Stoned cat gatecrashes anti-cannabis drive

Today’s quiz… The HK Education Bureau has urged two schools for intellectually disabled children to:

a) upgrade outdated classroom facilities

b) ensure all teachers have adequate specialized training

c) step up their National Security curriculum

    Answer (if you need it) here

    According to the report, the Caritas Resurrection School in Sha Tin, which caters to children with moderate intellectual disability, failed to fully cover the country’s constitution and the city’s Basic Law mini-constitution in its general studies subject and was “slow” in adding national security education into all others.

    …The report on Po Leung Kuk Law’s Foundation School, an institution in Yuen Long for severely intellectually disabled children, said the institution only had a small number of its subjects combined with learning elements of national security education.

    Congrats to SCMP copy editor for putting quotes around the word ‘slow’.

    A restaurant reviewer returns to Hong Kong for the first time in a few years and finds the scene slow. Her scene includes up-market Michelin-starred places, which have suffered from the middle-class/expat flight and the dearth of better-heeled tourists. One was Amber (remember it well from 11 years ago – spot the typo). She also checks out the trendy bakery/coffee places that Mainland tourists like…

    Bakehouse, Arabica, Winstons and other cool spots … are recommended on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese Instagram platform, but it is hard to tell if they really get a bump in business from such visitors when some of them have been spotted fishing out empty cups from rubbish bins to use as photo props.

    SCMP looks at newly arrived Honkongers running in (and winning) elections for town councils in the UK…

    …one major difference was the statutory powers held by the UK councils to make decisions in areas such as council tax collection and spending, [Andy Ng] said, which differed from the advisory functions of the Hong Kong bodies.

    He added his background as a former district councillor in the city was an asset.

    “Many residents know what’s going on in Hong Kong and they are supportive of [newcomers],” he said.

    As a new President takes over, HKFP interviews various Taiwan figures, including outgoing Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

    The BBC gets to sit down with Tsai Ing-wen…

    …the president seems keener to ask about me than talk about herself. She is certainly more comfortable showing us her cats and dogs than answering questions in front of a rolling camera.

    “That’s Xiang Xiang,” she says, pointing to the large, grey tabby eyeing me suspiciously through the open doorway. “Would you like to meet her?”

    …While Tsai shied away from the spotlight in Taiwan’s boisterous politics, Xiang Xiang became a celebrity. She played a starring role in Tsai’s 2020 re-election campaign, along with the president’s other cat, a ginger tom called Ah Tsai.

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    4 Responses to Stoned cat gatecrashes anti-cannabis drive

    1. Psycho Wong says:

      Over the past ten years the Education Bureau has transformed itself into a department of Soup Nazis. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

    2. Chinese Netizen says:

      “Congrats to SCMP copy editor for putting quotes around the word ‘slow’.”

      Awwww…I thought that was YOU being playful!!

      Japan has successfully proven that regardless of what you’re marketing, throw a picture or actual neko chan into the mix and presto…sales gold!

    3. wmjp says:

      It would seem that the HK Education Bureau has intellectual problems and in need of specialised training in thinking.

    4. Raymonde Sacklyn says:

      As an old boy of the Po Leung Kuk Law’s Foundation School, an institution in Yuen Long for severely intellectually disabled children, I must admit that my alma mater’s effort to teach us students the finesses of the National Security Law has been lacking badly all along. Shame on you, Po Leung Kuk Law’s Foundation School!

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