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HK election ‘improvements’ – the devil is not in the detail

In 2014, Hong Kong rejected a proposed ‘universal suffrage’ system because the CCP would have chosen who goes on the ballot for Chief Executive. In 2021, Beijing officially passes its ‘improvements’ to Hong Kong’s election system and assumes control of … Continue reading

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HK develops its creative and culture hub plans

Hong Kong’s NatSec Regime takes a break from putting dissidents in jails and mental hospitals to exercise its censorship muscles. With the Broadcasting Authority bending over backwards to entertain ‘complaints’ about the station committing such heinous acts as suggesting Taiwan … Continue reading

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HK reaches ‘dissidents in mental hospitals’ stage (allegedly)

Among the weekend’s horrors… Not to be outdone by Regina Ip looking forlornly at her Burberry scarves, the usual bunch of sad-looking losers assemble outside H&M in Tsimshatsui to demand an apology for blah blah.  (In an interesting side-effect of … Continue reading

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Week ends on banana-republic and shoe-burning notes

A quick wrap-up of the last 24 hours’ horrors… Andy Li has gone missing while in custody, true banana-republic-style. Apparently, he is exercising his right not to let family know his whereabouts. Several of the HK 12 have also supposedly … Continue reading

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Midweek flurry turns to deluge

How much Mainlandizing rectification clampdown-purge stuff can Beijing cram into tiny Hong Kong in just one day? Take a deep breath… The new and very expensive M+ museum will, it seems, censor Ai Weiwei’s ‘Tiananmen finger’ photo – and presumably … Continue reading

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The week’s horrors so far…

A midweek flurry of Mainlandizing rectification crap starts with the – surely unprecedented – sighting of an RTHK news puff-piece. Appropriately, it is about Greater Bay Area Opportunities!!! for young people, quoting eager participants at a jobs fair proclaiming that … Continue reading

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Does Sinovac make a chill pill?

After a slightly slow weekend, the Mainlandized Rectified Patriotic Blob stirs into action again. Eight of the HK12 are transferred back from Shenzhen to Hong Kong under circumstances that attract criticism from lawyers.  Beijing’s officials will want to make examples … Continue reading

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Not many major horrors this weekend…

Maybe even dictatorships need a rest occasionally. Some fresh and wholesome links… Quartz on the SCMP’s likely course if/when/as it passes from Jack Ma to a more dependable CCP-supporting owner. Given the context of the overall rectification of Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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Some nearly-end-of-week links…

An HKFP op-ed writer deregisters as a voter. Not sure this makes sense. The more right-thinking people there are on the electoral rolls, the smaller the percentage turnout of registered voters will be when they boycott an election. A turnout … Continue reading

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Rectifications du jour

Here’s an intriguing piece by journalist (and former guest of the Mainland’s NatSec apparatus) Ching Cheong on Beijing media and other documents dating from 2003 up to 2019, outlining plans for direct central control of Hong Kong. Among them is … Continue reading

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