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Prosecuting the victims

The old Hong Kong would have been horrified if the government prosecuted victims of a mob attack – to which the cops failed to respond – on passengers at an MTR station. But these days, the big shock is that … Continue reading

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Next change: ‘The Blue Detachment of Women’

Not satisfied with making the public-service broadcaster scrap its unconstitutional Person of the Year referendum, the Liaison Office might set up its own RTHK. Beijing, it says here, plans to establish a state-owned Hong Kong-based ‘cultural’ conglomerate to do publishing, … Continue reading

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And yes, it’s the CCP’s centenary year

What will happen in 2021? Will Hong Kong explode? The Financial Times’ New Year forecast waves the question aside with a confident ‘nah’. But local academics doing a survey of students believe the city is a powder-keg. If I were … Continue reading

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See you in 2021

Today’s festive-season horrors: 19-year-old Tony Chung jailed for disrespecting the flag; a  NatSec Law detainee put in extra-special custody for scribbling a Hong Kong independence slogan on his cell wall; no-one is allowed into the HK 12 trial in Shenzhen. … Continue reading

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Another case of rule-by-lawfare

Former pro-dem lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting is arrested by the ICAC – where he once worked as an anti-graft investigator. His crime seems to be seeking the truth about the Yuen Long gangster attack and subsequent cover-up. The CCP is desperate. … Continue reading

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Emerging from hibernation briefly…

A thread on the de facto absorption/dismantling of a renowned HK Chinese University-based research service institute apparently for being too exposed to charges of collusion with foreign forces. CUHK produced its excuses on Christmas Day. Apple Daily story here. In … Continue reading

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Christmas greetings to HK from the CCP

Beijing mulls a ban on pan-democrats from their powerless, essentially ornamental, presence as a minority of the powerless, essentially ornamental, Election Committee. The idea also seems to involve disqualifying them from the district councils they won in a landslide a … Continue reading

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This’ll go down like a cup of cold sick…

So much for a slow week of hibernation. A government-in-exile at last! (Strictly speaking, a democratic deliberative platform, but let’s not ruin a good angle.) A joke? A meaningless gesture? A brilliant piece of guerilla theatre? (Clue: the latter, at … Continue reading

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Expecting a slow week ahead…

…so probably not much going on here until the New Year (barring unforeseen etc). Main horror of the weekend, according to Apple Daily, is a Hong Kong government plan to amend immigration law and entitle itself to bar people – … Continue reading

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More on the Bauhinia Party

An SCMP interview with the new Bauhinia Party’s guy confirms initial impressions that it’s a CCP initiative to co-opt broader middle-class and young elements. It looks like an attempt to sideline, rather than just scare, the pro-Beijing groups that currently … Continue reading

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