Stand News trial enters 4th dimension

In the Stand News trial, the prosecution finally wraps up its questioning of the outlet’s former editor. The trial has been worth following for its sheer weirdness. It must be especially strange for reporters covering the case, seeing members of their own profession being accused of ‘sedition’. And now, they themselves become part of the (or a) wider story after complaints of being followed. 

The HK Police seem very touchy about the HK Journalists Association suggestions that they might be connected to the creepy people tailing the reporters…

Apart from the incident where an HKFP court reporter was followed from her home to her workplace last week, HKJA said several journalists from other outlets had said two men attempted to follow them after the Stand News trial last Tuesday.

According to the HKJA, the men had waited outside the press room at District Court. The journalists making the allegation said that the pair had showed their credentials to the court security guard.

One of the men stayed outside the press room for more than an hour, and a reporter told the HKJA that he had attempted to follow them as they left the courtroom.

HKJA also said that the reporters had said they suspected the men were plainclothes law enforcement officers “based on their behaviour and outfits.”

What are the cops more sensitive about – being accused of tailing reporters, or of having plainclothes officers who stand out a mile?

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6 Responses to Stand News trial enters 4th dimension

  1. Joe Blow says:

    One thing I have learned from the Umbrella Revolution (2014) and the democracy marches of 2019 is how to spot plainclothes popos: their awkward wooden appearance, shabby clothes (“look how unobtrusive I dress”) and their typical morose popo expressions. Sometimes it almost looked like they were making fun of themselves.

  2. dunno says:

    “What are the cops more sensitive about – being accused of tailing reporters, or of having plainclothes officers who stand out a mile?”

    Billy Connolly recounts that everyone in the pub used to start tap-dancing when a plainclothes policeman came in. Some things are constants…

  3. Natasha Fatale says:

    Did the journalists snap photos of the men? That’s pretty basic reporting.

  4. HKJC Irregular says:

    Brilliant choice of Elvis Costello track to go with today’s post…

  5. wmjp says:

    OT but isn’t this the police force’s area of expertise?

    Hong Kong leader John Lee demands better crowd control amid complaints against low-cost tour groups from mainland China

    Start by making them wear number tags…

  6. A. Hilter says:

    @wjmp: start by making them wear black & white vertically striped jackets with colored arm bands identifying which group they’re with, etc.

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