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Carrie takes demented mouth-frothing intolerance too far

Carrie Lam gets miffed to the max about qualified scientists disputing a need for her community-wide virus screening plan… …so-called experts, doctors or members of the public kept finding excuses to stop citizens from participating in the test … They … Continue reading

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Would HK lose more face than it saves at WTO?

Proof that you should use your quota of free articles wisely – the SCMP has a good in-depth feature on the pros and cons of Hong Kong appealing to the WTO over the US decision to require ‘Made in Hong … Continue reading

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How the CCP poisons everything, Part 423

Can Hong Kong fight Covid 19 effectively when Beijing is ordering its puppet administration to focus on battling political opposition? The authorities have already weaponized social-distancing regulations against protesters while leaving more obvious infringers alone. And of course, the LegCo … Continue reading

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Revealed – How Jimmy Lai helped train senior HK Police

This week’s episode of Banana Republic was brought to you by: Teresa Cheng killing a private prosecution by pro-dem Ted Hui for the second time this week; and plain-clothes police grabbing a young woman off the street and into an … Continue reading

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HK breaking 23-year-records!

If you want to read the phrase ‘All-time record low since 1997’ over and over, check out the latest PORI opinion poll on Hong Kong social indicators.  The numbers still have room to fall lower. Perhaps with that in mind, … Continue reading

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‘Relaunch HK’ suicide squad formed

Trade publication PRovoke Media has the latest on the Hong Kong government’s desperate attempts to improve its (or, officials would say, the city’s) international image.  Saudi-advising mayhem-management agency Consulum has (presumably) splashed some money around and attracted three communications professionals … Continue reading

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Shoe-shining update

Wolfson College in Cambridge sort-of-strips Carrie Lam of her honorary fellowship. Strictly speaking, they mumble – under pressure – about looking into her role in suppressing Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms, and eventually she gets the message and does a … Continue reading

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The grey twilight zone

Following the outing and doxxing of Kong Tsung-gan as a white person with a Chinese-sounding pseudonym, I am in danger of being revealed as a human despite my herculean – and long-successful – efforts to pass myself off as a … Continue reading

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Made in China but not made in China

Remember in May when Hong Kong Customs confiscated a Demosisto face-mask shipment for being labelled ‘Not made in China’? Now the Hong Kong government is freaking out about product labels saying the opposite.  You can’t win. The Hong Kong authorities … Continue reading

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HK media undergoes rectification

Widespread international attention, plus a 500%+ boost to Apple Daily’s sales – and Jimmy Lai and other NatSec arrestees are out on bail the next day anyway, feted as local heroes. Whatever the CCP’s henchmen are trying to do, it … Continue reading

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