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World not so important, says HK govt

Carrie Lam spells out her (or her bosses’) Covid travel reopening priorities… Hong Kong’s ties with mainland China are more important than international business and global travel connections, according to the Asian financial hub’s leader. “Of course, international travel is … Continue reading

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Avalanche of horrors to affect only small minority

Macabre Sense of Humour of the Week Award goes to the Hong Kong government for creating a severe shortage of affordable housing, then having a photo-op of an official handing out fire extinguishers to tenants in tiny and dangerous subdivided … Continue reading

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The National Day weekend’s NatSec summary…

A Stand News explainer on the ongoing second NatSec Law trial, of Ma Chun-man… Unlike the city’s first national security trial, which ended in July, Ma is not accused of committing violence and is charged solely on the basis of … Continue reading

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First batch of spiritual pedigree now out!

In case you haven’t heard: the first batch of the CCP’s spiritual pedigree (you know – the one forged during the Party’s century-old endeavor) was officially released on Wednesday. It says so here. Today’s local sub-batch of spiritual pedigree… Hong … Continue reading

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NatSec online

The offshore 8964 Museum website is reportedly being blocked. And you can try for yourself here. There are degrees of Internet censorship, and experts say this example (government asking ISPs to block a site) is the least creepy and easy … Continue reading

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NatSec catch-up

Consistent sentencing guidelines were never the Hong Kong judiciary’s strong point. And then came the NatSec era. Now you get three months in prison for stabbing Long Hair, but nine years for stabbing Junius Ho. Simple explanation: in majority pro-democracy … Continue reading

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Meng’s release not much of a victory

Meng Wanzhou’s (personal) deferred prosecution agreement with the US Justice Dept suggests that the (Trump-era) case against her was not as strong as it could be. To Beijing, of course, she is royalty. The kidnapping of the two Michaels, and … Continue reading

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Drop those Double Tenth party plans!

This week’s Not Creepy At All Award goes to Security Secretary PK Tang, who says he knows what you are thinking in your heart and (if it’s a forbidden thought) will arrest you for it.  The weird – well, one … Continue reading

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Out: ‘endangering’. In: ‘contrary to the interests of’

Bloomberg spots a recent shift in official wording of Hong Kong’s NatSec red lines: beforehand, you could be in trouble for doing things that ‘endanger national security’; now you’re in it for doing anything ‘contrary to the interests of national … Continue reading

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Conspiracy to incite subversion with panty liners – NatSec police pounce

Riveting live action from Sunday’s improved Election Committee ‘election’, with a whole 4,000-odd voters. Some of them had to wait more than an hour to cast their vote, and counting the ballots somehow took 13 hours. An HKFP op-ed on … Continue reading

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