Rise in people not living here

From Bloomberg , more on Hong Kong’s demographics, including the recently announced population bump…

As of Aug. 14, resident departures had outnumbered arrivals by more than 291,000 this year…

…Separately, Hong Kong said it saw an increase in its population, reversing years of reported declines, mainly because of a large upward revision in the number of people temporarily residing in the city.

As HKFP puts it

Hong Kong’s population has risen to 7.5 million, according to provisional mid-year estimates, buoyed by a 64 per cent increase in people who do not live in the city full-time.

… the net outflow of 291,000 residents marked Hong Kong’s largest since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in January 2020, when the Immigration Department began keeping records.

In other words, don’t expect school enrolments and residential rents to rise. (Meanwhile the Heung Yee Kuk calls for an end to measures to dampen housing prices, as more affordable homes will ‘threaten economic stability’.)

Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten’s daughter Laura’s husband is in a London court in connection with a (non-fatal) shooting. Our celeb correspondent Regina Ip has the details. You are hereby invited to infer that Patten was a disastrous Governor, or something. (OK – more here, if you must.)

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3 Responses to Rise in people not living here

  1. Strangely Brown says:

    Of no relevance – I’m pretty sure it was Laura Patten I spied in a LKF gutter late one night back in the nineties.

  2. reductio says:

    @Strangely Brown

    Maybe she was looking at the stars.

  3. Ipso mendacio says:

    “You are hereby invited to infer that Patten was a disastrous Governor, or something.”
    To be fair to her inference, Patten must’ve been a bit of a disaster to appoint a life-long work-shy jobsworth petty bureaucrat like Ip as Director of the Industry Department, before discovering she was a really bad racist and thinking that qualified her to be Director of Immigration.

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