More NatSec on the way to counter ‘lurking’

Just in case anyone thought Hong Kong’s national security panic/clampdown might ease off, top officials warn that there’s more to come. Speaking at NatSec Education Day, the CE…

…claimed that “external hostile forces” continued to “spread rumours, smear campaigns and stir up trouble” in Hong Kong. Although the city had largely returned to stability following the enactment of the national security law, a minority of “anti-China and anti-Hong Kong elements” continued to operate underground and were waiting for opportunities to “strike back.”

On an RTHK show, the Security Secretary…

…mentioned five speech therapists who were convicted over publishing a series of illustrated books about sheep that were said to have “brainwashed” young readers. The case showed that “incorrect messages” could fuel disaffection of the government, lead to social instability and even endanger national security he said.

“Therefore the offence of sedition was necessary,” he said.

He also says

…the internet could become a major loophole when maintaining national security, adding “the new battle had moved to the internet” as the geopolitical situation intensifies.

Tang said the influence of fake news was fully reflected during the 2019 incident, with fake news flooding social media platforms at the time.

…He said the internet is often used to incite acts that endanger national security, adding that the destruction of internet infrastructure will affect the operation of basic public services and impact people’s livelihoods, the economy, and national security.

…Tang said authorities are exploring the possibility of enacting legislation to outline the cybersecurity responsibilities of internet service providers and will pay close attention to the internet.

A whole range of questions… Are the threats foreign forces or locals? Is there any evidence that ‘underground anti-China elements’ are ‘waiting to strike back’? Or that kids’ sheep cartoons can undermine social stability and national security? What are the connections between the geopolitical situation (presumably Taiwan/’decoupling’) and local Internet ‘loopholes’? Are we supposed to fear threats to Internet infrastructure, or is the supposed problem online content? 

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14 Responses to More NatSec on the way to counter ‘lurking’

  1. simper says:

    To answer the rhetorical questions in the final paragraph, the answer is “your options are to shut up or leave”.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Chris Tang is eyeing the CEO job. So now he is polishing his “super patriot” credentials, like Vagina did before.

  3. logicbao says:

    according to the logic about anti-Hong Kong elements, this must mean:

    1. the force of the anti-china legions is so strong they cannot be stopped, no matter what the government does; or,

    2. the chinese government is ineffective in uprooting such anti-China elements, meaning it is not good at governance


    3. perhaps it likes the anti-China elements, and wants them around, so that’s why it talks about them so much

  4. MeKnowNothing says:

    References to the so-called Secretary for so-called Security that do not refer to him correctly as PK Tang will no longer be recognised.

  5. Pork Pies says:

    “Tang said the influence of fake news was fully reflected during the 2019 incident, with fake news flooding social media platforms at the time.”

    Ah yes who can forget PK’s four o’clock fairytales presser: “I don’t know if we were late”, “We couldn’t find any armed men in white T-shirts”, “We don’t know what that yellow object is”, “Yuen Long was a gang fight”… etc etc.

  6. wmjp says:

    Retired policemen, especially senior ones, should be restricted to jobs as school crossing lollipop men. The stop/go sign is the limit of their intellectual understanding of power.

  7. Mjrelje says:

    Anyone else see the cover-wrap of SCUMP today? Absolutely unbelievable for a newspaper anywhere in the world to do that. It must be on its last legs. I souvenir issue from the very bottom of the barrel.

  8. HK-Cynic says:

    Obviously, as Hong Kong is fully a part of China, they must be ready to defend the motherland in a similar manner. Thus, Hong Kong should immediately adopt China’s “Great Firewall”. It is for the good of and protection of the Hong Kong people. Honest. And if you disagree, you are being seditious.

  9. Hong Kong says:

    “Approaching hull crush depth, Sir…. “

  10. Mary Melville says:

    Yeah, the cover wrap of SCMP underlines how out of touch it is. Putting a wannabe who is despised by both Yellow and Blue factions on its front is a home goal.

  11. Absent says:

    @ Mjrelje, @ Mary

    As one is currently absent from HK , and not apparent from the website of the SCMP can one of you please provide some details as to the particular cover. Who is the despised person? In what context? Advertising what?

  12. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    Five “confidences” now??
    I just finished studying the “Two Establishes” and the “Two “Safeguards”.
    How can I ever catch up with the rapid evolution, development, and progress of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era??
    Like this, I will never come to “consider the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to be a “beacon of goodness and decency”.

  13. Mary Melville says:

    Re Absent: I was hoping that someone more teck savvy would come to the rescue with an image!
    The SCMP cover wrap du jour was a 4-page full cover titled THE PEOPLE SHAPING OUR WORLD READ THE SCMP………………… with Zeman on front page clasping a copy.
    As mentioned, a home goal.

  14. Absent says:


    Thank you.

    Your pithy sometimes (justifiably) acerbic posts, together with Knownot and Hemlock are appreciated.

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