Loopy wife on roof leaves business failure unfit for office

The primary purpose of a farce, it says here, is to entertain the audience by means of “unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations … deliberate absurdity and nonsense”. Which brings us to page 12 of today’s Standard, where we are presented with two stories on Hong Kong’s Chief Executive mock-election candidates Henry Tang and CY Leung.

One story reports that ex-Chief Secretary Tang was hobnobbing with movie folk yesterday – the sort of predictable photo-opportunity he needs to do more of. He met Kung Fu star Donnie Yen and a producer we will hear more of in a moment called Stephen Shiu. Shiu’s main contribution to Hong Kong culture, or at least exports, is a 3D soft-porn film called Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (extreme tedium, more like it). Straight from central casting he comes, with black T-shirt and podgy, pervy, camera-in-bag-on-floor-in-MTR demeanour.

Henry spouted the usual sort of drivel that the Big Lychee’s politicians come up with on such occasions, promising to ‘help’ the local film industry through investment funds, the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement and all the usual hogwash. So far, so normal.

The second story is a bit of British Murdoch tabloid-style dirt aimed at Henry’s rival. A former neighbour of the Leungs in Stanley questions whether CY is the right person to lead Hong Kong. His family was bullied, it seems, after CY’s wife put an antenna on his roof and – screaming, no less – refused to remove it. (Coded short-wave messages from Beijing? We will never know.) So rabidly did Mrs CY freak out that the poor police got dragged into it. Conclusion: “…if you cannot even manage your own family, how can you manage a city?”

The long-suffering former neighbour? Skin-flick merchant Stephen Shiu, who hastens after the Standard reporter to add how much he agrees with her media group’s disputed analysis of CY’s business and financial embarrassments, and adds, “I am a little bit scared. I would rather have a chief executive who is willing to discuss matters.”

Lest anyone still detects a Higgs Boson-size speck of subtlety, the Standard gives this story top billing.

Both candidates have been spotted visiting the Central People’s Government Liaison Office, prompting much muttering about whether the cadres saw them together or apart, gave advice or instructions on how the quasi-election campaign is to proceed, or offered tips on installing antennae on neighbours’ roofs. But that place is a black box. Sing Tao/Standard proprietor Charles Ho’s persecution of CY, by contrast, is a little ray of sunlight.

Click to hear the Who’s ‘My Wife’!

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8 Responses to Loopy wife on roof leaves business failure unfit for office

  1. Real Tax Payer says:

    I like the girl……. is she one of Henry’s side interests ?

  2. HH says:

    I am not sure what qualifies Mr Shiu to judge CY’s business acumen but it is certainly curious that a company that survived two world wars, the great depression and countless stock market crashes did not survive CY’s stewardship.

  3. maugrim says:

    Ahhh, Hong Kong, where a producer of a pornographic film is asked to critique a candidate’s business acumen.

    Where the paper ‘leaking’ such comments says this:

    “Another candidate, Henry Tang Ying-yen, said he does not know why Leung visited the liaison office and he has no plans to do so. ”

    While another says this:

    “Two of the main candidates to be the next chief executive have been seen meeting mainland officials at the central government’s liaison office….”

    Can we handle the truth?

  4. Stephen says:


    Don’t get suckered into the whole Charles Ho (Sing Tao / Standard) blather about CY Leung being responsible for DTZ crashing and burning – He owned 2.4% – try propertyweek.com for a more accurate view of what and why.

    Of course Charles Ho knows this but this fits in with his Horse for CE campaign which Hemlock refers to. Expect more of these stories until Ho and the rest of the establishment (pigs in the trough) are sure that their horse is over the winning line.

    Half wit son of a tycoon, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, for Chief Executive – Wasn’t this tried before and failed ?

  5. Walter De Havilland says:

    The Hong Kong film industry was doing very well thank you … with the Triads running it. Now the Triads are busy milking it on easy money in Macao, the funding has dried up and hence the plea for tax payers money. To be honest, if they cannot make decent films that attract an audience and a bit of a profit, why should we subsidise them.

  6. jing says:

    Henry is one guy who should never be shot from below unless he intends his chin to run for CE all on its own.

  7. Real Tax Payer says:

    HOT OFF THE PRESS from Friday’s SCMO, which due to the miracle of the internet I can get in BJ as easily as in HK

    I SAY YEAH to offending property developers !


    Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, a member of the pan-democrat Civic Party and one of the eight winners in the legal sub-sector who have party affiliations, said after a meeting among the 30 winners in the sub-sector yesterday that most of them had agreed in principle to pass their extra nominations to a non-pan-democratic candidate. But the votes “have to be attached with conditions”, Kwok said. “Whoever comes to us for nomination has to set out details of the universal suffrage – the timetable, the format of the election and whether the functional constituencies will be abolished,” he said.

    Leung said if he was elected chief executive he would launch a public consultation, shortly after taking up office, on the arrangements for attaining universal suffrage for chief executive in 2017 and the Legislative Council in 2020.

    Asked whether he would launch the consultation as late as 2015, he said “the earlier the process starts the better”.

    Leung, who said last month that his ideas on housing and livelihood issues had “offended” some property developers, said he did not think he and his allies suffered in the Election Committee sub-sector poll because of dissatisfaction among some developers with his stance on housing.

  8. What is it with the camera angle that makes these three fellows look so bad?

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