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Carrie’s bold move nothing really

Hong Kong’s embattled/failing/bedraggled Chief Executive Carrie Lam follows up her shocking blockbuster decision to withdraw the extradition bill with a claim that it’s nothing really and doesn’t even count as a change of mind, so there, yah boo. This is … Continue reading

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CCP licks wounds, will be back

The leaks about the Chief Executive begging Beijing to make concessions and to let her quit this nightmare seem to have had an effect: Carrie Lam announces the withdrawal of the extradition bill. The consensus is ‘too little, too late’. … Continue reading

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Can we ‘stamp it out’ by Xi’s 100th birthday?

Reuters have released a transcript of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s leaked comments – hereby named Dialogue-Gate. Two obvious questions. One: was she being completely candid with her audience of intimates, or was there some duplicity there? (Does she … Continue reading

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‘Please hurry up and fire me you bastards’ – Carrie

Last week’s Reuters scoop about Beijing taking control of Hong Kong’s local administration, helpfully confirmed by Global Times, suggests that someone high-up in the city’s establishment is trying to put some distance between themselves and the national government. Reuters now … Continue reading

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In the interests of fairness and balance…

Equal time for the pro-Beijing video-makers out there. These were all forwarded from someone in the government-friendly, anti-protest camp. One thing about these people is that they do not seem too fussy about the provenance of the materials they send … Continue reading

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Carrie to be ousted by corruption frame-up? Place your bets

This Bloomberg chart shows how Carrie Lam’s approval ratings have plunged. But it’s out of date – she has now hit 17%. My MS Paint rejig is about right. In the absence of a functioning Hong Kong government, the Chinese … Continue reading

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Police encourage you to come out on Saturday

Hong Kong has held countless anti-government marches and rallies since the Lychee Revolution started in June. (Can we call it that? Please? It needs a name.) Every time observers think protest fatigue might be setting in, the turnout is massive. … Continue reading

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HK govt not incompetent – just vacant

Here’s a nice video clip – Carrie Lam before the quasi-election saying she would quit as Chief Executive if the people wanted her to go. It hasn’t aged well. (Nor, in all truth, has she in that short time.) Her … Continue reading

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Enter the Jasper

‘Jasper’ Tsang Yok-sing, elder statesman of Hong Kong’s CCP-front DAB, writes (in Chinese) in AM730 that foreign forces are not mounting a classic ‘color revolution’ in the city – their anti-China aims are more nuanced, owing to business interests here, … Continue reading

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Dazzling way out for Beijing proposed

And so our visionary leaders try the latest ‘Tsuen Wan model’ mayhem-based solution to a citywide uprising provoked by 20 years’ atrocious governance and the creeping imposition of a one-party authoritarian regime: shutting down MTR stations, deploying the much hyped-up … Continue reading

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