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No fresh start for HK

The US is looking forward to a fresh start, with lots of healing and lovey-dovey stuff. (The scriptwriters should be ashamed of themselves. The Four Seasons Total Landscaping saga capping the US presidential election would have been just about believable … Continue reading

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Cultural Revolution Re-enactment Phone Service Opens

The Hong Kong Gestapo’s Snitch Line officially opens and is – the SCMP says – flooded with thousands of tips from patriotic citizens eager to inform on ‘yellow’ judges and people who eat at ‘yellow’ restaurants.  I myself am planning … Continue reading

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HK government resolutely stamps out ‘shared mic’ menace

Punctuation fans rejoice at RTHK’s headline ‘Activist faces new sedition charge, over shared mic’. The government is piling on sedition charges against pro-democracy broadcaster and activist Tam Tak-chi. Without the comma, the headline would suggest that all the charges have … Continue reading

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HK Police remind everyone of their collusion with Yuen Long thugs

If you’re a police force that appears to have colluded with gangsters in violent attacks on members of the public – and you were bitter and angry about the widespread perception that you had – what could you do? For … Continue reading

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Some Tuesday links

From Benedict Rogers – a sobering summary of the choices and limits facing HK’s protest movement. As he says, ‘the harsh truth has not yet sunk in for many’. Figures like Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong are now essentially waiting … Continue reading

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Another reminder to pan-dems: abandon LegCo

The arrests of (mainly moderate) pan-dem lawmakers is hardly surprising. As clear winners of majority support from voters, they have a mandate the government clearly lacks. A flexible colonial ruler might consider absorbing them into the power structure – but … Continue reading

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“What has Tony Chung actually done?”

Few 19-year-olds can be as accomplished as Tony Chung, if the allegations against him are at all true. The former leader of pro-independence group Studentlocalism is charged with secession (under the NatSec Law), money laundering (under easy-to-abuse laws) and ‘conspiracy … Continue reading

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Do Carrie a favour and take your pangolin pills

At around the halfway point on Hong Kong’s journey from an open society to a banana-republic dictatorship, even the government has a hard time adjusting. As a puppet administration, it must impose oppressive policies; but the people are still free … Continue reading

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Banana republic forming nicely

Is HKU about to be the first university in town to have a CCP member in a top position? HKFP report on two appointments. Ying Chan looks into the background of one – Prof Zuo-jun ‘Max’ Shen. Max says his … Continue reading

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The NatSec Regime in practice

Some Hong Kong pro-democrats still like to imagine that, even under the Leninist principles of the NatSec Regime, the Legislative Council can be a representative body with at least a little political power. Maybe they will get real after reading … Continue reading

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