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A few things…

More angst about tourism. The SCMP reports that some 470,000 Mainlanders (the only tourists who matter) visited Hong Kong in the first three days of the lunar new year holiday. They were clogging up the few parts of Central and … Continue reading

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Leisurely return after long weekend 

Evil foreign forces take advantage of China’s holiday to engineer another outbreak of ‘smearing’… In The Atlantic, Timothy McLaughlin laments the local administration’s prioritization of NatSec… … [CE John] Lee and other city leaders ultimately answer to Beijing, and they … Continue reading

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Messi ‘black hand’ revealed

OK – I’ve now worked it out. Messi killed JFK. Elvis is still alive – living with Mao in a secret base on the moon. The CIA brainwashed Hong Kong people into thinking unaffordable housing was bad. Covid vaccines turn … Continue reading

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I was wrong

I thought Massi-gate would be over once he and his team went off to Japan, give or take an official press statement on nuclear waste at Fukushima. But no. Still angry about Massi’s non-performance in Hong Kong, the SCMP’s Yonden … Continue reading

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A back-to-normal Wednesday

Now we’ve got Lionel Messi out of our system, there’s still time for some more Hong Kong is Back to Normal Good Stories before Chinese New Year… Agnes Chow, age 27 and currently studying in Canada, is officially wanted by … Continue reading

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Should Lionel Messi get a Gold Bauhinia Medal?

For diverting everyone’s attention away from NatSec laws and trials?  Government people were groveling to the Argentine soccer star. A Standard editorial has more on the ‘PR disaster’… The Inter Miami-vs-Hong Kong match had been treated as a celebrity event … Continue reading

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Meaningful retail space to bless community

The Sunbeam Theatre in North Point is famed for a gloriously garish foyer that delights passers-by and Cantonese opera performances that few under-70s find appealing. The site was on offer a few years back for HK$1.2 billion. Now prices have … Continue reading

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Mainlandization spreads to fonts

NatSec panic as ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ slogans are found on the sidewalk in Wong Tai Sin. Police conclude they were left over from 2019, and the paint covering them had worn off. Phew! A theatrical group is barred from holding … Continue reading

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*Now* you tell us there are zero ferries today

Recovering from a traumatic trip to Macau. The time in the erstwhile enclave was great; the journeys there and back, fairly horrendous. For example… So just some quick late midweek links… Some bureaucrat trying to be ‘creative’ decrees a new … Continue reading

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Government acts against ‘barbaric and gross’ things ‘still lurking in society’

Article 23 is here. A four-week public consultation, versus three months last time. HKFP’s report. The Guardian’s. The whole paper.  Freaky stuff. The phrase ‘soft resistance’ appears once (page 17)… (d) Promoting messages endangering national security: The forces seeking to … Continue reading

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