Creep of the Year winner beyond doubt

Robert Chow presumably founded the Alliance for Peace and Democracy as an exercise in toadying. It was then swept up in Beijing officials’ over-organized and absurd campaign against the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement. It clumsily presents itself as worried to death about the horrible harm radical pan-dem extremists will do to innocent businesses, our civic reputation, children, bunny rabbits and people waiting for ambulances. And it has now launched a hotline on which the public can inform on schools where students/teachers are planning class boycotts.


‘White terror!’ pan-dems predictably claim. ‘White-haired slimeball’ would be more like it. The Alliance has worked hard on image here, with at least half the people at HelpOurChildrenthe press conference looking roughly normal (hired from a casting agency, perhaps). Chow, as usual, looks like a TV toothpaste-commercial dentist. But still, some of his companions have those grim, sour faces that for some reason bring to mind a world of spittoons and antimacassars.

Benny Tai and the other Occupy/pan-dem leaders might not always ‘resonate’. But only Beijing’s local emissaries at the Liaison Office could seriously imagine that the Hong Kong public would be favourably impressed by the spooky-sounding snitch hotline. The ‘Help Our Children’ initiative is more likely to help the young pan-dem radicals of Scholarism. Just when the kids are getting insufferably full of themselves, and the class-boycott plan is looking a bit pretentious, along comes this rabble of toadies trying to bully them with a half-baked, sub-Cultural Revolution stunt. Obviously, most right-thinking people’s response will be ‘yuck’. The United Front is supposed to split the broad pro-democracy community; if anything, they bring everyone together in shared mirth, contempt or even disgust.

Still, Creep of the Year Award is in the bag.

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11 Responses to Creep of the Year winner beyond doubt

  1. Oneleggoalie says:

    …Oneleg used to whack Bobby Chow around in school…we also did experiments on him occasionally…it was all in serious cruelty as he was…a toad.

    …But now he’s getting his revenge by irritating Oneleg to death every day…and there’s nothing we can do about it.
    Life’s not fair.

  2. Jennifer Eagleton says:

    Sometimes I am just rendered speechless.

  3. mjrelje says:

    The hotline seems to have gone cold, unless its constantly busy with likeminded people calling to tell them what they think of their award worthy idiocy.

  4. Stephen says:

    Why is Robert still doing this?

    A. There is a big fat juicy business bone waiting for him from a grateful CCP;
    B. He’s enjoying having his tummy tickled by the CCP and feeling important;
    C. He’s an odious misguided buffoon;
    D. Exco and the NPC standing committee awaits;
    E. He’s sincerely believes the all new CCP is a shining beacon of goodness in a bad cruel world;
    F. He has the mental faculties of a seven year old;

    To be continued …

  5. PD says:

    At first glance the pic looks like a porky fist in a surgical glove meaning: up yours! Fitting I suppose.

    You can tell which lists are not George A’s, because they don’t finish with [er that’s it], but I still harbour my suspicions about OLG and NRTP.

  6. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    No doubt a “Grand Sunflower” awaits him and is being polished at this very moment. Of course, united front tactics are totally unnecessary against the pro-dems as self-immolation is their speciality.

  7. Maugrim says:

    Anonymous phone based accusations, yep, very HK on a range of levels

  8. C.Law says:

    Robert Chow said that encouraging school students to join the strikes is “terrorism”. For someone who is supposed to be a media professional that is incredibly inept.

  9. ushekim says:

    Horray! Maugrim’s back!
    Best commentator ever, even better than the host.

  10. Scotty Dotty says:


    So what’s Maugrim’s blog then?

  11. nulle says:

    I strongly encourage everyone to call the number to have a good time and post many ads on craigslist/ebay with that number 🙂

    anyone knows Robert Chow’s private(mobile) and home number?

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