

  3. LRE says:

    Don’t worry, reductio! He’ll probably use the starving to death aspect as an excuse to further push for the introduction of New York style food trucks.

    If you’ll recall, because Hong Kong has no indigenous culture of street food vending, the government needs to introduce these radical foreign ideas to strengthen Hong Kong’s appeal to tourists by looking cosmopolitan and offering some sort of tasty snacks in the street.

    Up until John’s brilliant idea which he got from watching a movie, street food has been sadly lacking because the government has systematically got rid of almost all the local hawkers the young people of Hong Kong seems to be lacking the inspiration and funding to think of such modern innovations as street food and have been occupying the streets for entirely the wrong reasons.

  4. Cassowary says:

    No doubt, CY Leung will pop his head up to say that this elderly man and his slightly less elderly son died because there isn’t enough land in Hong Kong.

  5. Nimby says:

    You and Stewart Wolfendale both pegged it pretty well.

    Since Duncan Codpiece has successfully fully collapsed future public housing beyond repair, CY is now shuffling his favorite shoe licking Brit gamesman over to West Kowloon. CY will now extract even more kickbacks perfectly legal delayed benefits (and plenty of off-shore illegal ones) for the administration team from the big property developers. However, he has to do something to house the population, and that’s what he’s decided to do, population control.

    IE: the CE’s policy to solve HK’s housing problem is basically to reduce demand for low income/public housing by “enhanced” attrition. The Government Efficiency Unit has already used SAS software to suggest driving the public medical system further into a hole. Even Sec Eddie Ng is doing his bit to kill of the peons.

    Eddie got one of his Flexian goons to give the press release which follows. Note there is no urging security or suicide prevention programs, beef up teacher ratios, anti-bulling training, etc. Rather this goon wants government money to instruct school bureaucrats on better dealing with the public relations aftermath of (lower income) students falling to their death. Anyone want to guess which “private” consulting organ run by a relative of which one of Eddie’s Flexian goons is going to get the contract to teach public relations skills to school mal-administrators?

    Officials at the primary school in Kwai Chung were criticised by for their inadequate responses.

    An experienced principal says local teachers do not have enough experience in dealing with emergencies in primary schools. Mr Leung Siu-tong – chairman of Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association – was speaking after a coroner slammed the vice-principals of a primary school in Kwai Chung over the way they handled the death of a 10-year-old girl.

    The girl had plunged to her death from the school’s building two years ago.

    BTW, yes, apparently the civil servant contract scum at RTHK seem to think 2 years to investigate a death is SOP in this cow-town, and not worthy of adding a single word of comment to the press release.

  6. stinky foot says:

    I despair.
    Note: this comment was considered too short to be posted.
    It is what it is.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    Re: food trucks. The government has been revoking dai paai dong licenses systematically since the 1970s. Whenever the original licensee dies, so does the license. Duh !

  8. LRE says:

    @Joe Blow
    Hmm. Maybe my comment didn’t come across quite as dripping in sarcasm and venom for the Porn-star-moustachioed one as it sounded in my head when I wrote it. Just in case:

    Re: the loss of Dai Pai Dongs and the brilliant Poorman’s Nightclub etc. This is why I still fume at Pornstache’s retarded food truck idea — as if Hong Kong needed to copy the US’s example to get a culture of street food! I mean, it’s such a “teaching your grandmother to suck eggs” moment — that it makes a chap wonder: Has Pornstache ever actually set foot in Hong Kong!?! If he has, how did it not even touch the sides of his head?

    All HK needs for a vibrant street food culture is for the government to stop actively suppressing it, or — perhaps worse still — actively “supporting” it by creating designated areas (the ill-fated, sterile, charm-free and joyless government-approved revamp of the Poorman’s Nightclub and every government market food court, spring to mind).

  9. Cassowary says:

    Of course, Mustache Tsang doesn’t want our plebian dai pai dongs and curry fishballs onna stick, he wants fancy international food truck cuisines worthy of tourists from San Francisco like bibimbap burritos and ramen-burger fusion.

  10. @LRE – maybe we need the Innovation and Technology Bureau to come up with some new ideas on street food. I can’t see any other use for it except to siphon off more taxpayers’ money to useless bureaucrats and consultants.

  11. Nimby says:
    The dead are going to join CY Leung’s voter system, it certainly explains the Rictus of Robert Chao.

  12. Nimby says:

    Church group at school where 10-year-old fell to her death refuses to apologise

    Apologise? It’s government policy to reduce future demand for public housing. Also, it’s CY Leung Administration policy to never apoligise for anything, ever. Why cry over spilt blood milk?**

    **Every child who leaps should have had healthy, wholesome Dairy Farm/Kowloon Dairy duopoly milk that morning before setting out on their journey.

    Excuse the earlier error, and a pox on the HR staff who pick KMB’s Cross Harbour bus drivers.

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