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Just another 353 days of Happy and Thrilling to go

Hong Kong, it says here, is ‘in the fast lane after a happy and thrilling start to 2023’. And ‘rabbits symbolize peace and prosperity’. In the fast lane: a NatSec court tells 17 pro-democrats that they must wait until summer … Continue reading

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Assorted mid-week stuff

An account of proceedings in the Stand News case (background here). Also in the courts: convictions and sentences for being present near a riot. And wearing black. A stiff dose of shrill Mainland rhetoric in the government’s statement after lawyers … Continue reading

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Blink and you’ll miss it

Trying to keep up with the rather rapid spread of Covid in the Mainland – the virus has reportedly infected 90% of Henan. China Media Project looks at a People’s Daily editorial that’s ‘one of the more egregious efforts’ to … Continue reading

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‘Telling good HK stories’ to become harder

Today’s must read: Atlantic on Beijing’s obsessive pursuit of Jimmy Lai, which involves crafting an extensive narrative to describe and explain the 2019 uprising as someone else’s fault… The prosecutors paint him as the “mastermind” of a fundraising-and-lobbying effort that, … Continue reading

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Hibernation officially over

Reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that 2023 has begun. Hong Kong is Asia’s Covid death-rate hub-zone. But first the good news: Hong Kong, [unlike the Mainland], is still reporting covid deaths. Though Beijing has brought the city under … Continue reading

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Some mid-week links

From the Ministry of Truth… Pandemic prevention policy is scientific, proactive, and under control, and is being carried out in a planned and measured manner. This runs counter to false charges, leveled by the United States and the West, that … Continue reading

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Beijing’s New Year resolution for Hong Kong

Beijing’s ‘interpretation’ gives Hong Kong’s government the power to bar foreign lawyers from NatSec trials, specifically that of Jimmy Lai. NPC Observer’s analysis of the ‘interpretation’ goes over the details, concluding… Beyond the confines of Lai’s case and the specific … Continue reading

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There’s a ‘Command and Coordination Group’?

From the Command and Coordination Group press conference, CE John Lee’s comments explaining how – after months of unconvincingly explained foot-dragging – the sudden Covid U-turn is part of a highly planned strategy. Quick thread detailing the inconsistencies… The overall … Continue reading

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‘Too risky to relax’ rules suddenly relaxed 

Rather obviously emulating Beijing, Hong Kong relaxes most Covid restrictions – except the really pointless and annoying ones. In particular, mask-wearing outdoors. (Don’t the authorities realize that compulsory mask-wearing has become so ingrained in Hong Kong life that many couples … Continue reading

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Mid-hibernation links

It seems Hong Kong must get a taste of the Mainland’s instant Covid U-turns. After being told for years that reopening the border can’t be rushed, the government suddenly says… We must race against time to prepare for resumption of … Continue reading

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