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Yes, we’ve joined the ranks of banana republics

Hong Kong can finally look other banana-republic police states in the face – its new national security cops have successfully performed their very first ‘midnight knock at the door’ arrests, complete with bundling people into unmarked cars under cover of … Continue reading

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Your mid-week Mainlandizations…

Benny Tai is fired from Hong Kong U, with the Liaison Office applauding the move with impressive speed soon after the gutless announcement. In overruling the university’s Senate, the HKU Council is simply doing the CCP’s bidding. You could say … Continue reading

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Visionary media revenue model invented

Further to SCMP going behind a paywall… I know journalism isn’t free. But I’m never going to read more than roughly 5-10% of any publication’s content, so I don’t get great value for money from most subscriptions. And paying for … Continue reading

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The creepy hunt for evidence of thought-crimes

Thread explaining the background and mechanics of political screening of wannabe candidates ahead of disqualification. More here. The government reshuffles civil servants to put compliant ones in place, and the targeted politicians get 24 hours to respond to ‘gotcha’ accusations … Continue reading

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Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth

There are three main responses to the UK’s decision to admit any Hongkonger eligible for a BNO passport. First, there’s China’s official, ever-charming ‘Immediately Correct Your Mistakes!!’ panda-tantrum, denouncing the move as breaking an (unspecified) international law. (Not a bad … Continue reading

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Ever get the feeling things are starting to spiral even more out of control?

The US has closed China’s Houston consulate – is it true there’s a wanted person holed up in there? A noticeable increase in talk of China’s looming war with Taiwan. Beijing threatening to retaliate against everyone for everything – you … Continue reading

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HK resistance unveils new aerial weapon

This week’s Why Didn’t I Think of That Award goes to the geniuses who marked Yuen Long 7-21 yesterday by tying banners onto helium-filled balloons and let them drift up to the utterly inaccessible ceiling of the shopping mall – … Continue reading

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The list gets scarier as it goes on…

No, I don’t mean the menu at the Guizhou lamb noodles restaurant in Tung Choi Street – I mean the barrage of Mainlandization and related horrors hitting Hong Kong while I was on ‘staycation’. I count eight or so. 1. Beijing … Continue reading

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Anything been happening while I was away?

Some leftover reading material while I catch up… In ASPI Strategist, Minxin Pei on why China is engaging in such a self-destructive foreign policy. Among other things, the CCP believes the West remains so desperate for Chinese business that it … Continue reading

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Street-less demonstration attracts 600,000

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Resolutely Safeguarding National Security Office this morning as the Mainland goons ponder why – after whiny foot-stamping threats and oh-so original police raids of a pollster – 600,000 people turned … Continue reading

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