Anti-protest protests breaking out everywhere

The pro-Beijing/establishment’s contrived mass scare campaign against the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement seems to be metastasizing. The mouth-frothing against the planned civil disobedience explores ever-more desperate new angles, the latest being that the sit-down protests would be against family values. Next thing, they will add to climate change and endanger pink dolphins (and noise pollution – don’t forget the noise pollution).

Inevitably, the orchestrated alarmism is showing some strains. Trade Development Council boss Jack So reassured Americans last week that Occupy Central will be just another Hong Kong protest and everything will be business as usual. To the true believers, such a departure from the United Front propaganda script is unforgiveable. He was supposed to tell the overseas business community that the movement will create chaos and disaster and the destruction of billions of dollars of wealth. Rabid commentator Lau Nai-keung, in one of his gloriously North Korean moments, demands the enforcement of correct thinking.

A couple of years ago, a half-crazed poultry farmer climbed onto a walkway in Central. A policeman called Lau Chi-kin tried, perhaps unwisely, to get him and slipped and fell to his death. Now, lawmaker and former Security Secretary Regina Ip and a bunch of hangers-on nauseatingly feign respect for the deceased’s memory as part of the anti-Occupy Central campaign. We are supposed to conclude (in case you’re wondering) that lone aggrieved chicken guy and pro-democracy demonstrators are much the same – protestors, cop-killers, etc.

As if all this isn’t doing enough to convert the apathetic, skeptical and agnostic among us to full-blown radical activism, along comes an even grubbier anti-protest initiative: retailers eyeing a chance to make money out of shoe-shining Beijing. The shops offering a discount for three hours during the afternoon of this year’s July 1 march are, sadly, not the sort that right-thinking people will have an opportunity to boycott in future, catering as they do to the mentally feeble (pre-owned handbag outlet Milan Station, say).

To cap everything, pro-Beijing and official groups will hold celebrations and carnivals as a sort of counterweight to this year’s July 1 event, which will mark the start of a 12-month countdown to the Occupy Central non-violent sit-in extravaganza. You would expect Chief Executive CY Leung and Beijing’s local Liaison Office boss Zhang Xiaoming to attend the patriotic gathering at Tamar. The genius organizers have also arranged the presence of failed CE-wannabe, rich kid and husband of alleged illegal basement owner Henry Tang and property tycoon Henry Cheng. And with that, the United Front’s estrangement of pretty much everyone in Hong Kong is complete.

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14 Responses to Anti-protest protests breaking out everywhere

  1. Dont believe anything until it’s been officially denied.

    Don’t take any political movement seriously until an astroturfed bunch of bully boys is organized to spontaneously oppose it.

    The CCP’s tactics date back to 1922 or earlier.

    Meanwhile, our own Dick Tracy, Edward Snowden, is inspiring the Hong Kong massage trade.

  2. Gin Soaked Boy says:

    I don’t believe the deceased officer died in an attempt to grab the protestor. He simply slipped and fell when a down pour made the roof of the footbridge wet.

  3. Jason90 says:

    Lau Nai Keung seems to have identified the problem: existing political arrangements produce ‘top officials who are all ignorant fools.’
    His solution seems to be to gag them to prevent them uttering anything too stupid – or truthful.

  4. Sojourner says:

    So now Regina Ip is laying a wreath for some poor copper who accidentally fell to his death a couple of years ago.

    Are there no depths that, in her desperate grasping after any threadbare shred of political capital and opportunism, she won’t stoop to?

  5. Joseph Lau's doctor says:

    Don’t underestimate the effect of the three-hour discount retail carnival extravaganza shopping experience on the July 1 protesters. This is Hong Kong, after all, and a discount on a Milan Station bag will beat a principled stand any day of the week.

  6. maugrim says:

    There’s also an interesting sub-group in HK who want the Police to take ‘strong’ action with protestors, using batons etc on the basis of law and order. I think Regina is tapping into that. My point? In HK for every person who supports democracy on a 32 degree day, there’s another who prefers a discount (any discount will do) and others who are secret fascists.

  7. Stephen says:

    Whilst I wish the ‘occupy central’ organizers well I still have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that they will feck it up. To counter the annual (warm up) July 1 march it seems the Pro-Beijing lobby seem equally inept so in a way they cancel each other out.

    However with the march due to finish at Tamar which, is also the location of the Beijing love-in fair, then doubtless a few pro-dem combustibles verses hired goons from the NT may provide an interesting supporting act to the later fireworks.

    One country two systems what a glorious success its been.

  8. Sojourner says:

    I live in the New Territories, and I have always had a hankering to be a hired goon.

    Is the remuneration good?

  9. Local Tax Payer says:

    In other countries, or indeed in this one, people die by the hundreds in defence of freedom. Here, a still-hypothetical demonstration in a distant future generates a lot of hot air. Is there something else that people are not being told?

  10. Oneleggoalie says:

    Oneleg remembers when Central was empty of people on Sundays…a stroll in the cooler months brought a pleasant tingle down one’s left side.
    Perhaps PLA tanks could crush a few heads and they’d have to cordon off the area for the cleaners…Oneleg could enjoy his walks again…even for a little while.

  11. Joe Blow says:


    Venue: “Chez Vines”, Sai Kung

    Date: Saturday June 22nd

    Time: 5 PM-ish

    Dress: Smart Hawaiian

    Food: kosher, except for the sausages. BYOB (we are not the Salvation Army).

    Theme: “Man of Mystery”. The evening may or may not include a surprise appearance by a “mystery guest”. You’ll just have to wait and bear it.

    The film- and photo rights have been sold to a foreign press entity, so be a sport and leave your camera at home.

    All are welcome !! R.S.V.P (regrets only)

  12. Mr. D.R. One says:

    @Joe Blow. Please provide a six figure grid reference for ‘Chez Vines’ as I don’t wish to miss this one.

  13. Peter Johnson says:

    I know where “Chez Vines” is, but who’s Joe Blow?

    When it says “All are welcome”, does that really mean everyone who reads this? Even me????

  14. Joe Blow says:

    Oh ye of little faith.

    @Peter: yes, all are welcome, as long as you adhere to the dress code. It’s just like the Catholic Church: if you want a seat (and 2 sausages) get there 10 minutes early.

    On the entertainment side: Nury is going to read a bit from his latest book and we are trying to arrange a satellite feed with Assange in London. Not confirmed yet but fingers crossed.

    “Who is Joe ?” is not a valid question. This is about The Cause. And a big hand to Steve for playing Maria von Trapp. For all we know, he may be rendered to Guantanamo before the month is out.

    There is a lot of interest from the international media, so it promises to be a happening. Be there or be square.

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