Happy 3rd Day of 4-Day Weekend

For me, at least. The more sinister parts of Southeast Asia’s Overseas Chinese community are hard at work, however. Specifically, the Lim Clan Youth’s (sic) Group are busy absorbing Cambodia into the loving embrace of the motherland.

To eat or not to eat? The answer is even easier this year….

Click to hear 'There's a Moon in the Sky Called the Moon' by the B52s!

Last but not least, Comments are working again! (A couple are already in the last post.) All praise to the genius of the people of Lamma!

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18 Responses to Happy 3rd Day of 4-Day Weekend

  1. Foxtrotosca says:

    Just because I can!

  2. PD says:

    Glad the comments section has magically started working again.

    You may remember the Danzig Corridor and Koenigsberg, but what about Memel-Land? China has been hard at work behind the scenes building roads, pipelines, railways and so on in Cambodia, Pakistan and most countries in the near abroad, holding hands with the foreign, sorry temporarily overseas, Chinese, insidiously stretching its tentacles south, west, east, north, down and indefinitely up, thus fulfilling its manifest destiny.

  3. gweiloeye says:

    Welcome back the the commenty thingy – probably will only work till they “upgrade” later in the month.

    “In the past, when Cambodia had chronic wars, China had actively contributed to seeking peace and national unification …”

    … by funding, arming and training the Khmer Rouge and plunging the country into the dark ages..

    With friends like these who needs enemies.

  4. Regislea says:

    Great to have the comments back!

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    Chinese only become super patriotic once they’re “overseas Chinese”.

  6. delboy says:

    One small spark of light in an otherwise gloomy town. Well done Hemmers.

  7. Fiona says:

    Have so missed the comments!

  8. MonkeyFish says:

    Yup gweiloeye … IMHO most twisted historical episode of 20th century was CCP exporting cultural revolution 2.0 to Cambodia in the 70s … if anyone hasn’t seen it “The Missing Picture” is an amazing very personal and very moving film on the topic, and is in special screenings in Broadway Cinematheque this week … bring tissues if you go.


    i think it is important for HKG peeps to wake up and realise the progenitor of the external “forces” at work in HKG … and the lengths those who are pointing the barrel of the gun are willing to go to ensure continuation of their political power and leadership in the Middle Kingdom.

  9. C.Law says:

    Good to see the comments back again.

    Monkeyfish, your last comment is apposite. The bottom line for the CCP is the maintenance of their power. They will not countenance anything which has the slightest possibility of jeopardising it.

    I see the students are revolting! What do they expect to gain? Who is hurt by them going on strike? Any strike is only worth it if the effect would be so marked that you almost achieve your aim by the mere threat of it. The students have no leverage. They would do better by concentrating on getting the highest possible turnout for a one or two day strike to show the feelings of the student body to the greatest effect and then stopping.

  10. nulle says:

    it is about time comments are back…

    however, this gutter oil business also effected Maxim’s with their pre-pak pineapple buns and their mooncakes along with Wei-Chun and other Taiwanese prodcuts.

    I applaud the moron who imported the gutter oil concept from POS PRC-China to Taiwan.

  11. gweiloeye says:

    thanks monkeyfish. might check that one out. i have a aussie/cambodian mate, i should let him know.

    here’ s to gutter oil pineapple buns!

  12. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    Well done, Hemmers. I was beginning to think some form of ‘white terror’ was being applied to keep us silent. Glad to see normal service resumed.

  13. FOARP says:

    Glad the comments are back up. A blog’s not a blog if people are arguing pointlessly on it!

  14. Real Tax Payer (Retired) says:

    Glad that the comments section is back up and running again
    (until the next upgrade…)

    Joke for the day with the gutter oil crisis:

    What is gutter oil in French?

    Huile de Rafael !

  15. stanley gibbons says:

    Oh no, I’d almost forgotten about RTP!. Now, where’s my blood pressure medication?

  16. gumshoe says:

    Great, now I can stop posting on SCMP.

  17. Incredulous says:

    Glad the geniuses from “CyberLamma” have managed to get the comments back. Now if they could just get the RSS feeds back…

  18. Incredulous says:

    Ah, I see they are back with a different address – just needed to update. Mea culpa…

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