Democratic Party avoids mentioning democracy

Most ‘moderate’ pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong are either in jail or in exile, and most broadly pan-dem organizations, like unions, have disbanded. Then there’s the Democratic Party, which has members still at liberty who think they can and should keep going. This is despite the fact that some of their former colleagues have been arrested (like Albert Ho), they have virtually no chance of being allowed on ‘patriots-only’ ballots, and indeed argue about whether they should lend credibility to such elections. Plus they can’t book a restaurant (again).

Their latest attempt to battle on as if nothing had happened is to take part in the ritual offering of ‘suggestions’ for the government’s forthcoming Policy Address. Governments have never listened to outsiders’ ideas at the best of times, and the current administration will probably not even want to acknowledge the DP’s existence with a curt thank-you note. Still, the party tries some pre-emptive kowtowing by omitting any mention of representative government in its proposals.

Why are they bothering? Are they ‘trying to be relevant’? How can a pro-democracy group be ‘relevant’ within a system whose top leaders openly oppose open elections and separation of powers? At best, it’s extreme naivety. Unless they’re desperate for a few District Council seats in order to earn some money – in which case, good luck.

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6 Responses to Democratic Party avoids mentioning democracy

  1. Norbert Schroff says:

    Inertia and vacuums do continue unnoticed all over the world so the “Democrats”, flabby liberals with no inertia at all because they have no weight and never had any weight, can continue unnoticed.

    Their virtual, symbolic not even Pyrrhic continuance is so funny – like so much else.

    The HK Keystones just arrested a ten-year-old bank robber. Watch that boy. He has spunk. If he joins the Democrats there might be hope.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Dems – Just lending legitimacy to the charade. They should have their entirely own page in Wikipedia for “Useful Idiots”.

  3. Toph says:

    The best argument for the Democrats hanging in is that if this level of repression ever comes to an end, Hong Kong’s going to need someone around who jnows how a free society ought to work. The dismantling of civil society perpetuates authoritarianism and makes recovery all the more impossible. In the absence of alternatives, one autocrat simply replaces another. So preserving civil society in whatever form it may exist is unglamorous, demeaning, unrewarding but necessary work.

    You may find this naive; that anyone who hasn’t written this place off permanently is dreaming. It’s easy to be the cynical outside observer if you don’t have to live it. But most of us can’t leave and have no choice but to strap in for the long haul. I have respect for those who are trying to do what little they can in increasingly hostile circumstances. They might never achieve anything. Or they might one day be a lifeline.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    Cut the Dems some slack. The intention is to push the party to disband BEFORE the DC elections to avoid having to explain why not one of their members, some long serving, diligent and popular incumbents, could fail to garner the necessary three nominations from each of the three committees.
    Hanging on in there would expose the reality that only blues are to be allowed to run for office.

  5. Dem dems tho says:

    @Chinese Netizen
    They should have their entirely own page in Wikipedia for “Useless Idiots”.
    Fixed it for you.

    The charade has been so obviously and heavy-handedly rigged by the CCP to represent only their interests that no amount of toothless zombies dithering over what to do now their career is over participating could lend any legitimacy to it.

    In fact, it’d more accurate to say that even contemplating joining the charade just lends illegitimacy to the Dems.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    Good comment and nice optimism, Toph. Seriously.

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