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Some weekend reading…

I declare the weekend open with the usual exquisitely curated artisanal links… Trade mag Holmes Report on Hong Kong’s San Francisco trade office inviting PR companies to ‘inspire and enhance confidence’. Sebastian Veg tries to find cause for optimism in … Continue reading

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The year ahead, Pt 2

This Diplomat article explains why China’s stance towards Taiwan alienates rather than wins over the population. Essentially, Beijing’s Leninist mindset presumes the masses to be led from the top down, so they focus on attacking government figures like Tsai Ing … Continue reading

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The year ahead

When they are not suffering from delusions that Hong Kong will at some time go ‘back to normal’, some frustrated establishment figures lash out with a sour note: Beijing, they mutter, is ‘happy to let Hong Kong tear itself apart’. … Continue reading

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A quick detour to Taiwan

Taiwan’s election is on Saturday. Much international commentary focuses on the effect of Hong Kong’s gradual subjugation by Beijing in bolstering Tsai Ing Wen’s chances. The CCP have no doubt given Evil Cat-Loving Spinster Lady a boost by offering cherished … Continue reading

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Welcome Mr Luo!

Like Qasem Suleimani, Luo Huining is someone we had largely ignored until he received a very nasty shock this weekend. Luo is to replace Wang Zhimin as director of the Liaison Office – Beijing’s shadow government in Hong Kong. Wang … Continue reading

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Or ‘list the things you feel grateful for’

Another selection of HK Free Press photos from 2019. ‘The year that changed Hong Kong forever’ still seems to be a difficult concept for some establishment types to grasp. If you take the most militant pro-independence protester and the most … Continue reading

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New Year’s revolution

This letter from overseas dignitaries calling on Hong Kong authorities to curb police violence, launch an inquiry and introduce political reform didn’t have much effect on the cops’ tactics, judging from yesterday’s mayhem. The cops’ New Year’s resolution seems to … Continue reading

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The year ends with wombats

After I was a bit snarky about a borderline-insane anti-protest column, someone at the SCMP wearily/patiently pointed out that they do carry a range of op-ed pieces. In the interests of fairness and seasonal goodwill, I pass on a couple … Continue reading

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Happy holidays

For Hong Kong, it’s a holiday season in which ‘police and protesters roam shopping malls’ and the government complains that marauding masked rioters have ‘affected the festive mood’ and wrings its hands about the dreaded pro-independence flag menace. A genteel … Continue reading

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Season’s beatings…

Shall we have a peaceful or a violent Christmas Eve in Tsimshatsui tonight? Inspired by their success in spreading holiday fun last Halloween, the Hong Kong Police predictably  choose the latter. After six months of this, we can detect a … Continue reading

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