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An account of proceedings in the Stand News case (background here). Also in the courts: convictions and sentences for being present near a riot. And wearing black.

A stiff dose of shrill Mainland rhetoric in the government’s statement after lawyers for Jimmy Lai meet a UK official…

The HKSAR Government opposes and condemns these acts of the aforementioned purported “international legal team” and the UK Government which attempted to undermine the rule of law of Hong Kong and interfere with the independent exercise of judicial power in Hong Kong. The HKSAR Government strongly urges the relevant parties to respect the spirit of the rule of law and stop interfering with the internal affairs of the HKSAR

Minxin Pei in Nikkei Asia on how the CCP can’t do a (Great Leap Forward famine) ‘three difficult years’ type of whitewash on Covid deaths.

From the FT – Mainland redefinition/downplaying of Covid cases gives coverage-providers an excuse to land patients with big hospital bills…

At least 14 Chinese cities and provinces have stopped providing free treatment for coronavirus after Beijing abruptly rolled back its zero-Covid strategy last month… 

Hospitals in Shanghai and Guangzhou are instead charging Covid patients with severe cases up to Rmb20,000 ($3,000) — about five months of income for an average urban resident — per day for intensive care…

China’s health policy has also made it difficult for claimants to establish proof of infection. Health officials have narrowed the definition of Covid deaths and cases.

That CSIS war-gaming exercise is here. Long story short: a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a bloody mess – severely damaging Western forces, wrecking Taiwan, and probably causing the downfall of the CCP.

The Chinese ambassador to Canberra says Australia should be wary of Japan, citing the latter’s World War II-era aggression…

China’s ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian said Canberra should be cautious about trusting Japan, given its attacks on Australia during World War II. 

“During the Second World War Japan invaded Australia, bombed Darwin, killed Australians and shot Australian (prisoners of war),” he told reporters. 

“Be careful about what might happen in the future. When someone threatens you, he might threaten you again. 

“China has been your friend.” 

Not creepy or anything. Seemingly within seconds, Japan agrees to boost military cooperation with the UK, and with other European countries. Beijing also tries WWII-shaming Germany – over Taiwan (don’t ask).

Just in case the Japanese do declare war on you, behold the Mini-Manual for the Urban Defender by John Spencer – a guide to defending your city from an invading army. Great ambush tips.

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6 Responses to Assorted mid-week stuff

  1. Princess Bride says:

    “You keep using that Rule of Law phrase. I do not think it means what you *think* it means.” ~ Inigo Montoya

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Alwaysgood for laughs when the CCP admonishes others about “history”. And speaking of wartime record and not trusting the evil Germans…

  3. Northern Menace says:

    The HKSAR government used “purported” instead of “so-called” in their press statement. Someone got a thesaurus in their stocking at Christmas.

  4. justsayin says:

    @ Inigo – it’s Rule of Law With Chinese Characteristics. ‘You foreigners don’t understand’

  5. Mary Melville says:

    Undermine means to erode or weaken a base or foundation.
    Verb is misused when the subject matter has already been eliminated.

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