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HK resistance unveils new aerial weapon

This week’s Why Didn’t I Think of That Award goes to the geniuses who marked Yuen Long 7-21 yesterday by tying banners onto helium-filled balloons and let them drift up to the utterly inaccessible ceiling of the shopping mall – … Continue reading

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The list gets scarier as it goes on…

No, I don’t mean the menu at the Guizhou lamb noodles restaurant in Tung Choi Street – I mean the barrage of Mainlandization and related horrors hitting Hong Kong while I was on ‘staycation’. I count eight or so. 1. Beijing … Continue reading

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Anything been happening while I was away?

Some leftover reading material while I catch up… In ASPI Strategist, Minxin Pei on why China is engaging in such a self-destructive foreign policy. Among other things, the CCP believes the West remains so desperate for Chinese business that it … Continue reading

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Street-less demonstration attracts 600,000

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Resolutely Safeguarding National Security Office this morning as the Mainland goons ponder why – after whiny foot-stamping threats and oh-so original police raids of a pollster – 600,000 people turned … Continue reading

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How a PR company damages your PR

Is it Friday? One of the strange things about retirement is that you don’t track these things. Your weekend treat: a juicy PRovoke piece on the Hong Kong government’s new PR company, Consulum. Reading between the lines, it seems the … Continue reading

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Taking a break from my piece for HK Free Press…

…to highlight a report on how conservative media outlets accepted op-ed pieces by fake writers with Twitter accounts. (Middle East connection – not PR firm Consulum’s work by any chance?) Complete with an interesting Hong Kong angle that doesn’t reflect … Continue reading

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Correction – it’s Mainlandization of the minute…

Today’s supply of Mainlandizations de l’heure are mostly in the Implementation Rules for Article 43 of the NatSec ‘Enabling’ Law. Searches without a warrant, freezing/seizure of assets, intercepts/surveillance, removal of online materials and compulsory disclosure of information.  One thing it … Continue reading

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New! Mainlandizations de l’heure

The management have announced that Mainlandizations du jour are being phased out in favour of Mainlandizations de l’heure. And pre-emptive kowtows will henceforth be pre-emptive repressions.  Hong Kong’s public libraries suspend loans of books by Joshua Wong and Tanya Chan … Continue reading

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A quick set of NatSec law links for reference…

The NatSec law in English. From HKFP, a basic explainer covering all the main points. NPC Observer goes through the legal horrors, not least of which is the lack of definitions for phrases in a large number of proscribed acts, … Continue reading

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HK govt, PR company finally snare each other

Best news since the Hindenburg Airship Corporation announced its supplier of fire extinguishers – the Hong Kong government has found a PR agency. PRovokeMedia reports that the lucky winner is Consulum, a Bell Pottinger offshoot specializing in Middle East governments … Continue reading

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