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Just catching up with the daily NatSec…

A woman is given three months in prison for waving the wrong flag while the national anthem is played on a TV broadcast in a mall. Magistrate says she ‘seriously disparaged the anthem and damaged the nation’s dignity’. You would … Continue reading

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ICAC fights ‘likes’

The ICAC – supposedly an anti-corruption agency – charges four people for sharing social-media posts urging a boycott of the last LegCo elections. The charge is ‘inciting others to cast blank votes or not to vote’. Seems almost anything the … Continue reading

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The snail-paced NatSec case

Even NatSec judges are getting impatient with the prosecutors apparently dragging out the case of the pro-democrats who tried to win an election, with masses of non-specific evidence and a trial estimated to take over 90 days – but not … Continue reading

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HK rule of law ‘tickety boo’

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee hails rule of law in the city. His comments to a conference also emphasize judicial independence – even though Beijing’s rulers explicitly reject the notion of separation of powers. Meanwhile, former leader of the … Continue reading

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Some questions

1. A Security Bureau statement complains about a Ming Pao op-ed on the proposed legal ban on CBD products… “The article, which questions the welfare sector, not only affects the morale of the workers in the anti-drug sector, but also … Continue reading

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116,000 of our under-40s workers are missing

Overcome today with the excitement of the Global Financial Hub-Zone Leadership Summit plus a Number 8 Light Showers signal (disrupted workday apparently justified because of storm’s impact on south side of Hong Kong Island, like the rest of us care). … Continue reading

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No promoting ‘illegal ideologies’, please

Background to the Stand News case from VOA  – ‘conspiring to publish seditious publications’. Updated threads from Su Xinqi. Here: the judge has allowed all articles submitted as evidence, regardless of time limitations in the sedition law. Bizarrely, one of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, New York and London are ‘sparingly promoted’

The ‘unsparingly promoted’ Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Hub-Zone Summit starts tomorrow. Some confusion as to whether the Financial Secretary himself will make it following a positive Covid test. As the Standard editorial points out, senior Mainland officials are not attending, … Continue reading

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Settling in…

…at my new place. Don’t want to go through that again anytime soon.  Why people stay in NatSec/Covid-era Hong Kong: some don’t mind the NatSec/Covid crap; some are tied by family/work commitments; and of course many lack the opportunity or … Continue reading

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